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  1. My grandmother had scleroderma. My sister had lupus...took forever (high school past college) to get a diagnosis. She never had the butterfly rash, but would break out into hives at a moment's notice. She ended up seeing a lupus specialist at UCLA who was able to diagnose her with a slew of related autoimmune diseases. I was tested repeatedly by my doctors, was told I was clear of any autoimmune disorders. Two years ago I was diagnosed with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults). My endocrinologist says that at the time of testing, it probably wouldn't have shown up, but it does leave me suspect to other disorders as I grow older.
  2. Morning, all! laundry sorted, load is started Target run for Rx, snacks for week (couldn't go yesterday) market for fresh veggies, chicken/meat trying out the Mississippi roast recipe in the oven for dinner watch football research gym/workout options, set weight loss/fitness goals for 30 days grading choose books for this week's reads measure and order bookshelves for music room pay bills Have a great day!
  3. Morning, all! I have been without a computer because my MacBook decided to go with a black screen. Freaked me out, but was able to get it resolved. I had a doctor's appt that put some scare into me. A1c went up 2 points, cholesterol way, way up, Vitamin D levels 50% lower. Oh, and I need to lose weight. I take full blame, the holidays and all...I did not eat as well or do workouts as often as I should have. The good news: I have lost 7 pounds since starting intermittent fasting and my blood sugar readings are definitely lower. I need to re-evaluate my overall health goals. To do: pick up prescriptions, sunscreen for face library return some clothes I bought online (Pants have no pockets/shirts sent are wrong size) pick up some chicken breasts, salad stuff, roast for crockpot tomorrow vacuum house, mop floors laundry coffee and some reading marinate some chicken breasts for salads dh and boys might go to the movies and dinner nudge dd to complete some lingering assignments figure out what to do with leftover Christmas wrapping paper/boxes church? Have a great day!
  4. You stay, but... At dd's voice recitals, people get up and take family pics while their kid is singing. Then they all leave when finished. As a parent and former musician, a basic human being with manners, I find this highly annoying and disrespectful. There is usually a break between groups, and I can understand leaving then if necessary, but still... Maybe it is the new norm.
  5. Forgot to post this morning... 1st day back was great... Have to take dd some dinner later. She has play practice, and then has a digital art class that will earn her college credit if all goes well. The instructor agreed to work with her because of scheduling conflict (play) which will be done next month. The hours are long, 2x a week. Fingers crossed. Puppy is walked and fed. Dinner is in the oven (pork tenderloin) and salad. Read for 52 week challenge...sleep. Have a great day!
  6. {ScoutTN}. praying for you, ds, and a great day tomorrow! I had cleaned all my desks before I left on break...apparently the vents spewed stuff all over my classroom. Really gross grey fuzzy stuff. Ugh... So, re-cleaned everything. Off to dinner. Not the way I planned my day, but still good.
  7. Glad to see this here... I HAD to purchase some clothing items for myself, dd for return to school. It's colder here than usual, and I'm a capri pants- flip flop/sandal wearing person. I hope not to purchase anything else clothing wise until spring break/early summer.
  8. Morning, all! Had some unexpected tasks yesterday, so my list is added on to from yesterday. To do: coffee, devotional walk puppy shower/dress vacuum master bedroom, clean bathroom church? eyebrows are in serious need of repair, so are nails visit classroom, make sure all is good to go for tomorrow watch football have dd decide on breakfast/lunch tomorrow, snacks read for 52 week challenge get to bed at a reasonable hour Have a great day!
  9. Praying for you, and some giant hugs...
  10. Morning, all! To do: coffee, devotional shower, walk puppy pick up part that was missing from the lights we purchased, schedule install visit with my mom, groceries, lunch organize school bag, notebooks watch some football find our elusive, missing crockpot...I think we used it for a school fundraiser, never got it back read for 52 weeks challenge Have a great day!
  11. I took a class years ago about sketchbook journaling. I am by no means a talented artist, but I like to be creative. I was a little intimidated by the talent of the other people in the class. They were light years ahead in terms of skills, knowledge. I was going to incorporate it into our lesson plans for literature and science, but life happened. I think I'd like to do this with the pictures that I take, incorporate some of my bible readings into it. I definitely have the supplies sitting in the garage! Sketchbook Journaling
  12. I love the Stitch People! This is so clever... I haven't cross-stitched since my oldest was a baby. Hmm...
  13. Congrats on getting the space back! One thing my mom did with my kids that I really appreciated: each kid had their own space in one of the closets (think cubby) with their own special blanket, stuffed animal, special books. My dd16 still goes straight to that closet every time we visit and wraps up in that blanket!
  14. The Reader, hugs and prayers for you. Jean, how is your dd doing? Morning, all! I overslept this morning, just getting going now. Puppy and I went for a long walk, coffee is made. To do: classroom for a book I forgot I needed for planning, make sure everything is ready to go for Monday I'm playing with the notion of intermittent fasting, not sure how that works with insulin and blood sugar. I teach straight from 6:30 to 12:30 before I get a break, so my schedule does work for this. I bought a variety of herbal teas, water to have on hand. If anyone has experience with fasting, I'm all ears. Our church does a 21-day fast to start the new year, and I'd like to participate in ways that I can. Never made it to the library, so I have to get there before they close (early on Fridays). Finish setting up planner, organize clothing for the week. Pizza for dinner, salad for me. Have a great day!
  15. Morning, all! The puppy is walked, coffee made. To do: devotions, coffee laundry (2 loads to go!) return sweater to store, exchange for another size shop for a few shirts/shoes for work Put together a planner/notebook. I'm putting a Bible reading calendar, household chores, lesson plans, menus, workouts/steps all in one place. I hope I don't regret it! Make a run to Trader Joe's for snacks, veggies Not sure for dinner Make my step goal for the day Have a great day! Grading is done! Need to get up and get moving for the rest on my list...
  16. No, I totally understand what you are saying...not being disrespectful. And yes, I am looking at a stack of grading before I go back. I'm speaking of my own experience with certain teachers. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure if you heard the way they speak of students, you'd understand what I said. Maybe it's the way I said it. No offense.
  17. Morning, all! The puppy is walked, coffee made. To do: devotions, coffee laundry (2 loads to go!) return sweater to store, exchange for another size shop for a few shirts/shoes for work Put together a planner/notebook. I'm putting a Bible reading calendar, household chores, lesson plans, menus, workouts/steps all in one place. I hope I don't regret it! Make a run to Trader Joe's for snacks, veggies Not sure for dinner Make my step goal for the day Have a great day!
  18. At my school, some Honors/AP teachers assign work over breaks. I try to empower my students to say, "And what are you working on over your break" to the teachers. It's not fair... There is a reason it is called a "break." I realize that for some classes, summer homework (reading) is necessary. I just subscribe to the philosophy of "don't assign anything you aren't willing to do yourself."
  19. For me, what makes it difficult is when someone states "you have to read will change your life." It makes me automatically NOT want to read it. Just a quirk, I guess. I purposely did not read the Harry Potter series when it came out because of this. I eventually discovered/loved it in my own time. My co-teachers rave about Bless Me, Ultima and its examples of magic realism. I have tried ten different ways from Sunday to read this book. I can't do it. I've tried. I just can't do it.
  20. Happy New Year, everyone! The puppy growled and barked all night, probably due to neighbors' parties. Someone knocked on our door at 1:30 a.m. and it freaked me out, always assume the worst. No one was there, took puppy for walk, growling/barking the entire time. Therefore, not a lot of sleep, very grumpy this morning. Dh has gone to get me Starbucks...I might need an iv of it today. To do: coffee, shower watch Rose Parade watch football make some snacks, figure out dinner work on some master bedroom things, straighten up, vacuum find bible study plan for the year (inspired by another thread) watch more football Have a great first day of 2020!
  21. We go out to a movie, early dinner. We went to the new Jumanji movie tonight, just 3 of us this time. Ds 1 and 2 did not join us for the first time. We come home, usually have a drink and dessert, finish up what's left of The Lord of the Rings trilogy that is always playing on NYE. We barely make it to midnight anymore.
  22. Dh and I took all the cardboard boxes to the recycling dumpster...we looked like Amazon addicts. Tried out my new steam mop, definitely a learning curve there. All the food was a hit at the lunch today. Dh is now assembling the desk, we'll move it to its place and call it a night. At least the house is clean, and my grading will wait for me patiently.
  23. Morning, all! The house smells wonderful this morning. Three batches of cornbread, one chocolate cake w/chocolate buttercream frosting, one vanilla cake w/vanilla buttercream frosting...I was sad to see them all leave for dh's Christmas lunch. I think the scale and my blood sugar will be grateful, though. To do: coffee walk the puppy PIYO, Day 1 workout marinate chicken, make cucumber salad for dinner vacuum, mop entry way and kitchen finish up grading find planner for new year, set up stop by classroom, straighten up stray paperwork, organize desks, print rosters for new semester walk the puppy, part 2 dinner, relax, watch tv, read Have a great day!
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