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    All items from pet and smoke free home. Shipping included. 1. Singapore math 1A instructor guide and text, 1B text $20 for all 3 US editions 2. Daily Grammar Practice Workbook and TE grade 7 $15 3. IEW Medieval History Lessons Student Book $19 SOLD 4. Exploring Creation with General Science First Edition Hardcover NEW with solutions and test book $22 5. Our Mother Tongue -guide to English used in CC $10 6. Saxon 5/4 student book(some pencil and few taped pages-nothing major, Solutions manual, test book with some pages missing(tests 2-5 for sure) only $25 for the set anyway! 7. CHOW hardcover book, workbook, lesson book set $33 Children's History of the World 8 WWE Strong Fundamentals hardback $8 9. Phonics Road 1 $50 for the set(TM, student notebook, laminated cards, clipboard, DVDs) 10. Teaching Textbooks 3-second edition (discs, student book, answer key) $65 PENDING 11. Teaching Textbooks 4-second edition (discs, student book, answer key) $65 12. IEW Student Writing Intensive A- Notebook and discs $50 13. What Your Preschooler Needs to Know, by Hirsch. Book 2 of the activity books will be added for free as some of the activities are missing. $10 14. Elemental Science Intro to Science Set: Teacher book and More Mudpies to Magnets book. $18 set 15. Core Knowledge What You Kindergartner Needs to Know Set. Book, teacher handbook, Instructional masters $50 as seen here 16. Art Adventures at Home- Level 1 for early elem grades. Comes with book and art prints. $12 17. Writing Tales 2 Teacher Book $20-retails for over $30 18. Hakim Story of Science Student and Teacher Quest guides for Aristotle. $30 (first 6 pages of Aristotle student book written in pencil) More to come! If you are looking for something please ask!


  2. While I am late in this I will add my two cents. CC is a rip off. Get yourself the app and the books "What you need to know about _____ homework" and that covers Foundations. LITERALLY word for word and in order. I truly think they stole their content from these books. Also, As an atheist, I am excluded from tutoring even though some of the tutors they hire suck but meet their "standards". They also discriminate. If you do not have ALL of your kids in their program you cannot tutor. So essentially you must drink the Koolaid if you want in. I am staying this year because my friend is the Foundations director. I will not go again EVER. The Challenge programs box the kids in so much that there is little time for any other real literature that truly grabs them. Sorry is this sounds bitter but I really feel like I wasted my money this year on what others have correctly referred to as a fad. It could be a good program but it is the most poorly run company out there. They have no control over what goes on. We have one of the main people in a campus near us(friends with Leigh) and they live above the law and do as they please.
  3. delaney

    Teaching Textbooks Grade 7 Disc Set


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    This is the disc set only from a non-smoking home. $85 ppd


  4. delaney

    Trisms History Makers Set $55 Ppd


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    Student Book, Teacher Guide(answer key), and Student Pack Non-smoking home $55 ppd


  5. delaney

    Fiar Volume 1


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    From non-smoking home. $23ppd



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    Answer Key, Student Pack, Student Book. No pets and non-smoking home. Please pm me. Thanks!


  7. delaney

    Writing With Skill 1 Set


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    Both books excellent from non-smoking and pet free home. Retails at about $60-asking $45 ppd-they are heavy. Reduced to $40 for the set.


  8. delaney

    Ask an atheist

    Prime example. We are backstage at a dance recital and two super religious girls decide what a great idea it would be to all join hands and do a prayer circle. So they start "lord, jesus christ, bless us this day......." Okay now wait. First they are assuming that everyone there believes in both without asking. Why? Because they have been trained to believe that they are right and everyone MUST believe the way they do. Did they even pause to try and make it general? No. My girls just rolled their eyes. Anyone not christian would be offended by this and I was. It was not a religious venue or event. Keep it to yourself.

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    Both like new. Smoke and pet free home. Retail $31-asking $23ppd


  10. Yes. With kale on the hook
  11. I agree with Bill that some of the book choices are just absurd. Really quite useless in terms of life today. Like Moby Dick. Would be great to say you have read it but...why? So you can discuss it over lunch? Most people haven't read it because it really is boring, long, and tedious. Sometimes the idea of the perfect education is not what the kids will like. Just my 2 cents
  12. Thanks for the friending! :)

  13. delaney

    Easy Peasy

    I only use it as a supplement. There are tons of links to things like music, poetry, logic games.....but as a true curriculum probably not. But it is free and she is sharing it so I pull what I think the kids will like.
  14. I got the same impression. I was looking for somewhere to go after PR1 since I no longer like it but wanted something similar in the way they teach parts and sounds to memorize. I was looking at Jot it Down but unsure if I need to buy Bravewrite right now and where to put my 3rd grader who really loves to write.

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    This includes everything in the set. The student pages have been used for some of the parts but are easily duplicated on notebook paper. All building codes are clean. Some of the Benjamin West pages have been used. We did not use the Robert Fulton pages because I did not get the book(not included on bundle). All CDs are clean Asking $110(4 binders so will be heavy). Please respond or pm me! THanks If you just want the TM I will sell for $75ppd. (with Benjamin West book)-the replacement student pack is $75 so it will still be a huge savings


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