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  1. Shutters were my first thought, too. Would it work to put them on the outside and open the window to close them (Euro-style)?
  2. "If _________ wins the election, I'm leaving the country!" Empty Threats - Covid-19 version
  3. No time to make this myself, but I'm imagining a photo of office workers (or European students) taking a smoke break outside + a photo of office workers standing outside with masks pulled down. "Mask break is the new smoke break".
  4. DS12 and I had a great time taking apart a Jeep door to replace the automatic window thingy. I'd never done Anything on a car before. I second Lanny's comment about Youtube tutorials!
  5. Not just you! A second on prunes (especially the squashy Kroger brand kind)! :)
  6. Regarding peeing position: I find with hiking that a short-medium length skirt is much easier to manage than pants. Underwear can still be in the way (assuming one is wearing it), but the skirt is easily out of the way and helps cover my backside. 🙂
  7. Yep. If the New Yorkers are turning friendly and cheerful, I'm alarmed.
  8. I have a rack similar to the IKEA one linked above. Ours came from an Asian grocery store 15+ years ago. It is very compact and useful.
  9. "Homeschool pandemic of the '90s" Bwahahaha!
  10. Just scrolled through multiple pages of this thread looking for a particular meme -- this is an amazing sociological record of the past four months!
  11. Where do you think Wesley shops for "terribly comfortable" masks? Asking for a friend.
  12. There was a semi-local report here about seeds from Malaysia. Same advice about what to do with them. Are the areas receiving them mainly agricultural areas? (Our area is).
  13. The Intercom: "We care about the health and safety of all our customers. We'd like to remind you that masks are required in this store. Please maintain 6 feet of space for social distancing. And thank you for shopping with us today." Me: Note: I don't have a problem with masks, but the reminders!
  14. For the reader maybe? https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-purseclutch-from-a-Book/
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