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  1. Thanks everyone, I did go ahead and put him back in pull ups. I feel depressed and defeated, but also relieved. No more sitting on the couch to relax and instead discovering that it's soaked with pee!
  2. Thank you, I'm thinking that it is probably going to end up being more than one issue in our case as well. I'm going to take a break from training for awhile, and see what the ABA people have to say about it in the meantime.
  3. Thanks, I have tried to get this covered in the past, but they wouldn't. I will try again now that he is older.
  4. Thank you! I have been considering taking him to a regular therapist. I actually brought him in to a social worker who sounded promising, but within minutes she was calling him a "star child" and "spiritual", which I needed like a hole in the head. I do have him doing therapeutic horseback riding right now though! He LOVES it!! He is afraid of animals, so I really did not anticipate it going this well!
  5. I'm at my wits end here. My son (ASD) is going to be 6 in July. I managed to get him 90% potty trained and out of diapers a year ago, and he proceeded to spend the next year slowly regressing. It's been a roller coaster. He regressed to the point of losing all training a couple of months ago, but I got him back up to about 75% trained. Now, he's regressing again. I can't take it anymore. He pooped his swim suit on the way out the door today, and I think this may be my last emotional straw. I'm ready to put him back in a pull up and just accept that I'm trying to force something that he is just
  6. We're new to homeschooling, as my son is 5 - but we started at the end of June, so we've had a few months to try curriculum. My Fathers World K - Did not love. Still using the bible/science/crafts, but heavily supplementing as it was way too light on its own. Bible Study Guide For All Ages - Like it a lot! Progressive Phonics - LOVE it. Explode The Code - It's okay. Was a little too heavy on the writing for my DS at this age. Might try it again later on. Singapore Essential Math - LOVE it. Life of Fred - Not a good fit. A Reason For Handwriting - LOVE it.
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