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  2. I bought one of those icy hot tens machines. It has helped a little, taking my mind off spasms. Took dd to school for her elective classes, got her lunch on the way back. I stopped at urgent care but apparently we are not in the right network to use this one. Too bad, because it's right down the street from the house. I have a call in to dr for muscle relaxants, have reached my limit on Advil and Aleve. Warning labels frighten it really bad to take another one? Dh is having the boys over tonight for dinner, basketball game. Not up for company, but ds1 needs our support right now.
  3. Morning, all! Jean, I hope you feel better soon. My goal for today: All I want is for these back spasms to go away...too much time on couch because of the toe surgery. I am counting the minutes until doctor's office opens. I've exhausted every over the counter remedy. All ears to those who have had this before... No work, no school...lots of tv and computer time Watch basketball game tonight Dh will bbq steak for dinner Have a great day!
  4. Morning all! Another day on the couch, I'm getting super restless. A lot reflection today regarding family...we will have to cut contact with members of dh's family. No explanations, just lots of prayers for dh, me, my kids. It's going to be rough. To do: coffee, attempt to shower, soak foot, meds, wrap up and elevate watch youtube and Netflix...I became obsessed with watching other people garage saling yesterday online. Weird, I know, but fascinated with what they did with the stuff. no clue for dinner, dh will probably bbq something try hard not to break my carb limit, so hard when I can't do anything but sit here laundry needs to get done, vacuuming (dd or dh) Have a great day!
  5. Morning, all! I survived my toe surgery yesterday! It took extra shots to numb up, but overall not a terrible experience. It's throbbing a lot, and I'm on rest and elevation over the weekend, very thankful I checked out a stack of books from the library. To do: coffee, hobble, more coffee read, watch Netflix, read rough drafts of essays ds might come over and watch the basketball games with me, maybe bbq something That's it...not much else to do. Have a great day!
  6. Morning, all! LisaK, keeping you in prayer... I had great news about my A1C results yesterday! I'm down to a 6.9 (from 13.9). Everything else was great, so if I continue, I could cut some medications in half. Doing a happy dance. The caveat: exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and lose at least 20 pounds by my next appt. I'm at 150 (heaviest I've been w/o pregnancy, and they say it's due to body adjusting to the insulin, weight gain should level off) To do: coffee, pack lunches, shower, dress school, plus extra after school class lesson planning, some work-related paperwork meeting tonight for a school activity dd wants to join (one that I'm not wild about because of drama that always goes hand in hand with it) organize my reading list for the next week/I have in excess of 16 books I have checked out from the library because lately everything sounds good Costco run for chicken, veggies gym
  7. Morning, all! Yesterday, I lost my car keys at a meeting; thankfully they were found later in the afternoon. I had left them in someone else's car during a lunch run. I felt incredibly stupid, but thankful. Had to sit at Starbucks (tragedy) until dh could pick me up and go retrieve car. Fun times... To do today: shower, dress, pack lunches make copies of new unit, finish changes to assignment calendar dr appt to check my blood test results, A1C levels hair appt for both dd and self grocery store for essentials read for 52 week challenge watch tv, relax Have a great day!
  8. Morning, all! Another round of insomnia, although this time I think pain related. I was getting out of dh's car at church, twisted as I planted my feet, pulled something along my hip. This getting older might suck! It's throbbing pretty awful, just in time for back to work. Oh, well... To do: coffee, Advil, devotional quick review of lesson plan pack lunch organize paperwork for meeting with financial planner work meet with planner, drive home in major traffic grill something for dinner (it's been in the mid to high 80s this week, far cry from the cold and rainy) submit dd's final set of math tests gym? if I can bear it... renew library books online read for 52 week challenge Have a great day!
  9. Morning, all! A bout of insomnia had me up at 3 a.m. Stomach is queasy...I'll confess I ate pizza toppings last night, but no bread. To do: visit with my mom, take her on errands maybe look at a few cars church? not much after that... Have a great day!
  10. And I have to have part of my toenail taken off...I knew it was coming. I want to be very pro aggressive with this. My dad's feet were a mess towards the end, and it was downright nasty and ugly. My doctor is well aware of how I feel, is equally aggressive, so doing this will eliminate any other ingrown nail on that toe. I comforted myself with some retail therapy. Found a dress I loved at SteinMart, so hard to find what I consider a normal length anymore. This one hits just below the knees. Perfect! I also bought a replacement tan sweater that dd swears she did not take and misplace. 😉 Stopped at Walgreens and bought dd a hair dryer that was on sale. Like the look of this one, curved style Elder ds is coming to the house to meet us, go to Friday night pizza. Hope everyone's day has been productive! TGIF
  11. Morning, all! Selkie, glad to hear FIL is feeling better. Hope things go favorably for's hard to believe they could release him without plan in place. Today is my last day of spring break...dd has had a nasty cold so not up to doing much. We started out yesterday, had to turn around and come home. To do: coffee, breakfast do something with my hair...(roots) trying new product shower, dress well check up with podiatrist (also have a recurring ingrown toenail problem/hopefully has a solution) probably do some selfish impulse shopping for self on that side of town (bookstore, office store, SteinMart) straighten closet, vacuum front part of house work on lesson plans watch some basketball pizza for dinner (something else for me) read for 52 week challenge Have a great day!
  12. No suggestions, just a virtual hug.
  13. Morning, all! Margaret, prayers for your dh; Selkie, hope your fil is doing better. To do: fasting blood test, so of course I'm up early craving coffee breakfast, coffee vacuum what I missed yesterday laundry lesson plan for last unit of the year order Kraft paper for project to go with unit renew library books and read for 52 weeks challenge enjoy opening day of baseball grilled chicken for dinner, asparagus (unless we go ball park food, which means I'll still have grilled chicken and asparagus 🙂 ) Have a great day!
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