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    Well worn, but still has life left in it. This set includes the student text book, solutions manual, and homeschool packet. $35ppd in the US



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    2A, 2B Text books US Edition 2A, 2B Home Instructor's Guide US Edition 2 Challenging Word Problems (I had the spine cut off of this one; but never used this book.) I didn't see any marks while flipping through them, but there might be a few stay marks. Some shelf wear. I bought these new from the company. $35ppd for all 5 books (in the US) ADDITION: I will add a 2B workbook (UNUSED) to this lot for $5 more if you would like. For some reason, I bought two! So, all you would need for a full curriculum is a 2A workbook!


  3. When I taught 9th grade English, we covered the following elements in a variety of formats (short stories, novels, poems, biographies/autobiographies: Characterization - direct and indirect Types of characters - protagonist, antagonist, dynamic, static, flat, round, foil Stages of plot development - exposition (includes setting), inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement or resolution - there might be others I am forgetting Poetic or literary devices - similes, metaphors, hyperbole, imagery, pun, allusion, repetition, consonance, assonance, irony (dra
  4. I plan on downloading them this weekend, so I don't get caught again. And I emailed the magestra not magenta!
  5. ThanKS ladies, I emailed the magenta and she sent me the lessons I needed. She did say the site had been having trouble. Good to know it is all cleared up. I really appreciate the offer for help Stella!
  6. I have been trying to log on to the Lively Latin site for a few days and have been getting an error message. Is anyone having problems? Does anyone know what is going on or when it might be fixed? My son needs the next few lessons for BBLL2 and we are stuck until the website comes back up. I am very frustrated. Help!! :0)
  7. That isn't like him. I have ordered many times from him and have always been VERY pleased.
  8. Move on. I come from a long line of TX public educators (and was one myself), some people just won't ever get it. You can't please all of the people all of the time. Your decision is your decision. You don't have to justify what you do for your family to anyone. My family was shocked when we decided to being my son home, but the public school had totally and miserably failed him. After one year of homeschooling my mother was my biggest supporter (retired TX teacher). She saw amazing benefits for my son. I do think our public school system is flawed in many ways. I thought that way even
  9. Irishmommy



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    PRICE CHANGE I have a full year's worth of writing curriculum from Classical Academic Press. My daughter went through the first lesson in the first book, so that is the only one that has writing in it. I have both student books and teacher editions. I am asking $50 ppd. Classical Academic Press Writing Rhetoric Books 1&2 with TEs, writing in one lesson of the first book. $50ppd Thanks!



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    I have the guide book and the student guide for Classical Writing's Diogenes: Maxim. The website says the program is for 7th grade and older. It sells on Lulu, new, for $29 for each book plus shipping. I am offering $45ppd for both books. The books are paperback, so it does have a little shelf wear, but no writing inside that I see. We didn't use these, I just bought them to check out the course. CW Diogenes: Maxim - guide and student book $45ppd Pm me with any questions. Thanks!


  11. My son HATED the elementary Saxon levels. He absolutely loathed the spiral approach. We switched to Singapore and he was MUCH happier, therefore, so was I! BUT, we have been working through Saxon Algebra 1, through virtualhomeschoolgroup.com, and he is doing very well. He has an 86 average and is in 7th grade. We are calling it pre-algebra this year, and will finish it next year as Algebra 1. So, even if you HATED the younger levels of Saxon, there is still a chance you might like the older levels!
  12. New hits this year: DS 5yo - LoE Foundations AO 1 DD 8yo - LoE Essentials AO 1 DS 12yo - Saxon Alg. I Classical Writing - Aesop & Homer for older beginners Prentice Hall Science Explorer AO Misses: Shurley Grammar - good program but I needed an aio Tablet class - total mess Old Favorites: Five in a Row <3
  13. With my oldest we started (very lightly) in 5th with Lively Latin. It has gone very well, but this year is the first we have really been serious about it. We will finish LL this year (7th) and do LL2 for 8th. Dd will finish SS Latin (which she loves) this year (3rd) and we will probably go to SSL 2 next year, then LL for her fifth grade year.
  14. I need to write these down and put this list in my hurricane box! And, yeah, instant coffee is def on the top of the list! An emergency moment is NOT the time for me to be without coffee!
  15. Yes, passive voice! That is what I was forgetting! I was trying to explain it the way Matryoshka explained it. Thank you. My mind was a fog! Random side note, Sparkly Unicorn, my kids think your dancing bacon is hilarious!
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