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  1. Dawn, praying for you...peace and strength.
  2. Morning, all! Scout, hope the 2nd shot goes well... Dh and I had to go out of town unexpectedly. Got the call to come see his close friend for visit, stage 4 cancer. We just threw stuff in one overnight bag and got in the car, drove. I'm now looking at how to deal with everything that didn't get done at home/school this week. If I tackle half my list, I'll consider today a successful venture! To do: coffee, lots of coffee finish filing mom's bills, update info work more on office/workout room laundry clean out one shelf of garage for storage figure out menu for Easter dinner mail out much overdue birthday cards lesson plan Have a great day!
  3. Good morning! Chris, I hope things go better today...it sounds frustrating. Kelly, so happy for you! SKL, new puppy! I am not motivated to do anything today, really. Lots to do, though. laundry straighten pantry and fridge watch some basketball dh and I might go out, not sure yet make a plan for garage and storage (we have lots of last minute stuff we put in boxes when we moved my mom, not organized by type at all) That's it for now! Have a great day!
  4. I agree! Our summer/fall was set aside to make dd's final list. Then, Covid hit. Both of her schools have students on campus, and we plan to visit in a few weeks. If we had visited earlier, say 9th/10th grade, I don't think it would have helped much. She just wasn't at a place where she could have made those types of choices/decisions. She blossomed her junior year, took extra classes to be college eligible. We never expected scholarship money, and both schools are pretty even right now in terms of costs.
  5. Dd received her Earlham acceptance this week, with merit scholarships. So excited for her...Iowa State also added additional money to her offer. This just seems surreal...
  6. Good morning! Chris, glad that things went well... It's been a long week, thankful it's the weekend, the start of our spring break here. To do: laundry watch some basketball return very overdue books to library give dog a bath? not sure on this one... not sure about dinner, was going to use crockpot but late start this morning
  7. Good morning! I did some deep cleaning yesterday in parts of the house, gathering up motivation to tackle the rest. I have a new stack of books from the library that's calling my name... To do: coffee church online lunch out with dh? meal plan and grocery list read...watch tv... Have a great day!
  8. Good morning! I'm going back to work, navigating with crutches... To do: classes grading more classes plan dinner for tonight (something dh can make) post grades read for 52 week challenge
  9. Dd got into Iowa State. She is elated. She is now set on not taking the gap year I posted about before. We shall see...
  10. Good morning! Scout, hope that your mom is doing well. Math Teacher, I get it. They have already made parents/students fill out survey for next year. There will be one online school, one in-person learning. No more dual roles. Dd got into Iowa State. That's her #1 choice, so she is elated. To do: church? It is crazy windy here today, so it makes the decision to not go out a lot easier. I'm not steady on the crutches yet. grade essays plan meals for week, look at some new keto recipes work on reading journal read for 52 week challenge lesson plan for week not sure yet about dinner
  11. Good morning! X-rays on my leg were negative, so that's a positive. Still no weight bearing, so we'll see how it goes. To do: coffee grade, grade, grade church, if I'm feeling confident enough on crutches pizza for dinner research square foot gardening, make some sketches, plans
  12. Good morning! Amy, thanks for starting the thread today! Scout, hope your arm feels better soon! Reader, we had to do a heavy soak in vinegar to get smells out some blankets, then multiple washings with the Tide. Cintinative, welcome and prayers for you today... I had my second Pfizer shot yesterday, was very apprehensive because of the stories. Except for the arm pain and a few weird dreams, that's it so far. I'm still can't bear weight on my leg from the fall (Day 6), so I guess it's time for X-rays. I have to get them done through urgent care so I'll go first thing in the morning. To do: classes (Zoom) coffee, lots of coffee grading, because I am behind now read for 52 week challenge not sure about dinner but dh will probably pick up pizza Have a great day!
  13. Well, I might have crossed into "I'm getting old." I fell Saturday night in our yard. In my defense, it was pitch dark, missed the step. I scraped my leg, hurt my wrist and my shoulder. I am mortified. I am staying in bed for one more day today. To do: post lessons for the day coffee grading read figure out meal plan and grocery list pay bills Deal with the rest as it materializes...
  14. Reader, happy birthday to your son! Good morning, everyone! Hope it's a great day for you... To do: pay bills paperwork go out somewhere for awhile to relax/dh is wanting to go somewhere, anywhere figure out why dd can't access one of her admissions decisions, had email, tried accessing, says she never applied? She used CommonApp. late lunch or dinner out read, relax, and not think about school
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