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  1. You have called her a middle schooler, passive aggressive, not a grown up and stated that you have very little patience for her. The answer to your problem is right in your question. She can't talk to you because you will belittle her instead of trying to understand. I'd suggest you let her be while you focus on improving your own habits of relating for awhile, and when she perceives a difference in you, she may slowly start to test the waters of a relationship again.
  2. My husband and I would like to relocate in a year or two. We would like to try to stay with his current company and transfer locations, but that might not end up being a possibility when the time comes. If that is the case, then he will have to line up a new job first. We will have to sell our house during this process as well. Has anyone done this? The process seems so daunting and overwhelming to me. If you could list the steps that you took to make this happen, I would appreciate that. Staying here long term is not really an option. The winters are long and harsh, and I don't want to live the rest of my life having SAD 7-8 months out of every year. How did you choose your location? Did you move before your house sold? If so, how did choose to handle maintenance from a distance? Did you immediately purchase another home in your new location, or did you rent first? Part of me wonders if it might make more sense to sell our house and rent locally first, just to keep the house headache separate from the actual relocating headache. But that sounds like a headache too, lol. Any tips / advice / personal experience stories would be very helpful! Thank you!
  3. I have a child with a history of behavioral problems (he's on the autism spectrum), and I relied heavily on respite care to get through his toddler years. He was in a special needs preschool, but even before that started, I would send him to a drop off program at the YMCA a few mornings per week. Sometimes I would stay in the facility and sit in the hot tub or the sauna and take a shower, just to try to relax a little bit while he was in someone else's care. I would typically take a break when my husband got home as well, and on really bad days I would take a bath at night to try to calm down a bit. It was NOT easy, and I don't think that anyone can really fathom what I went through unless they have actually experienced it themselves, day in and day out for years straight. I'm sure that people saw him throwing tantrums and thought in their minds that it was "typical toddler behavior" but they couldn't see that it just never stopped, and that we didn't get to experience those "moments that make it all worth it" in between behaviors, because the best it ever got was simply when he was able to be calm for long enough that we could all catch our breath before the next wave of stress began. My son will be 6 next month, and things have improved a great deal, but it hasn't happened over night. I only needed 3 hours of respite care per week this past year, and I'm not planning to have any next year, so we are in a much better place now (he is homeschooled and with me all the time.) So, my advice is, while you're trying to figure out and implement solutions, you need to find ways to reduce your own stress. For me, it was a matter of scheduling breaks from my son on a regular basis. It was necessary and I had to find ways to make it happen.
  4. My kids have special needs, so I prepare their dinners in such a way that I know they will like it, then they are offered incentives to eat it. For example, my older son with ASD has his plate divided in half. After eating one half, he gets a half glass of juice. After the second half, he gets another half glass of juice and a dessert. When he was a toddler, dinner was so impossible that we resorted to Netflix on an iPad just to get through it. We've finally ditched the iPad, but he's still working on sitting and not having outbursts. My younger son is allergic to dairy, has feeding issues and was in feeding therapy, so I prepare special dinners for him as well, but his table behavior is more manageable. In all honesty, meals around here are very basic so that I can modify them easily.
  5. Thank you! I think that Word Wizard was the one I was trying to find, but Sound Literacy looks even better.
  6. Oh, that's a good point. I honestly don't know very much about this (if that wasn't obvious lol.) Would you be able to tell me what the typical form of treatment for this sort of issue is? Assuming that's what my problem is, of course. Thank you!
  7. Yes, I did come across that one while doing my own search, but I couldn't even get the thing to load! :/
  8. Someone on here mentioned a letter tile app that they were using with All About Spelling, instead of the little tile magnets. I am setting up for next year, and I would like to download that app, but I cannot remember what it was called. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Thank you!
  9. I had a failed root canal about a year ago. Long story short, I ended up with a fever and swollen glands (both lymph nodes and what I believe are salivary glands under my chin) two days later. The dentist called it a "sinus infection" and sent me on a wild goose chase for 4 months. Nobody could see any issues with the tooth on the X-rays, but I was getting sicker and developing vision problems, so I had to make the judgement call on my own to get the tooth extracted. Thank God I did, because everything cleared up within a few weeks...except for the swollen glands. They are STILL swollen 8 months after the extraction. I had read that glands can swell for awhile, and I knew that my extraction sight would need time to heal up, so that could have effected things, but the swelling is starting to become uncomfortable now. I feel pressure under my tongue and I have a bad taste in my mouth some days. I've been avoiding going to the doctor because I saw so many of them last year and they were just SO unhelpful, I haven't felt like dealing with them again. I found some medicated mouth rinse in the closet (chlorahexadine?), so I'm using that, but it isn't helping. I'm salivating just fine, so I don't think there is any sort of a blockage. I do not have a fever. I have occasional lymph node pain nearby, but I think this is just unrelated and having to do with normal sicknesses coming and going (could be wrong though.) Does this sound like a salivary gland infection? Could this somehow still be considered normal swelling at this point from the tooth issues last year? Maybe if I can figure out the problem and just tell my doctor what it is, I won't have to deal with any headaches. Thank you!
  10. Thank you so much, everyone! I'm going to look into all of these. I'm sure at least one of them will do the trick!
  11. Hi there, we're going to be spending a lot of time in the car next year, so I'd like to do some light music appreciation while driving from place to place. My son will be 6 and is mildly interested. This might sound redundant, but is there something that I can purchase that is strictly audio? Something that teaches you about what you are listening to before or after you listen to it? Thank you!
  12. Hi there, I was hoping that someone could suggest some audiobooks that would be appropriate for an almost 6 year old. My son has been enjoying "The Boxcar Children" audiobooks lately, and our library has tons available, but I was hoping to add in some classic literature, or *must read* (or listen to) stories for him as well. Any suggestions, or links to lists of some sort, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Thanks everyone, I did go ahead and put him back in pull ups. I feel depressed and defeated, but also relieved. No more sitting on the couch to relax and instead discovering that it's soaked with pee!
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