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  1. Morning, all! Try as I might, I could not get this site to load yesterday. Grateful it does today! I'm sad because I can't go to our school's graduation ceremony today...doctor says absolutely not. Parents drive student up, kid gets out, walks across stage, gets diploma, teachers go crazy...I haven't missed a graduation in forever. But it is 5 hours today and tomorrow, 97 degrees outside. To do: coffee, watch devotional continue packing china keep drinking water to reach goal for the day, helps with blood sugar levels (it's high 90s here, makes my numbers crazy
  2. Morning, all! coffee video meeting 2nd meeting breakfast, blood sugar post assignments straighten up house help dd reorganize schedule, due dates get digital copy of movie for dd, drama class assignment work on individual sibling boxes with mementos, etc. more coffee, devotional break, more coffee put dishes and other stuff back where it belongs for now sign up for yoga class inspired by other thread laundry lunch, probably salad pick out some books to read for free online whatever else the day brin
  3. Dd was taking them as prescribed by pediatrician. We switched primary care, new doctor had a fit. Apparently what she was taking had very serious health implications (lupus and auto-immune-related). I'd have to go back and look at my notes to explain this particular antibiotic. In the end, the antibiotics only contained the acne for awhile, but did not cure completely. She would continue to break out between cycles of the antibiotics, so it seemed pointless anyways. We've tried just about every over the counter product... She now uses this, pricey but this definitely works for her.
  4. Morning, all! Scout, hope power comes back on soon! Selkie, beautiful pic! I've been out for awhile, need this board to get my daily focus. My mom has been in and out of the hospital (non-Covid related) and they are not able to do the procedure she needs until hospital opens up again for general stuff. I am now sorting/purging/dividing a house for a move in with us, doing full time care, working full time, and my other family stuff. Dh helps when he can, but he also works. Other siblings live out of state, so no help there. In truth, I actually prefer it this way. It's quiet
  5. Happy Easter! He is risen! pick up meal cook meal eat, watch online service Have a blessed day!
  6. Yes, he is! Glory, Honor and Praise on this day!
  7. I think what is happening here (SoCal) is because of what the nightly news tells us, the curve is flattening...social distancing is working. People hear "curve flattening" and think it's okay to go on and do things normally. They had to block off access to the beaches because people wouldn't listen. Dh and I walk the puppy on the trail that goes around the park across from our house. This is still open, the park itself is closed, and people we encounter are usually very respectful about distance and wearing masks, but this morning people were out hiding Easter eggs for a hunt. I had
  8. Jean, that's sound so very labor intensive...sorry! Margaret, sorry about dd! Back home, cleaned my mom's house (most of it). Thought I would sit out on the front porch for awhile, forgot that after the rains come the bugs. Yuck. Bought a candle out with me...wind keeps blowing it out. More laundry going...definitely see progress on that end of things Dh's "2nd dad" growing up (neighbor) passed away, dh is social distancing with his "brothers"/childhood friends at their place, offered to pick up dinner on the way home will set timer, gather school/office su
  9. Morning, all! Looks like all that rain we had for a week is coming to some of you...sorry in advance! Jean, I may have missed it, but are you converting your schoolroom into a new space? Got a call last night from the restaurant, personally took our order, made some extra suggestions, gave us the first pick up time in the morning. Doing a happy dance! Done: coffee, puppy walked vacuumed master bedroom, windows open to air out after all this rain master bath cleaned two loads of laundry, cleaned/straightened laundry room To do: visit with my m
  10. Well, Easter will be interesting...we always order online from a local restaurant/bakery that is just wonderful. My screen order is blank, they gave me corporate online order number, mail box is full. It's not like we're having a huge family dinner...but darn it, traditions still mean something. I am not going out to find something "special" for the three of us. I'm disappointed. Oh well...
  11. Good morning! They have projected 3-4 more days of rain...I'm thinking of getting a fire pit just so we can sit out on front porch. To do: coffee, online prayer service for church video conference meetings for school smattered throughout the day pack up groceries and drop off for ds1 and ds2 order Easter dinner from local restaurant, decide on pie selection (they offer sugar-free apple or I can make my own keto apple tart) visit with my mom... pick up pizza on way home, trying to keep Friday traditions alive, bake at home, watch/rent new movie re
  12. Morning, all! I'm tired today and battling allergies, it's still raining and I would love to lounge in bed with coffee, blankets, and books but reality beckons... coffee, post check-in for students straighten up grade books for classes groceries for my mom, visit finish Wayfair order make sure dd is on track with her classes, double-check her emails to make sure teachers responded to her questions chicken in crockpot, rice, veggies for dinner read a book, relax Have a great day!
  13. One of our senior students got an email saying no housing, all classes online to start 2020-2021, until Covid crisis is over. This was a UC campus. I don't have a lot of details...
  14. Morning, all! Rainy day here today... Done: coffee dressed, hair, now presentable for video meeting towels are done To do: video conference/webinar for work probably a zoom meeting with team afterwords visit with my mom not sure about dinner, probably leftovers clean out fridge clean music room read, relax Have a great day!
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