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  1. readinmom

    Ideas...need Philadelphia area colleges for my dd

    I second this. A student of mine went there, had the best experience of her life. So many opportunities for travel, internships, etc.
  2. readinmom

    Who’s going to tackle Saturday with me?

    Morning, all! I've been locked out on my account so haven't posted lately...glad it works now. I have a long weekend because of holiday, unexpectedly have dh available due to heavy rains/no baseball games. We've talked about going somewhere for the weekend but probably will stay home. We've had heavy rain/storms the past two weeks, some travel routes are not accessible. Maybe a day trip somewhere? To do: coffee, some school research take my mom on errands, lunch movies tonight? pork roast, roasted veggies for dinner read for 52 week challenge Have a great day!
  3. readinmom

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Morning, all! Don't know if it's the site or internet provider but having a lot of problems signing in today. I took today off in order to regroup from last week's drama, catch up on grading, etc. I haven't slept much this past week. To do: coffee, coffee, coffee (even though it's decaf, still starts my day) grade one set of online responses timed run to Target/Costco, hoping to avoid the heavy rain expected this morning gym for workout pack bag, snacks, get presentation and handouts ready for meetings tomorrow laundry some sort of chicken for dinner, hoping to find a different low carb option online Try new bedtime routine to help sleep pattern Have a great day!
  4. Thanks! This looks great!
  5. readinmom

    How to complete World History

    I just signed up for this account. Thanks for the reference.
  6. I was going to post this, as well. I learned so much history and other stuff from this series. I wished I had kept them for my own kids!
  7. readinmom

    Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

    Morning, all! We've had a tremendous amount of rain the last 24 hours, more expected for the next three days. Streets are flooded, mud slides, etc. I'd really like to go to the beach today to see the waves and take pics (10 ft. expected). To do: coffee, devotional laundry (in process) church figure out where to watch the Super Bowl do some grading Plan work clothes and lunches for the week read for 52 week challenge Have a great day!
  8. readinmom

    Best Tide Pools in So Cal

    Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach Little Corona Del Mar Beach Laguna Tidepools I'll come back and post some pics of these...dd could spend hours and hours here. Great spots for family photos, as well.
  9. readinmom

    Who’s going to tackle Saturday with me?

    Morning, all! It's been a rough week. Dd was confronted and threatened at school (new student w/violent background), said student was suspended for three days. First day back, brought a group of like-minded people to "knock her head in." Dd is fine, student is being transferred out. I"m proud of dd, handled it all well, was praised for being the "adult" in the situation. The instigating incident? Dd's drama skit in class was praised by teacher, used as an example of what others should do. Just wow. Because of the background, we filed police report, applied for restraining orders... To do: coffee, devotional groceries, errands for my mom laundry grading, reading Lemon chicken, salad for dinner Have a great day!
  10. readinmom

    Difficult School Year

    As someone else mentioned, could you try working with the other two at the college library on those days? This is what our friends did when eldest had dual enrollment classes.
  11. readinmom

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    So, it has been a year since my diagnosis of late onset type 1 diabetes (autoimmune related). I have steadily gained weight since starting insulin treatments. The doctor said my body is overcompensating for my pancreas working overtime. I would really like to get back to wearing my old clothes, lose 25 pounds. I just got a gym membership but I'm so tired in the evenings. I know I need to stop by in the afternoon after work or it will never get done. We eat low carb, with one cheat day on Friday for pizza (no dough for me, just toppings and salad). Just really want to lose this weight. My goal is to increase water intake, increase cardio and weight training, keeping a food and exercise journal.
  12. readinmom

    Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

    Morning, all! DawnM, hope you feel better soon... Slow but busy day today, I think. We went to church last night, dh is going off to practice with a friend's band To do: coffee, devotional Plan a workout routine for this week and stick to it lesson plan for new after school class, regular classes gather library books, make list for check out make reading plan for 52 week challenge, make post for past weeks laundry, pair outfits for work week shop for new shoes call for painter estimate pay bills whatever else the day throws at me not sure for dinner yet... Have a great day!
  13. readinmom

    So how was fall semester for the college kids?

    Ds had an interesting semester at his cc. He finished his last season of water polo, did decent in most classes, As, Bs, one C, and a D in one class. I had posted about the one class previously, where the professor quit in late October, cleared out the grade book and lab hours. New instructor took over, ds did not do well with him. He was required to learn 500 new terms (ASL) that the previous instructor did not teach; all were on the final (2 weeks to learn). The new syllabus did not match up with what his final grade was. He is in the process of appealing the grade. Hate the process, because the instructor took offense to Ds's email questioning the grade. "Too bad, should have tried harder, etc." At this point, we'll settle for a C, as long as he does not have to repeat the course. If it's not fixed, fully plan on pursuing this. Will charge for time spent in class, travel costs to and from every time the previous instructor was a no show, etc , which was pretty much all of October. Before she left, ds had a high A in the class. Hopefully, things will work out.
  14. readinmom

    Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

    Morning, all! Jen, how exciting for your dd! Wishing her well on her first trip... To do: coffee, devotional morning workout drag dd out of bed, school, work call dr re: eye appt for my mom, same for me start Konmari at work (dreading file cabinets) prayer service at church tonight? monitor water intake not sure for dinner read for 52 week challenge get some sleep Have a great day!
  15. readinmom

    Do you think this is ethical and/or sensible?

    Usually students that require services through the learning services get priority at registration. I would definitely talk to someone... Also, not in terms of being ethical but something else: By doing this and not attending, wouldn't it affect your relationship with future attempts at registration? If students from your school/program have a history of signing up but not attending, I would think it would jeopardize the opportunities for future students in terms of flexibility/arrangements.
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