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Pat Yourself on the Back - What Are You Getting Done Consistently?


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We are only really doing 'school' with our oldest. But we are consistently getting done:


She reads aloud her NiRV Bible to me every day

Phonics and practice in her readers

Math - either flashcards, game - like addition war, Math Mammoth sheets, or our MUS Alpha - slowly but surely working on nailing addition facts - sometimes a combo of things


Learning cursive


Rod and Staff English 2

Apologia Astronomy with some supplemental reading

Sonlight Core K

She reads independently during the day as well


We also do story Bibles as a family every day




So, pat yourself on the back, come on in and tell us what you ARE getting done! :D

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We've been solid on grammar, writing, spelling, vocab, Latin, logic, math, and history this school year.


In spite of that a couple/few subjects were lagging somewhat behind and wouldn't reach our mid-year goals. Last month my kids and I reevaluated those goals, compared lesson amounts to weeks left, and wrote down how we'd keep those goals on track. With just a few loose ends to tie up next week, we've accomplished those goals, and then some. :001_smile:

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Math, math, and more math

Language Arts

Memory Work



Art- because it is outsourced

Drama- because it is outsourced


Next year the little man will be in 3rd grade. I know that if I want foreign language (Latin or Spanish) to be done consistently it will need to be outsourced.


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Math, grammar, phonics, DD reading aloud, and geography have all been getting done regularly. Handwriting has been spotty since I'm off work and it's usually part of DD's homework routine when I work mornings.

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I also make a yearly plan (in chart form) of which chapters/pages I want to get done during which weeks. That helps me see the big picture, and I use the yearly plan to create the weekly assignment sheets. This help us stay on track and get it all done. If we fall behind one week, we catch up the next. It helps that we school 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday), using Fridays as a catch-up day or project day.


ETA: PM me with your e-mail address if you'd like to see some samples: I can send you a copy of my yearly plan for my 6th grader or my 10th grader, and/or one of their weekly assignment sheets.

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For my oldest: math, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, history, science, religion


For my DS: math, grammar, spelling, phonics, penmanship, history, nature exploration class, religion


Art is consistent when it's outsourced but we didn't do this particular session because it wasn't in the budget. We'll start up again at the end of March.

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I make it a point to do Latin, math, writing, and logic every day. They read to themselves every day. We just added in extra spelling practice as a must-do daily assignment.History (my favorite subject) gets done when it gets done. Science is a bit more consistent, but not every day.

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Ahhh....the glass is half full....:)


With my older ds:

Math ( this is big, since we went through some struggles over it this year)




Daily (well, not *every* day) nature diary


With younger ds:

Following his interests/supporting his crafts




With both: Lots of wonderful read alouds and some poetry

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Math, reading, Grammar, history, Latin, Greek, PE. Spanish,but it's changed from the video-based class to a reading based one.


Science, dance and music, if you count outsourced classes that I don't actually teach, but we've gotten better at science and music at home since Jan.

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listening to dramatized KJV GoBible app and reading along


Hebrew Made Easy

piano practice

handwriting practice

holiday and calendar activities



And the past two weeks I've been very committed to completing CLE 706 Bible on the Psalms. I've been playing Psalm 100 from the Scottish Psalter on the keyboard and using the tyrics for handwriting practice.


I've been studying The Organized Home Schooler and cleaning up my home and schedule.


I was all set to start back with SOW on Monday, but some resources I ordered for the next lesson have not come in :-( I bought and downloaded a grade one Waldorf curriculum. I guess I'll read Grimm's Fairy Tales and do some form drawing and painting this week while I wait :-0

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We have FINALLY gotten into a good rhythm with adding in our 3rd student...it took me a few months!!


Here is what we are definitely hitting daily:



*memory work

*prayer together

*reading aloud a various chapter book

*math (thanks to Teaching Textbooks!)\

*Explode the Code with ds

*math with ds

*cursive for the girls

*English from the Roots Up (girls mostly do this independantly)

*language arts lesson with girls


We are regularly doing science, but it is maybe every other day.

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Math, memory work(which is history, latin, and poems done this year), reading, Latin 2x per week, History 3x, science 2x. Art is with luck one Mark Kistler lesson per week. I try to make Fridays light and I was down and out with a migraine yesterday trying not to barf so only math got done:glare:

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This is too much!:smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5:


I do that consistently, but while I am doing that my children are doing the following:


1. Math every day

2. Reading their literature books, history, or science

3. Writing Programs

4. Grammar

5. Foreign Language studies


Whatever is in a workbook





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Math, phonics, science and history. We finished The House Above the Trees the other day and The Wizard of Oz tonight. (I've been doing read-alouds AO style, several books at a time, reading a chapter or two a week from each. Ariel seems to like it this way and doesn't want the books to end.)

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I like this thread!


We are getting through Bible time (reading, hymns, prayer,...), Reading for both boys (one with OPGTR and the other has completed OPGTR so we practice reading with expression), read alouds, piano, and math on a daily basis.


Marginally consistently completing AAS and Copywork (basically handwriting for now!) :D.


I am choosing to be okay with not hitting History and Science, art study, and whatever else we are skipping out on since I feel like we get plenty of elementary exposure to all of it just by living life and through reading good books... this was decided after trying to cram it all in for a while and falling flat on my face :tongue_smilie:!

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We are in our groove! We get most everything in my siggie done every day. MFW is pretty easy to keep up on. The material is getting more challenging so we can't double up on days like earlier. (to catch up) so I have to be more diligent. Writing is the only thing that is not really rockin..........sigh.............writing.

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