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  1. I homeschooled four kids k-8th grade. The two oldest wanted to go to public high school, but because of the 1.5 hour bus ride one way, they went into an alternative high school situation that basically gave one of them a GED diploma and the other nothing (long story). My two youngers also were homeschooled k-8th, but these two went to Laurel Springs School online for high school. Both graduated high school with excellent time management skills and grades to get them into the top UC in California. Both were well prepared of AP, ACT, and SAT scoring in the top 10% of each test. K-12 was too easy. Laurel Springs college counselors made the college application process smooth.
  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I pulled out my Bunny Luv baby carrots and found they were on the top of the recall list. UPC codes matched.
  3. Struggling through similar issues with my mother-in-law. I am a loss as to how, or if I can broach the topic with her. Being blunt about the topic of memory loss can elicit a hostile, defensive response. Tread lightly. Encourage your aunt to schedule a check up appointment with her primary care physician and accompany her to the appointment. At this appointment you can guide the conversation to her memory issues. I would even slip a note to the receptionist if your aunt is not receptive to the appointment. Gather the necessary paperwork to gain medical and financial powers of attorney. These are two separate documents that need to be notarized when your aunt still has some of her faculties. Do this soon. Once there is a diagnosis, there is the question of care. Facilities are expensive and not always the best. Wills, home ownership, etc. need to be put on the table. Selling a home to pay for care you cannot provide at home is an option. I've done both in-home care and a lockdown facility, and I prefer in-home care, but I could not care for a parent with Lewy Body Dementia and take care of young kids too. There are hard choices to make. Your kids are watching. Compassion matters. Best of luck,
  4. #1, 5 days late #2, 3 days late #3, 10 days late #4, 11 days late
  5. Thanks for the replies. Will look at Homeschool Classified.
  6. I have shelves of homeschool related books I want to move along. Do books sell on the classified board? Last child graduated from high school.
  7. eBay has its own, inhouse payment processing. They take out the taxes, etc. and deposit $ in your account. Shipping will cost. Anything over one pound and shipping gets expensive. Community sales might be a better bet than selling online.
  8. Dh and DD #2 went to graduation and hung out in Edinburgh. I stayed home to run our business, babysit the dog, and take care of all things domestic. Cheers!
  9. Dear Laura~ DD graduated from St. A's with high honors. It was a delight. Job in hand. Future looks great. My surprise about getting older is understanding the necessity of assisted suicide. It is not a thing I'd consider on a whim, but after watching my mother with Lewy Bodies dementia be of unsound mind but good health, I contemplate her quality of life. On good days she knows who I am, but most often I am "daughter." Right now her face is covered in a large bruise and an inch long gash of stitching above her eye. It is the fourth fall in three weeks that has sent her to the ER, and she fell again today and went back to the ER. I look at her and see my possible future. It not only surprises me, but it terrifies me. I do not want to be such a burden to my children. I do not want my children to make the decision I need to make on my mother's behalf because she can no longer care for herself. Above and beyond the normal changes that come with aging, it is this loss of self and total care like an infant that surprises me. I'd rather go quick like a seedless olive into the mouth of a fool than to sustain the indignities of dementia.
  10. I wish I would have read this before posting. I am thinking the classifieds here are a no go. No interest and photos are too hard. eBay it is. Thanks for all the answers.
  11. I 've been trying to post classified ads here on WTM for several years. I am done homeschool and have books and resources to sell. Everytime I try to add a photo, be it from my iphone or digital camera, the classified ad rejects my photos even if I size them correctly. Is there a trick I am missing. I have early readers through geometry texts. I am not asking a lot for the books and I don't want to do eBay or Amazon. Do people buy from the classified boards?? Thanks 😉
  12. My two daughters were homeschooled through 8th grade then went onto Laurel Springs Academy. I did not feel confident in my ability to teach high school, and I want outside accountability. My oldest daughter just graduated from university this spring, and she is off to a good job. She was well prepared for college work and had great independent study skills. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  13. I'm not sure if this will help, but my oldest DD took a bunch of AP classes and exams. It turned out the number of exams she took were not essential to college acceptance. She could have used one or two AP exams not 10. My fourth and last time through the high school gauntlet of college acceptance, DD is planning on taking two AP exams and two SAT exams. All of her classes are AP and honors (She attends a private online school). DD # 4 is hoping that the AP course work will show she is capable of challenging work.
  14. I am using Chrome. I tried to load photos, but no size I used would load. I tried using a digital camera and my phone neither format worked. I've used my phone for uploading images onto Etsy, eBay, and Ravelry with no issue. I tried numerous times to resize my photo in Photoshop and what I got was a fuzzy photos for my ad. The classified board is wonky at best and far too buggy to use effectively. ?
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