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  1. I know what you mean about an increased level of feeling better, hard to describe. I've been doing this since January, had a big weight drop the first two weeks, nothing significant since then. I am also diabetic (late adult onset type 1) and take insulin. My numbers were great in the beginning, but have crept up slowly the past two weeks. My morning readings are not like they used to be when I first started. I'm also doing intermittent fasting, so I might have to adjust my times. Overall I feel better, have more energy. There were days I got extreme cravings but it passed. I don't have headaches like I used to. I will say it did affect my sleep pattern which is non-existent. I sleep for at least 5 hours straight before waking up which is an improvement. Also, in the beginning I was extremely cold all the time which maybe was keto flu? Not sure... If I think of more, I'll add.
  2. Morning, all! It's been a rough week for me. It was my sister's birthday and I just miss her so much. Sigh... There is something wrong with my ankle that I've had problems with in the past, and I have a college trip with my class coming up that requires extreme walking. I tried a new book project for Valentine's Day that was a huge success, so ended the week on a bright note. To do: coffee, shower, dress take my mom on some errands, lunch mail packages, some birthday cards library for returns, check out pick up a few essentials for a quiche for dinner lesson plan laundry catch up on Outlander for the new season read, relax Have a great day!
  3. Morning, all! Happy Birthday, Amy! Scout, leg cramps are awful. I hope you find relief soon... I want to do nothing but lay in bed today with blankets, books and the remote control. It is cold and windy today, and I'm tired from yesterday. Anyways... coffee, expecting more in this area today walk puppy who hates the wind, wants to be carried laundry call Amazon regarding returns because I missed the deadline early trip to Walmart, Sprouts for menus for the week do some self care items like pedicure, do a deep lotion condition for hands, feet...eyebrows something involving ground beef for dinner read, relax Have a great day!
  4. Morning, all! Selkie, congrats to your dd! Proud moment! Took dd out yesterday, she seems improved somewhat. We are celebrating her birthday present today (trip to amusement park/I am not thrilled). I am going with a happy smile, because that's what she wanted to do 🙂 To do: coffee, shower, dress walk puppy, arrange for ds to come by and walk/feed her drive, have fun, drive back home work on food menu/budget for week read, relax Have a great day!
  5. Well...just went off a bit this week. Dd has had a very tough week. I took her out to get her hair cut, lunch, thrift stores to find outfits for her upcoming play. Doing much better, so I consider it an investment in self-care. I told her sometimes you need invest in yourself, even if it's window shopping or a fast food drink.
  6. We stayed on our menu, grocery budget this week. That's a major victory so far...
  7. Morning, all! It's been a rough week for dd this week. I hope she is able to rebound from a few setbacks. To do: coffee, already had my limit but definitely going to need more hair appt, but I'm taking dd with and see if she can squeeze her in between my color..stylist usually does this anyways, but if not, I'll probably give dd my appt. CVS for prescriptions/other miscellaneous items drop books off at library, maybe check out some more? maybe lunch out with dd, pick up some salad for dinner pay bills, fill out paperwork, work on budget bbq hamburgers for dinner, salad, some type of veggie grading, lesson planning look for dog training classes for puppy read, watch tv Have a great day!
  8. Morning, all! Been up since 3:30...went on a laundry spree and made a concentrated grocery list in keeping with budget. To do: coffee atm, grocery run (+ Costco) finish working on budget, setting up online bills, cash envelopes make some snacks for game watch football lesson plan read, relax Have a great day!
  9. Morning, all! I've had trouble posting, account keeps logging me out so I gave up out of frustration. To do: coffee, devotionals drop dd off at school for set build for drama take mom on errands, pick up lunch create password book, updated for 2020 sleep...major insomnia all week, and I definitely show it baked chicken, veggies, salad for dinner read, relax Have a great day!
  10. I've done these things here Ds used to get his shoes wet at various sports practices and once they dried, the smell was overpowering. We used the newspaper at night and it seemed to help.
  11. {{hugs}} I've been sorry. Here for you ❤️
  12. Dh and I were watching the game last night when Kobe's tweet about Le Bron moving up on the scoring list for the Lakers came on. Everyone at the bar was sharing Kobe stories. Then this morning, we were out and people were rushing around to one another sharing the news. It was just awful. Also, Orange Coast College's baseball coach, wife and daughter were onboard as well. Just tragic. Our prayers to family and friends...
  13. Jean, praying, Morning, all! Dh and I are going out...where I don't know. Somewhere to forget about it all for a few hours. Yesterday was very difficult. It is emotionally painful to watch your parent age sometimes. early lunch/late breakfast out (might break fasting early today unless I get dh a snack while we're out) never made it to grocery store for us yesterday, so stop on way back home prep some meals for dd, me for next week (found those meal prep containers on clearance at Marshall's for 3 bucks/12 of them) organize my reading for the week laundry lesson plan, grade some papers read, relax, watch some tv Have a great day!
  14. Morning, all! Reader {hugs}, Selkie, beautiful serene. To do today: coffee, shower, dress walk puppy stop at a few garage sales pick up flowers and some other things for my mom belated birthday lunch out with mom, shopping if she's up to it library to return, check out new books Whole Foods browse/pick up something for dinner church tonight? vacuum bedroom, clean master bath read, relax Have a great day!
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