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  1. Where is she teaching? Do you mind to share a link? Thanks.
  2. I am interested. ✋ We have three more years but it goes so quickly that this has been on my mind.
  3. :iagree: I have a son going into the 10th grade and am looking at class options. Please PM the name so I don't sign up. Thanks!
  4. I just signed my son up for ASL beginning in the fall. The instructor has excellent reviews. He teaches from his own platform here, or at Bright Ideas Press. I also saw an ASL offered at Empower recently.
  5. This 8 qt Instant Pot is on Amazon's Deal of the Day right now for $81.99. I just got mine! :hurray:
  6. Following, as we are planning to use LA1 next year. I have Henle but am unsure about it. I thought about trying to use it as a backup for explanations when ds needed more help, or I needed more explanation.
  7. :seeya: We have used ToG for the past 4 years and love it. I am happy to try to answer your questions. 1. Lesson plans: you can download a free three week trial of their lesson plans. They do not give you daily lesson instruction, but weekly. You break it up from their Primary Resources or Alternate/Extra as you choose for your students. I use the Assignments page to plan out our week, then refer to the teacher notes when we do our discussions at the end of the week. For younger students you may not use those at all, but for middle/high schoolers you will want to read over them and refer to them during the discussions. (No, you don't need to remember it all ;) ) 2. Reading lists: I do not have experience with VP, though I have friends who have used it and are happy with it. For us, ToG has been great. My son enjoys the reading we do, though it is a lot. We use most of the Primary Resource suggestions but also a few of the alternate. Sometimes I will use what I have on my shelf instead, but then have him research for an answer that was not covered in his reading. There are a lot of options with ToG, which I appreciate. 3. Writing portion: You can easily use IEW instead of their program, Writing Aids. We have used EIW for the past few years, and this is the first year we are using Writing Aids alongside Lost Tools of Writing. I do use some of their assignments for paper suggestions, but the program is flexible. 4. Graduates: If you email customer service for ToG they may be able to answer that question for you. I personally know quite a few graduates, but do not know of any specific data: 423-765-2833 (M-F, 10am to 4pm EST) or email: tustaff@tapestryofgrace.com I have always received excellent customer service and support. Don't hesitate to contact them. There is also a directory with community contacts where you may find another family in your area. 5. Discussion: For us, my nineth grader and I have the discussions. I cherish this time. It would be better with more people, but I am also overseas and the only one I know of using ToG. I have looked at the online classes, and there are also virtual co-ops, but the times have not matched for us. If you can find one, I would encourage you to join. Until then, YES, you can have wonderful discussions within your family. As I mentioned, please feel free to message me with any other questions. I hope this has been helpful and not too overwhelming.
  8. Mine is 15 years old.... I am in the same place. But, I just found Fit2B and the Tummy Team and finally have hope that I have not had in a long time. It explains the WHY for me and gives me hope that I CAN strengthen my core again. I will never have the body I had 15 years ago, but I am ok with that. I simply want the strong core & body so I can enjoy the things I used to.
  9. We enjoy Dutch Blitz and Uno, but my ds14 has another favorite that even his older siblings enjoy: Munchkin. Great add on sets are available too. :lol:
  10. I tried them for 2 months, but did not see much of a difference. My cousin found and shared MyChelle with me, and I really like them. No MLM, great products, US made, and more: All MyChelle Dermaceutical products are Vegetarian, Cruelty-free, and Free of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Colors, Petroleum, GMOs, and Gluten. They are reasonably priced, but if you order from their site they run weekly sales. The first time you sign up for their emails, they even give you a 30% off discount code. I ordered with that, then my second order I just waited for their serums to go on sale since that is what I needed. Their products last; use a very small amount. I hope you are happy with what you ordered, but if not, you may consider looking at MyChelle. I have been very happy with everything from them, and it is much cheaper.
  11. I have tried others, but started with and went back to the Homeschooler's Journal. They also offer one for High School, and we are moving to that in the fall. It is basic, but offers all I need. I am a pencil to paper person, and this has everything that I need: daily assignments, field trips, lending/borrowing list, Objectives and Resoursce list, and more! I also appreciate the price. :thumbup:
  12. We usually do a few of the in depth books. My son really enjoys them. We pick which would interest him more, or where I feel that topic needs more information.
  13. We are using the Bible Road Trip and really enjoying it. DS14 and I read through the daily passage together, then he answers the questions about it and we discuss it. If he needs help answering the question we do it together. It is free and very well done. https://www.thinkingkidsblog.org/bible-road-trip-books-of-the-law-year-one-index/
  14. My son is in her Japanese class. It is a year long class, so I hope she finishes this year with Landry. I emailed her before Christmas to ask if she is going to finish the class, but have not received a response yet. I hope it is simply that she is waiting, like all of us, to see if Landry is able to stay open in the spring.
  15. This the email that was posted on the Landry FB page. My son is enrolled but I have not received it, but there was also a post that it is being sent out in cycles to all of the families: Dear Landry Academy Families, Although long, this is an important message. Roughly nine years ago, my wife, Nancy and I held our first summer camps - the beginnings of what is now Landry Academy. They grew out of some field trips I was offering to homeschooling families. The field trips were to the human cadaver lab at the university where I was teaching at the time in North Carolina. The field trips were very popular with families and they asked for longer, more in depth sessions in the lab for their high school students. Thus, week-long Anatomy & Physiology Summer Camps were born. The first couple of years were only Anatomy & Physiology; later, we also began offering summer camps on other topics and grew to offer over 20 camps on a wide variety of topics. A few years before we started offering summer camps, I was teaching middle school and high school level science classes to homeschooled students at our house. Those classes started as me teaching our daughters and gradually grew as homeschooling students from our town and surrounding areas joined us. At the request of parents who didn't want to travel to our house for science classes, I started teaching those classes online. At first by myself, until I could no longer handle the teaching load alone. A couple of other teachers came on board to help me with science classes and the following year we gradually started adding classes other than sciences. Our online classes grew from there. A few years later, our youngest daughter graduated and headed off to college. The nest was empty. That was a difficult transition for us, but it also gave us the opportunity to try something that homeschool moms had been asking for - Biology labs in their local area. So, Nancy and I loaded our old Suburban with Biology lab equipment and supplies and started doing our two day Biology lab intensives at over 40 locations throughout the country. We spent the school year doing that and they were very popular. That year was exhausting, but it was good to be out meeting homeschooling families across the country, teaching Biology, and having lots of time to spend with each other on long drives from one intensive location to the next. We later began offering other science lab intensives such as Chemistry, Physics, etc. And, as the demand was there, we continued to add new online classes, summer camps, etc. The Lord brought us some great teachers for those online classes, summer camps, and two day lab intensives, and a great administrative staff. Because we wanted students to have great lab kits for their science classes, we began ordering pieces for, assembling, and shipping over 1,000 lab kits at a time. We started doing this in our house and eventually in an old barn where we built shelves to handle the huge volumes of supplies. We have met so many of you over the years at camps, mom retreats, trips, intensives, etc. - what a joy that has been. Many of you we haven't met in person but you've taken our online classes (some of you for years) and you are like family to us. The Lord has given us a heart for homeschooling families and to serve you in every way we can. We have worked hard to provide high quality, affordable online classes, lab intensives, mom retreats, etc. So, why am I telling you all this? To let you know that we've poured our lives, our time, our money, and our hearts into this business for years. Recently, we have been put into difficult circumstances beyond our control. This has left us unable to pay our teachers their full compensation over the past few weeks. Obviously this is heartbreaking for us and very difficult for our teachers. --- We are fighting to keep Landry Academy alive! As you know, our teachers are top notch! I appreciate their graciousness in this difficult situation. A few of them have decided to leave Landry Academy - which we certainly understand. Some of the teachers in that situation sent email to our students and families to recruit them away from Landry Academy. That has made our struggle to recover from this situation more difficult. I'm sorry if you received one of those messages. But, the bottom line is that Landry Academy is my responsibility and I am (and have been) doing everything I can to keep Landry Academy's doors open. Nancy and I are heartbroken for all involved and continue to work hard on this. In recent weeks we've had such encouraging messages from so many of you - thank you! That means so much to us. We are asking for your prayers and support as we continue to work toward a solution. We realize that we are close to the beginning of the spring semester, some upcoming trips, etc. --- We will email you later this week. For now, please hold off on any questions about classes etc. as we work through this. I don't know what's next for Landry Academy, but I do know that we serve a sovereign God who loves and cares for us regardless of circumstances. We continue to pray for His wisdom and guidance and appreciate your prayers as well. Greg Greg Landry Homeschool Dad Founder and Director, Landry Academy
  16. DS14 is enrolled in two year long classes. I have received a grade from one teacher with a mention of the upcoming spring class. The other I have not heard anything from, but know he was busy the last few weeks, and it is the holidays. While I am also concerned and have purchased generics for DS to use all through high school, I am confident that when Greg Landry is able to comment, he will. Let's will lift Greg Landry, the Landry Academy staff, and all of the Landry families in prayer. This situation is unfortunate, and communication is lacking, but let's extend some grace over this holiday season and wait for a few weeks for more details. They will come. I know it is difficult mid year and we have to plan, but right now there is little we can do but pray, and trust. :grouphug:
  17. I agree. :iagree: We have used ToG for the past 3 years and have contacted customer service quite a few times for help with orders and Lock Lizard. I have not received any less than great customer service. I have even asked for additional help since I am terrible with computers and needed more explanation. :confused1: I highly recommend them, as well as all of their curriculum. :hurray:
  18. I have two daughters in their mid 20's. Feel free to PM me. Until then, ((hugs)) :grouphug:
  19. OH! I just saw this too. If there is room, we are interested. Anyone want a postcard from Japan?!! :patriot:
  20. We have a 7 year old, 110lb lab. Last summer we started giving him Liquid Health Naturals K9 Level 5000 Glucosamine and Liquid Health K-9 Fidonutrients. We have seen *amazing* results. He had a torn ACL, which healed naturally with the help of a K9 knee brace and these 2 supplements. Even after he finished wearing the brace we have continued with these daily. He likes them, they are liquid & very easy to add to his food. Both can be ordered from Amazon or Vitacost. :thumbup: Hope this helps!
  21. I can recommend these classes. My writing reluctant son enjoyed them, was willing to sign up for the 2nd class and enjoyed it. :-)
  22. Youth Digital is offering 45% off their courses. Use Code at Checkout: THANKS45 This is one of the best prices I have seen. :hurray: http://www.youthdigital.com/thanksgiving45.html
  23. I am looking at the canon site: http://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/cameras/refurbished-eos-digital-slr-cameras
  24. EIW - works very well with my reluctant writer. We also really like Bravewriter. HSBC offers some sections at a discount.
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