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  1. I do a liquid brine every year. I get the Williams Sonoma brine and put it in a big heavy duty turkey bag in the fridge.
  2. Graham cracker pie crusts that had sell by 6/20?
  3. We get our German Shepherd the largest Kong black rubber bone you can buy.
  4. But I think there are a lot of false positives. Vivica Fox was on Dr. Oz last week talking about her false positive. I really believe this is a problem with the testing. Especially those that aren't really showing symptoms, or minor symptoms. Even the NP that gave me my antibody testing (the newer ones that just came available a week ago) was telling me how unreliable some of the actual Covid testing was. More so with the rapid testing I think it was.
  5. I had Covid early October and tested positive for the antibodies last week. We have to wear them in stores here, but I will also wear it around my 91 year old mom. I won't wear it if I'm cleaning, or doing things around her house, but if I'm sitting near her or less than 6' I put it on.
  6. If a cornbread recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil, how much melted butter would I use to replace that?
  7. So my blood test showed that I do have the COVID antibodies.
  8. If so, when did you, and how long was it after you were sick? What were your results? Do you think the test is accurate? I'm getting one done tomorrow but it will take a few days to get the results.
  9. If so, when did you, and how long was it after you were sick? What were your results? Do you think the test is accurate? I'm getting one done tomorrow but it will take a few days to get the results.
  10. My Dh works with a plastic surgeon and they're seeing people come in a lot with the complaint. My Dd and I were experiencing this also, but we have learned to never wear a mask multiple times. If it's a cloth mask we wash after each day of wearing it. Disposable are tossed after the day. This has made a huge difference. She has to wear a mask often because of working, and also because she's doing hybrid at school. ETA: We also use free and clear detergent. That and daily washing or replacement is a must!
  11. DH was against it when she was a baby so I had to wait until it was her decision. She did it at 14 but always wished I would have just done it when she was a baby.
  12. Yes, I'm going to get the blood test. I've heard they're not that accurate (at least they weren't back in June).
  13. My DH and I are 99% sure we had it in Oct. We both lost sense of smell. My symptoms were the following: 1st week: very fatigued, no appetite, occasionally felt achy, just felt "off" but didn't know why. 2nd week: very fatigued, no appetite, no smell, low grade fever for a couple days with bad headache 3rd week: no smell It was definitely a different kind of sick. I've had the actual flu several times and it didn't even come close to being as bad as that. I know we should have got tested but we didn't and just stayed home. Our 3 older teens also had been mildly sick, and we were around other people that tested positive. Just curious if anyone else really feels like they had it but weren't tested.
  14. My 16 year old son had to get a root canal when he was 15. He had no pain but somehow the tooth had been injured and he had no idea how. I suspect a fight he got into with his twin brother. They would play rough like boys will do and sometimes one would get a bloody nose or whatever. Just boys being boys but that's the only thing I could think of that may have happened. The tooth was starting to discolor but he seriously had no clue what happened. None of us realized it until he went in for a regular cleaning.
  15. Prayers they are alright and easy recovery for both of them.
  16. I bought this several months ago and love it. For the price it does really good and makes the floors seem so much cleaner than just pushing dirt around.https://www.walmart.com/ip/BISSELL-PowerFresh-Steam-Mop-with-Discs-and-Scrubber-1940W/43351247
  17. I'm getting ready to order 2 matte black faucets for my master bath sink. There are some really inexpensive ones on Amazon but I've never not gone with Moen or Delta. Will I regret it? Any experiences?
  18. I keep an Essentials Bag in my car console. It holds things my daughter and I might need occasionally. Travel mouth wash, floss, nail file, pads, travel deodorant, body spray, chapstick, hand lotion, hair clip/tie, tissues. I can't tell you how many times we were so glad to have these things right there.
  19. I organized all our meds into plastic containers with labels. Really helps to find what you need quickly. Something like this... Cold/Flu/Cough Allergy Eyes/Ears/Nose/Stomach (This is for eye drops, ear cleansing, Tums etc...) Pain Sunscreen/Insect/Topicals Bandages/Hand Sanitizer
  20. I binged that show when everything first shut down. I laughed so hard I was hysterical over a couple of scenes from different episodes.
  21. Oh gosh I had so many posts last spring about this. I was suffering from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction brought on by spring allergies. I use Nasacort everyday right before spring starts and all during the summer. Flonase (even the kind without alcohol) gives me headaches for some reason but Nasacort doesn't at all. My DH is just the opposite and can't use the Nasacor but uses the Flonase. It can take up to 2 weeks for this to fully work. Sudafed from behind the pharmacy counter. Be sure and ask if you can take it with the nose spray because I've never taken them together. I don't take Sudafed after 4pm because they say it can keep you up at night but doesn't affect everyone that way. The fluid can cause me to experience tinnitus occasionally which really sucks so I try and stay on top of the meds. Rubbing Vick's Vapor Rub behind my ears helps ease the fullness too, so I sometimes do that before bed.
  22. All 3 of mine were 13 when they got their phones. They are now 16 & 17.
  23. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014HNOXZS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I've been seeing bloggers and IG influencers talk about these and using them all over their face. They say it makes their makeup go on better and skin really smooth. They've also said the hair does not come back thicker/darker. I've never tried them so I can't say.
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