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  1. Bo and Luke Duke, Lee Stetson, the Young Riders. Guess I went for the fictional guys. 😂
  2. And for the Chuck fans . . . When PPE shortages get ugly.
  3. We ordered 5-gallon pails and gamma seal lids from Azure Standard. The lids snap on, but then the middle unscrews for access; handy and secure. I've heard that buckets can be purchased cheaply from grocery store bakeries.
  4. Johnny's Selected Seeds has a 5-gallon one for $250. Tools & Supplies / Post Harvest I'm seeing some new and pre-owned 5-gallon ones on eBay for $100 or so.
  5. A second vote for Chuck. You'll see some old friends from Firefly. ☺ For pure veg-out silliness, we'd recommend the Dukes of Hazzard on Amazon (if they keep it; the car has a Confederate flag painted on top). The characters are just hilarious and we haven't noted racism (seasons 1-3).
  6. Thanks for the multimeter use ideas! Not sure any of us will end up in the garage 😀, but the other uses you mentioned do sound handy.
  7. Hi all! We found some helpful videos for studying DC circuits and completing the DC circuits lab in Novare Introductory Physics. How to use a breadboard: How to use a multimeter: How to measure DC voltage and current in a parallel resistor circuit: How to measure DC voltage and current in a series resistor circuit:
  8. Thank you for the suggestions, everyone! And for the personal stories of experience and of action. 🧡
  9. I would love to hear positive, practical suggestions for non-POC who would like to move from just feeling bad about racism to doing something for a better society for POC. Let's leave out marches/protests and social media posting. What can we do?
  10. Please, please let it be before November! 😂
  11. DD14: "So what exactly do governors do when there isn't any coronavirus?" 😄 (Lots, certainly, but not much that she hears about).
  12. Sorry, no citation. This was info from SIL. She works at a hospital in Seattle. Looking back at her message, that percentage was for WA state, not just Seattle. Not sure where her info came from. OP - Sorry to sidetrack this thread! My original point was that one medical professional thinks that an anti-malarial reduced her symptoms. ☺
  13. Very true. Her covid test (not administered correctly) came back negative - Seattle had an 82% false negative test rate. Hopefully the antibody tests will be better!
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