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  1. Can your husband BBQ? He can learn if he doesn't, he can cook extra when he BBQs, then the extra can be used in tacos, burritos, soups, stir fry, etc. Rice freezes well, you could make extra rice. My husband now cooks a lot of things but he used to make only basics like Spaghetti and BBQ when we were first married. I used to do most of the cooking but now that he's retired and working part time from home, he cooks most nights, he enjoys cooking. Thanks to Covid, he learned to make lasagne! They were the only noodles left in the store a while ago, now he enjoys making it.
  2. The best explanation and test prep ideas are in the ACT black book. You need the exams from online or from the separate red book. Much more focused and helpful than you average prep book. My daughter gained 4 points in English on the ACT from the explanations in their book with just about an hour of work! (Some strange rules grammar rules they have, especially what they call comma sandwiches.) We had used other prep books with minimal impact, this one was the most helpful. She had already done the practice tests and was just studying form their explanations on questions missed. Longer term, I like the PrepScholar for studying, but with only a month, practice tests and the black book. There is a SAT black book as well that is also well worth the $.
  3. Interferon is a lot more nasty than HCQ. I know several people that took interferon, they fared horribly (but it worked for what they were using it for, but all kinds of horrible side effects.) I have known probably 100+ people taking HCQ for a few weeks to a month (Air Force deployments). No one ever had any major problems, a few of those 100+ had mild stomach/bathroom issues.
  4. If you are low, 2,000 a day is not enough. You need at least 4,000 a day to build up. I have food allergy issues, I have to take mine weekly. 50,000 per week for buildup, my regular doctor thought 15,000 per week to maintain, but I need 30,000 per week to maintain, I don't think I absorb things as well with my allergy issues, it's variable how much you need. Daily is better but if you're going to forget, weekly works almost as well. Or, put in a pill box, if you forget one day, take double the next day, make sure you use up the week's ration. It's important for so many things, you don't want to be low. Sun is good right now, though, too! It is probably more efficient than from pills for him right now. Solar noon, no sunscreen, wear just shorts, start at 10 minutes a day, build up to 20, you don't want to burn. I have to supplement more in peak summer, I don't tolerate heat well anymore with my allergies, I get heat activated allergy problems, I can only get D from the sun in Spring and late summer when it's cooler.
  5. The UW is actually doing a study with The Gates Foundation based on promising drugs, one of them is Hydroxychloroquine!
  6. I am allergic to practically everything. I get a bit of sun to get some vitamin D, then wear a hat. Get a few different ones and find one that is comfortable and has a lot of shade. I have several that also fold up nicely for easy travel.
  7. There are some other summary articles out there, here is one for nursing homes, more if you google things like "Covid nursing home deaths by state percentage": Marshall Project is tracking prison numbers:
  8. If you're really worried, bring fixings to make PB & J and fruit. Or, MREs!! I would worry more about touching the wrappers and dishes from carry out than any actual food ordered, bring your own plates and bring water to wash with and hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes.
  9. Thanks! I've read a few of her other books, she is fascinating.
  10. He improved his score 150 points on his practice tests with 69 study hours on the SAT online program, we did a bit every school day, started in October, finishing up this month. We aimed for 1/2 hour per day spent on the program, some weeks he met that, some weeks a bit more, some weeks a bit less. We probably spent 15 to 20 hours offline working on things that came up as needing more review than the program provided as well--it is meant for someone who has done more math than he had, so we had to go more in depth offline into Algebra 2 and Trig topics he was interested to learn but hadn't covered yet. We haven't taken a practice test for a month or so, he could probably score about 20 points higher on math right now based on our current review of missed math problems on the first 3 practice tests. It was a good way to review algebra while taking Geometry, provided more motivation than just random review.
  11. What type of percentages have they been seeing in your area? Are they reporting that?
  12. Here is a doctor recommending vitamin D if you have anyone you haven't convinced yet and they will only listen to a doctor. Her video is just under 5 minutes and is easy to follow.
  13. Prepscholar has been helpful for my son. Online, self paced, nice nagging to keep you going, improved his score. We used it the whole school year, finishing up with it currently. $397.
  14. We moved to an area that has little lawn eating bugs called billbugs. A fair amount of our lawn was eaten before locals told us about the problem. They are easily killed, though, and all the local lawn stores have what you need to take care of them.
  15. I just took an average around the middle of each state and sorted by latitude, they are not perfect but are a general order of latitude. Most states are a lot smaller than Texas so their average latitude is closer to what most people in the state will experience. But, except for a tiny sliver, all of Texas is below the 37th parallel where you can make Vitamin D easily. Interestingly, N France has Vitamin D levels of 43 nmol/L, S France 80 nmol/L, most of France's deaths were in the North.
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