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  1. Morning! Another rainy day here today, still have sore throat/ear pain, so I decided to try doing everything from home today. To do: meetings call doctor re: antibiotics for throat/ear treadmill workout work on my office space/creative space dd to school to pick up 2nd semester textbooks/senior stuff order mats for weights/treadmill meal plan/groceries dog to behavior training class not sure about dinner yet
  2. I attempted to make rolls, and they seem to be rising. After Scout's news, I went and had a Covid test/flu test. I've had a sore throat and ear pressure, which I usually get this time of year, strep throat. It always hits me in late January. Both results were negative, so a call to doctor tomorrow for antibiotics Prime rib is in the oven, smells heavenly football watching in progress
  3. Scout, I am so sorry! Praying for a quick recovery...
  4. Good morning! SKL, wish I could help with the motivation. I used to reward myself with Starbucks if I accomplished my list for the day. Even that is not as exciting anymore because of Covid. I liked to sit, drink my coffee, people watch, reflect. Good luck! Yesterday's vaccine scheduling was frustrating. 11 locations offered, many for those 65+ only, site crashed multiple times until it shut down. I was sent a confirming email with my appt. time, mom's was canceled. Dh refreshed screen over and over, it had him do the last step of choosing an appt. time, then screen blanked out.
  5. Hello! Got so busy this morning, forgot to post! At 12, our county goes live for vaccine appts. Dh and I are on computers, fingers crossed. The last time it filled up within 10 minutes, with multiple, multiple sites. I just want to get one for my mom (89), and if possible, me, due to underlying health issues and traveling back and forth to school site. Done: kitchen master bedroom entry way vacuuming front area of house laundry going To do: Hobby Lobby for storage boxes for pens, small crafting items, frames, command hooks more laundry
  6. I am so, so sorry... Praying for you and family.
  7. Wow, that brings back memories for me. Friday was library day and the kids all had their tote bags, would fill them according to Susan's suggested list. We would stop for ice cream, then go home and put the books in their baskets. Yesterday dh drove me to pick up the holds at the library. It's pretty organized, just call and they bring your items out to the waiting area. One of the workers was trying to explain to a family that you had to reserve the books through the online system. "Can't you just go look for us? We want to read over the weekend." Should have seen the clerk's f
  8. Happy engagementversary, Amy! Today is a milestone day! Dd is 18! Wow... To do: work/teach/school figure out what to eat for dinner (dd is not into celebrating due to Covid restrictions/might coax her to go out anyways) call vet for meds for dog cake and presents read for 52 week challenge
  9. Praying for your dad, you, family...
  10. Thank you for all of the input. Some very sage advice... Her drama teacher was pretty adamant that she find a back up for the reasons mentioned. A few of the privates she would apply to will allow her to take 1-2 classes, at least based on last conversation. The state universities, as Lori D. pointed out, would make her get the A.A. degree before transferring (Cal State system). Thanks again!
  11. A little late, but what a difference a day makes. It's been high 80s, low 90s the last three days. Today, wind gusts up to 65 mph and drizzly, low 60s. It has rained on dd's birthday the last three years, and she was looking forward to an outside meal. Forecast for birthday: heavy rain and wind. It could change, though. Our weather people don't seem to get our forecast right. It could change in a few days. Done: classes supply bags for student pick up next week water goal for midday Left to do: treadmill workout make taco bowls for dinner va
  12. After filling out apps for the local state universities, interviewing with some private colleges, dd has decided she wants to take a year off. She says she is too immature to take on the challenge of attending a four-year, wants to work, learn better life skills before applying next year. Dh and I realize it's good that she came to this realization by herself. What we would like her to do, however, is take 1-2 classes through the local community college in her intended major to see if it's what she really wants to do(theater/performing arts). She is our last one to leave the nest.
  13. Finished my treadmill workout...always easier when I put on one of the virtual walks. Dh had to go off to a job site, so tackling just got reduced Books are on hold, probably was an overachiever on what I think I can read this week. I'm trying to add at least one each week from this site, recommended by someone on the 52 week challenge on these boards, can't remember who it was right now. Bills are organized, sort of... Laundry started I'm halfway through my new water bottle that keeps me on track by hour.
  14. Morning! No school today...we are all moving a little slow. It's cooler today, back down to the 60s by mid week. The wind has kicked in, so plans to clean front porch are out. To do: order dd's bd gifts grading more lesson planning and posting place books on hold at the library meal plan and grocery shop, meal prep for week work out training session for dog read for 52 week challenge Have a great day!
  15. Morning! It's very hot again here today (high 80s/low 90s). Dh and I are venturing out to look at a new work truck. After that, staying cool and will attempt to do the following: reading for book challenge lesson plans watch football update reading journal plan meals for the week, make shopping list Have a great day!
  16. Despite the shutdown situation, things have been better this year than in the past. We have spent money on the house in terms of landscaping the front yard, and the backyard is in progress with plans to be finished before Christmas. I think things are better because I have really stressed to dh the concept of knowing where every dollar goes and its function. We met with a financial planner and sometimes it is better hearing it out of someone else's mouth, even if you have been saying it for years. We need to fully fund a 401k for dh, as his work did not offer him much in terms of ret
  17. Just finished my 5 miles walking...will do another 15 min workout in the afternoon for arms/abs
  18. Morning, all! Try as I might, I could not get this site to load yesterday. Grateful it does today! I'm sad because I can't go to our school's graduation ceremony today...doctor says absolutely not. Parents drive student up, kid gets out, walks across stage, gets diploma, teachers go crazy...I haven't missed a graduation in forever. But it is 5 hours today and tomorrow, 97 degrees outside. To do: coffee, watch devotional continue packing china keep drinking water to reach goal for the day, helps with blood sugar levels (it's high 90s here, makes my numbers crazy
  19. Morning, all! coffee video meeting 2nd meeting breakfast, blood sugar post assignments straighten up house help dd reorganize schedule, due dates get digital copy of movie for dd, drama class assignment work on individual sibling boxes with mementos, etc. more coffee, devotional break, more coffee put dishes and other stuff back where it belongs for now sign up for yoga class inspired by other thread laundry lunch, probably salad pick out some books to read for free online whatever else the day brin
  20. Dd was taking them as prescribed by pediatrician. We switched primary care, new doctor had a fit. Apparently what she was taking had very serious health implications (lupus and auto-immune-related). I'd have to go back and look at my notes to explain this particular antibiotic. In the end, the antibiotics only contained the acne for awhile, but did not cure completely. She would continue to break out between cycles of the antibiotics, so it seemed pointless anyways. We've tried just about every over the counter product... She now uses this, pricey but this definitely works for her.
  21. Morning, all! Scout, hope power comes back on soon! Selkie, beautiful pic! I've been out for awhile, need this board to get my daily focus. My mom has been in and out of the hospital (non-Covid related) and they are not able to do the procedure she needs until hospital opens up again for general stuff. I am now sorting/purging/dividing a house for a move in with us, doing full time care, working full time, and my other family stuff. Dh helps when he can, but he also works. Other siblings live out of state, so no help there. In truth, I actually prefer it this way. It's quiet
  22. Happy Easter! He is risen! pick up meal cook meal eat, watch online service Have a blessed day!
  23. Yes, he is! Glory, Honor and Praise on this day!
  24. Jean, that's sound so very labor intensive...sorry! Margaret, sorry about dd! Back home, cleaned my mom's house (most of it). Thought I would sit out on the front porch for awhile, forgot that after the rains come the bugs. Yuck. Bought a candle out with me...wind keeps blowing it out. More laundry going...definitely see progress on that end of things Dh's "2nd dad" growing up (neighbor) passed away, dh is social distancing with his "brothers"/childhood friends at their place, offered to pick up dinner on the way home will set timer, gather school/office su
  25. Morning, all! Looks like all that rain we had for a week is coming to some of you...sorry in advance! Jean, I may have missed it, but are you converting your schoolroom into a new space? Got a call last night from the restaurant, personally took our order, made some extra suggestions, gave us the first pick up time in the morning. Doing a happy dance! Done: coffee, puppy walked vacuumed master bedroom, windows open to air out after all this rain master bath cleaned two loads of laundry, cleaned/straightened laundry room To do: visit with my m
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