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  1. Dh and DD #2 went to graduation and hung out in Edinburgh. I stayed home to run our business, babysit the dog, and take care of all things domestic. Cheers!
  2. Dear Laura~ DD graduated from St. A's with high honors. It was a delight. Job in hand. Future looks great. My surprise about getting older is understanding the necessity of assisted suicide. It is not a thing I'd consider on a whim, but after watching my mother with Lewy Bodies dementia be of unsound mind but good health, I contemplate her quality of life. On good days she knows who I am, but most often I am "daughter." Right now her face is covered in a large bruise and an inch long gash of stitching above her eye. It is the fourth fall in three weeks that has sent her to the ER, an
  3. I wish I would have read this before posting. I am thinking the classifieds here are a no go. No interest and photos are too hard. eBay it is. Thanks for all the answers.
  4. I 've been trying to post classified ads here on WTM for several years. I am done homeschool and have books and resources to sell. Everytime I try to add a photo, be it from my iphone or digital camera, the classified ad rejects my photos even if I size them correctly. Is there a trick I am missing. I have early readers through geometry texts. I am not asking a lot for the books and I don't want to do eBay or Amazon. Do people buy from the classified boards?? Thanks 😉
  5. My two daughters were homeschooled through 8th grade then went onto Laurel Springs Academy. I did not feel confident in my ability to teach high school, and I want outside accountability. My oldest daughter just graduated from university this spring, and she is off to a good job. She was well prepared for college work and had great independent study skills. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  6. I'm not sure if this will help, but my oldest DD took a bunch of AP classes and exams. It turned out the number of exams she took were not essential to college acceptance. She could have used one or two AP exams not 10. My fourth and last time through the high school gauntlet of college acceptance, DD is planning on taking two AP exams and two SAT exams. All of her classes are AP and honors (She attends a private online school). DD # 4 is hoping that the AP course work will show she is capable of challenging work.

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    Principles of Life Second Edition; Hillis, Sadva, Hill, Price Honors Level/AP High School text. ISBN: 9781464109478 Condition: Used. My daughter used post-its that left behind a rough surface, but pages don't stick. Corners show wear. No highlighting. PayPal only. Buyer pays for Media Mail or Priority Mail.


  8. I am using Chrome. I tried to load photos, but no size I used would load. I tried using a digital camera and my phone neither format worked. I've used my phone for uploading images onto Etsy, eBay, and Ravelry with no issue. I tried numerous times to resize my photo in Photoshop and what I got was a fuzzy photos for my ad. The classified board is wonky at best and far too buggy to use effectively. ?
  9. The classified board is most difficult to use. Moving on the eBay.
  10. The classified board is not working. I cannot put up an ad. No dialogue box.
  11. Can you tell me about Facebook. I had not thought of that. Thanks. Do people really buy things off Facebook? I don't.....it just doesn't occur to me to use Facebook for shopping. Thanks!
  12. My homeschool journey is over. I have boxes and boxes of books to sell. Unfortunately, the sale swap board here is down or doesn't work very well. My question is which platform do you prefer to buy homeschool books from: Amazon or eBay? I am thinking eBay might be better because I can photograph the actual item, show its wear, and get the postage right, but if folks don't shop eBay for homeschool books what is the point. Thanks for your input.
  13. There does not seem to be any way to view items for sale? Is this going to get fixed soon?

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    For sale: Vol. 1 The Human Odyssey Prehistory Through the Middle Ages- Paperback in good condition. Obviously used but clean inside. $10.00+3.99 Media Mail Shipping ​Vol. 2 The Human Odyssey Our Modern World -Hardback in very good condition. Clean inside.$10.00+3.99 Media Mail Shipping ​ Vol. 3 The Human Odyssey From Modern Times to Our Contemporary Era-Hardback in very good condition. Clean inside. $10.00+3.99 Media Mail Shipping ​The American Odyssey A History of the United States-Hardback in very good condition. Clean inside. $10.00+3.99 Media Mail Shipping America The Story of US Complimentary Education Edition (I bought this). Like new.$5.00+3.99 Media Mail Shipping I accept PayPal. Message me if interested.



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    Math Without Borders Algebra 1 USB Thumbdrive PayPal accepted Free Shipping Asking $50.00 Message me if interested.


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