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  1. I've done these things here Ds used to get his shoes wet at various sports practices and once they dried, the smell was overpowering. We used the newspaper at night and it seemed to help.
  2. {{hugs}} I've been sorry. Here for you ❤️
  3. Dh and I were watching the game last night when Kobe's tweet about Le Bron moving up on the scoring list for the Lakers came on. Everyone at the bar was sharing Kobe stories. Then this morning, we were out and people were rushing around to one another sharing the news. It was just awful. Also, Orange Coast College's baseball coach, wife and daughter were onboard as well. Just tragic. Our prayers to family and friends...
  4. Jean, praying, Morning, all! Dh and I are going out...where I don't know. Somewhere to forget about it all for a few hours. Yesterday was very difficult. It is emotionally painful to watch your parent age sometimes. early lunch/late breakfast out (might break fasting early today unless I get dh a snack while we're out) never made it to grocery store for us yesterday, so stop on way back home prep some meals for dd, me for next week (found those meal prep containers on clearance at Marshall's for 3 bucks/12 of them) organize my reading for the week laundry lesson plan, grade some papers read, relax, watch some tv Have a great day!
  5. Morning, all! Reader {hugs}, Selkie, beautiful serene. To do today: coffee, shower, dress walk puppy stop at a few garage sales pick up flowers and some other things for my mom belated birthday lunch out with mom, shopping if she's up to it library to return, check out new books Whole Foods browse/pick up something for dinner church tonight? vacuum bedroom, clean master bath read, relax Have a great day!
  6. I am so sorry... Praying for you and your family.
  7. Morning, all! Dd is taking a stress day off from school. It was her birthday yesterday, had major assignments, tests, and performance due, plus her after school class. She asked for two birthday presents: a trip to one of our theme parks and a day off from school. Today's was a very inexpensive gift! To do: Work, make copies, write quizzes post online assignments stop at store for chicken, salad for dinner (look for decaf coffee for cold brew) walk puppy vacuum front part of house balance bank account, work on budget Sort through one box in garage, toss or donate pack school bag, charge electronics for tomorrow read, relax... Have a great day!
  8. Dropped dd off at home to work on assignments, puppy care. She wants a manicure as part of her bd present, so I'll take her after I'm done with work, pick up Rxs while she's busy with that. Dh has baseball practice until dark, so dinner is up in the air? Leftovers and grilled cheese most likely...
  9. Morning, all! The roast that I was supposed to fix for dinner yesterday was a disaster. Apparently the counter person did not check the plastic bag they put it half of the roast was spoiled, smelled awful. I wrapped it up, put it in the freezer to take back later today. It just set a tone for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Plus, I took dd16 shopping for a birthday outfit for Wednesday. I remember now how difficult shopping with teen girls can be. Powered through it... walked/fed puppy coffee work, grading, lesson planning call for hair cut for dd, self library to return, check out new books wrap bd gifts, get balloon bouquet from store either pizza out or leftovers for dinner, depending upon how quickly stuff gets done today (homework, Rxs pick up) Have a great day!
  10. Morning, all! No work or school today due to holiday devotional, coffee call dr. regarding Rx, one was missing from pick up grocery shop/visit with my mom buy some meal containers for lunches/dd's dinner (taking late class, and running to McDonald's 2x a week is getting expensive) look for new walking shoes with lots of support finish reading book, almost done! lesson plan roast for dinner (paleo meatballs last night instead) pack school bag, lunches, dinner prep for tomorrow Have a great day!
  11. My grandmother had scleroderma. My sister had lupus...took forever (high school past college) to get a diagnosis. She never had the butterfly rash, but would break out into hives at a moment's notice. She ended up seeing a lupus specialist at UCLA who was able to diagnose her with a slew of related autoimmune diseases. I was tested repeatedly by my doctors, was told I was clear of any autoimmune disorders. Two years ago I was diagnosed with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults). My endocrinologist says that at the time of testing, it probably wouldn't have shown up, but it does leave me suspect to other disorders as I grow older.
  12. Morning, all! laundry sorted, load is started Target run for Rx, snacks for week (couldn't go yesterday) market for fresh veggies, chicken/meat trying out the Mississippi roast recipe in the oven for dinner watch football research gym/workout options, set weight loss/fitness goals for 30 days grading choose books for this week's reads measure and order bookshelves for music room pay bills Have a great day!
  13. Morning, all! I have been without a computer because my MacBook decided to go with a black screen. Freaked me out, but was able to get it resolved. I had a doctor's appt that put some scare into me. A1c went up 2 points, cholesterol way, way up, Vitamin D levels 50% lower. Oh, and I need to lose weight. I take full blame, the holidays and all...I did not eat as well or do workouts as often as I should have. The good news: I have lost 7 pounds since starting intermittent fasting and my blood sugar readings are definitely lower. I need to re-evaluate my overall health goals. To do: pick up prescriptions, sunscreen for face library return some clothes I bought online (Pants have no pockets/shirts sent are wrong size) pick up some chicken breasts, salad stuff, roast for crockpot tomorrow vacuum house, mop floors laundry coffee and some reading marinate some chicken breasts for salads dh and boys might go to the movies and dinner nudge dd to complete some lingering assignments figure out what to do with leftover Christmas wrapping paper/boxes church? Have a great day!
  14. You stay, but... At dd's voice recitals, people get up and take family pics while their kid is singing. Then they all leave when finished. As a parent and former musician, a basic human being with manners, I find this highly annoying and disrespectful. There is usually a break between groups, and I can understand leaving then if necessary, but still... Maybe it is the new norm.
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