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  1. I can't upload a photo, therefore I can't post an ad.
  2. He said it is individually owned.
  3. Woops. Didn't mean to post that. He is only a minor until Sunday.
  4. We are in Connecticut. They have 3 new trainees. All working full time for three weeks no pay. My son is going in tomorrow for a full day. This is at Burger King.
  5. My son just got his first job. While I very happy because this is a step he needed to take, I'm concerned about something. They want him to do three weeks of unpaid training. This is at a fast food restaurant. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Is this normal these days? He's only got 2 months to work full time and almost half of it would be unpaid. I don't want to discourage him or interfere, but I feel like there are probably other jobs he could get where he would be getting paid from day one, even for training. At most, I could see a couple of days unpaid. Thoughts?
  6. Not sure if this link will work. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1526227690720899&id=100000010478920
  7. My son is also 13 and motivated to be at grade level. Not a math lover, though. Interesting to see how you're doing it.
  8. I think logically I should just go to the next level, but I felt that there was so much review built into the program that it might work. And mostly he does seem able to do the work on the placement test. Thank you for all your responses. I think I will give it a try. If it is too difficult, we can go back and we will have the program already for next year.
  9. Ds did TT level 4 last year. The next step would be level 5, but I was thinking of maybe moving him right to level 6. I think there is so much review built into TT that this might be ok. I did the placement test for level 6 with him. He needed quite a few reminders ,but overall did fine. He didn't know fractions at all. I can work with him on areas like this, but what I'm wondering will it be too many areas that he is missing or not enough review to help him understand it?
  10. http://guesthollow.com/homeschool/curriculum.html#science Have you checked out Guest Hollow's options. They are created by a homeschool mom (who is on these boards). She offers some of them free (donations are nice :)) There is a junior human anatomy curriculum. I haven't used any of these but they look really well done. Good living books, hands on components, and all layer out. Check it out:
  11. I picked up Real Science 4 Kids level 1 at a curriculum sale the other day. I have the students texts and Teacher's guides. My friend said I only need to buy the workbooks. Now I see they are out of print. They are not easy to find used without the rest of the set. Is there something the company currently publishes that will work with the older set? Thank you.
  12. Wondering if you are one of my friends grown weary. Lol. I don't think so, but truly I could be your friend. You said in the last post you've done everything aside from saying "Your problem is _________. If it were me, I think it might be a relief to have someone be direct and maybe insightful into something I'm missing. Sure, she may not want to hear it or even become angry, but I think if you approach her from a perspective of love she may be more receptive. It seems to me, it's more loving to tell her that than not.
  13. Yes, I understand this. I just wanted to hear some experiences since it's all new to me.
  14. I think a lower sex drive for a 15, almost 16 yo boy is a GOOD thing. Glad to hear it about the acne. That has been a huge issue to him this year.
  15. I'm not really sure what they will check. We have been to the naturopath as well, who ordered blood tests which should cover nutritional deficiencies. Therapist did mention a possible mood disorder, so I'm not sure exactly what this will be. I have no idea what you are talking about with the mutation. Interesting that it can be so many things.
  16. It's been a long difficult year (or years) for us. Ds is in therapy now, which is great. Still an uphill climb. The therapist recently suggested he get a psychiatric evaluation. She said meds were a possibility but she wasn't sure what the diagnoses might be. Possibly depression or something else. Ds saw her today and she mentioned anti depressants to him. At any rate, just looking to hear experiences with anti depressants--both positive and negative--for teens. Also, side effects. He is concerned. He has heard they can increase acne. So that's a big deal to him. I'm more concerned about other side effects. Basically, this is a whole new territory for me, so just looking for any info and personal experiences with this with their teens (especially teen boys,) Tia.
  17. Also, if he is using anything I **think** that it is early on or even hasn't tried it yet. I keep feeling like it's a train wreck that will happen. But knowing ahead of time, isn't there something I can do?? I'm trying. I know therapy is a good start. Hope it's a good fit, etc. because I don't know if I could get him to another one. Other than that, any suggestions if it's early on as I think (hope) it is.
  18. I don't know whether ds (age 15) is doing any drugs but there is some concern. So, I know I can get a home test kit. Say it comes up positive for marijuana or other. What is the next step?? Obviously if it was heroin or meth or something else really bad, I would have some idea. But if it's not, we're not just jumping to drug treatment. Our talking to him, I think isn't taken seriously. We have talked in the past and ds attitude is basically that we don't have a clue. He is currently in therapy so that is huge. Well, we'll see if he goes back. At any rate, I've thought of testing him, just not sure how to 1) approach that and 2) deal with it after.
  19. Well. He's with the therapist right now. NOT happy about it and declared, "I only agreed to go once. And I didn't agree to talk when I'm there. " Sigh. It's a start. We'll see.
  20. Okay. Now I'm confused about agave. I thought it had a low glycemic index. We used Stevie for awhile but it had a weird taste. I'm thinking about the idea of Accutane/therapy deal. Might have him more easily on board, but I still think we should hold off on Accutane if he doesn't end up needing it. The acne really is much better than it was. The advantage of Accutane, though, I guess is not dealing with creams, etc. endlessly.
  21. He is off of dairy. He has yogurt occasionally. He was on a strict Candida diet for about a month but I've lightened up a bit. Still no dairy, but I had been told that provolone cheese is still okay. Not sure why, but he's been having that. We were fully gluten free for him, but not now. Low on gluten though. No sugar, mostly just agave, though occasionally honey.
  22. Fixer Upper The Great British Baking Show And surprisingly, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish
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