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  1. my son's eighth grade graduation photos!!! Please come look here. I am now going to the high school board for my older son. I will still check back here for two more years and then, I must say, "good-bye" to the K-8 boards. I have been on these boards for the past 8 or 9 years! Blessings and thank you to all who read my blog! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  2. I live in NJ. My sons have been taking the IOWA test since first grade. My older son always says that they always have a question about Kwanza. We eventually had to look up what it was about because we knew nothing about it. Every year it comes up on their tests. I would never teach it to them otherwise. I started to realize that the science and social studies section are arbitrary or more subjective. If you are not teaching that science that year, your child will not do well. If you are, then he will do well. I remember one year my son did terribly in the science section, then the following year he got in the 90th percentile. That's when I realize that the IOWAs is not a good gage for those areas. I prefer to concentrate on the basics of math, reading comprehension, and language arts. Everything else is fluff. Blessings in your homeschooling journey! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  3. Yes, I am sorry I spelled it wrong it is from Dandy Lion publications. Their logic problems are a little cheaper than Critical Thinking company. It starts with Safari and moves its way up. You can find these books through Rainbow Resources. I found the Safari Logic at Amazon.com. You can click here to see the first in a few books. I was looking at them and they have gone up in price since I last used them. They are a little cheaper than Mindbenders. The company name is Dandy Lion. Also, I used Perplexors with my son when he was younger. It is the same price as Critical Thinking Company. It does help to develop good test taking skills because it teaches that process of elimination idea. I have the link to that also, but I got the books from Educational Warehouse which is near where I live. Blessings, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  4. OK, this is our last week! However, I am still going to write about life in homeschooling. My older son did the homeschool eighth grade graduation ceremonies this past week. It was beautiful. You can click here. Thank you to all who read. Oh! Two more years and I will no longer post on the K-8 boards! Blessings to all! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  5. I would never throw stones. I would have to throw them at myself. I think that those books you chose are wonderful. However, this is what I would recommend. Before you purchase these books, look into Dandeylion Logic. They have logic books and critical thinking books that are much cheaper than Critical Thinking Company. I used to think that Critical Thinking Company was the only logic company out there. The reason why I say this is Critical Thinking Company is very expensive for what your child can do. I bought the Mindbenders books for $9.99. They completed the A levels in a week. That's expensive for how much time your child will spend on it. If you want more bang for your buck with this company, get Building Thinking Skills and work through that series. It is expensive!! However, I broke up the program into two years so I was not spending as much as I did. Just my $.02. Blessings to you in your homeschooling journey! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  6. My older son's violin teacher wants to teach him over the summer. I don't have the money this year because we are going away and I joined my town's lake association. We live across the street from it and so, we avoided it for 10 years. Hopefully, the lake will go well. We went to the Memorial Day beach party. It was nice. So, we will splash around in our lake. I need to pray about finding a piano teacher. I need the Lord's direction on this one because it seems as if the going rate for teachers is $60 an hour.:eek: I really have to figure out what God wants for my children in terms of the piano. I know that I want my sons to read over the summer and do math. I am adding Spanish this year. So, swimming, reading, and a cruise are what we are looking to do so far. I forgot! I order the material from the National Bible Bee. We will study the Bible over the summer using the Bible Bee materials. Blessings, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  7. My WAR report is up. WAR stands for Writing, Arithmetic, and Reading. So, I have that mixed up. You can read my WAR report here. I am overwhelmed because I put my older son in the 8th grade graduation program. It will occur next week Tuesday. This week the 8th graders had their overnight retreat. We'll see what happened. Thank you to all who read. Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  8. switch the programs. My sixth grader is not getting grammar either. I put him in KISS grammar. I am doing it as a hold over until next year. I would recommend it for two reasons: 1. It is free. 2. It teaches grammar using literature. I ditched Rod and Staff. I found Simply Grammar for my younger son which I purchased for next year. My older son had no problems with Rod and Staff, but it is just not working the same way for my younger son. Blessings in your homeschooling journey! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  9. You will find mine here. Thank you to all who read! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  10. I want to know too. I did not get a sense from any of the posts what the difference was. Maybe I missed it. I did math so differently when I was in high school. I remember taking Algebra in 8th grade and Geometry in 9th grade. I remember taking Calculus in 12th grade, but I don't remember what I did for 11th grade. I never remember Algebra 1 and 2 in high school. Is Algebra 2 actually another math that is being called Algebra 2. So, what is trig and pre-calc the same or is there a difference? Thank you so much for those who answer! Blessings, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  11. Mine is up. You can see it here. Thank you to all who read! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  12. I want to be honest. I hate it when homeschoolers say that they are behind. And you are new to home schooling and you are stating that you are behind. You just started. Why put that kind of pressure on yourself? I want you to realize that you need to sit down and think about what your goals are in home schooling. Why did you decide to home school? Reading the Well Trained Mind is good, but see it as a guide. I want to tell you that not every student will be a Susan Wise Bauer and not every mom can be a Jessie Wise. When my husband read the book, after the first few chapters, he said, "this is not our children." The most important thing that I want to do in home schooling is instill a love of learning. Pressuring the children to get "caught up" does not do that, but then again that may not be your goal. Your children are coming out of public school. Maybe your first goal could be to get them use to learning at home. It is called "deschooling." How about finding books for the children to read and how they can relate to the text that they read? There is another book that is great for home schooler to read called the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell. I always thought that our focus in homeschooling should be upon our child and what are his needs, where are his weaknesses and strengths, and how to build up the weakness and capitalize on the strengths. It is not to compare your children to other children even though that is hard not to do. You must look at where your child is and where you want them to be and what steps to take in order to get there. Finally, do you know how your children learn and what are their learning styles? do you know your own? Those are very important information to know in order to help you to pick a curriculum that will help you to teach it and your child to understand it. Blessings in your homeschooling journey! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  13. I personally think that you should go with what she loves. I am having my boys learn Spanish. The major reason is my mother-in-law speaks Spanish. Just to tell you, I look at my younger sister's experience and I prefer to follow her. She took Spanish in high school. I took Latin. She never took Latin and became a medical doctor. I took Latin and never became a doctor. While she was in residency, a woman came into the ER who spoke only Spanish. No one else could speak to her, but my sister. I remember she said that she really felt that she helped someone that day. She helped others because she knew Spanish. I can teach my children Latin. That's about it with Latin. I have a strong preference for Spanish. I have a myriad of reasons which I only touch on one, but if your daughter loves German, then go with it! By the way, Spanish is not easy. No language is easy unless you took Latin first. Spanish seems to be the closest to Latin. So, having the Latin background helps tremendously for Spanish. Blessings in your homeschooling journey! Sincerely, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  14. I want to know. Inquiring minds want to know... :bigear: Blessings, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/testimony
  15. Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Biology and Pre-Algebra Economics Blessings, Karen http://www.homeschoolblogger.com
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