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  1. Spectrum Chemistry vs. Jay Wile's Discovering Design with Chemistry: Which would you choose and why? Background info: My son currently desires to become a doctor (family physician or genetic counselor). He has completed Rainbow Science and will take Biology the following year with our co-op. He has completed Algebra I. Chemistry would be completed at home.
  2. What is the genetics course? My son is thinking about becoming a genetic counselor.
  3. For the play, I think Harvey would fit quite well and add some humor.
  4. This is really helpful. My son is looking at becoming a doctor, so the human anatomy coverage is always a plus and I appreciate the explanation of the pros and cons for Total Health. Mental health is such a big issue and so the cohesive coverage of that is important. Thank you!
  5. Has anyone used both of these curricula and can review them both for me?
  6. I look at the activities as a buffet. I choose what works best for my family and move on after that. They learn plenty and it doesn't become a drudgery. I vote for moving on to the Medieval era!
  7. From what I understand, you determine this as you will. I have seen various syllabi where homework (daily work, in this case) counts up to 80%. I think it is important to give a balance and not just teach to a test yet also not skew our grades so that homeschoolers across the board can not be trusted. If they know the material and are putting forth effort, you'll know that.
  8. Ah, yes. I saw this one. We are using it now and I think the author simply explains more in their explanation, not that the student should be parroting that type of information.
  9. What negative things did you hear about Rainbow Science? I can only find positive reviews so I'm curious. 🙂
  10. Can anyone tell me more about either of these programs? I'm trying to compare and they both look hands-on and highly recommended but since they both cover Physical Science, I am trying to narrow it down for my oldest's 7th and 8th grade years. Thanks for the assistance!
  11. Honestly, right now, I'm feeling it out. I am unsure if I could really teach a semester of each and want to talk to the parents to see if they want this to be a course that prepares them for CLEP or AP tests. Two of my favorite high school classes were psychology and sociology. They were so fascinating and quite fun. I would like to show some videos, have discussion, and give them an introduction to each.
  12. I am thinking of teaching a course next year at our once-a-week co-op with half a year of psychology and half a year of sociology. Does anyone have any great resources for either class? Anyone have experience with a course?
  13. Tanya, Did you happen to find anything for this? I am looking to teach a sociology class for a semester.
  14. How would you recommend I treat the sciences? Wait to start biology until his official 9th grade?
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