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  1. "From a translational perspective, our results may have relevant implications: it might be more effective to learn declarative material, like vocabulary words, in the afternoon and to train procedural skills, such as those required for music or sports, in the evening. Remarkably, training in the evening, compared to training in the afternoon, resulted in a significantly elevated gain in motor performance not only 24 hrs after initial training, but also at follow-up after one week. As noted earlier, our declarative findings appear less robust and should be interpreted with caution. Together, ou
  2. I'm not sure if later in the day is better or not for someone who no longer need a nap, interesting question. Either time, it is best to teach in the most optimal way for how the brain best learns the information, but could be even more efficient at different times--or maybe after getting a good night's sleep. I'm not sure how much research there is about sleep consolidation and learning, I'm sure there is some stuff, would be interesting to look into. I do know that there is research for recess and breaks. I've seen it with my group classes. One day the elementary students in our g
  3. Free phonemic awareness test from Dr. Kilpatrick: https://www.thepasttest.com I would work through my syllables lessons, phonics to a 12th grade level, nonsense words to help stop guessing. Do the MWIA 3, if slowdown is more than 30% or miss more than 1 phonetic word, stop doing all outside reading for a month and do extra nonsense words daily. Syllables lessons: http://thephonicspage.org/On Reading/syllablesspellsu.html MWIA 3: http://www.thephonicspage.org/On Reading/Resources/The MWIA Version 3 new.pdf LOE essentials lite online is currently free, you coul
  4. I went back and looked at scores--with about 1 hour of study, the Black Book hints in English took my daughter from a 21 to a 31, and allowed her to place out of two English classes (saves time, but not $, she has a ton of classes she wants to take, she wants to get at least one minor.) Her overall score after study also got her a merit scholarship. We didn't do test prep until late, she probably could have got another $2,000 a semester if we started sooner, we have started test prep sooner with my son. (She was also sick on the 21 test day, the true score raise is maybe 4 to 6 points, she was
  5. Dehaene's tweet: Reading acquisition: A recent study confirms that mirror confusions can be a significant hurdle in first grade, and suggests that a targeted intervention, including multisensory training and naps, can make a big difference. Sleep promotes consolidation! article: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982220317425
  6. Most college accept CLEP classes as well, modern states has funding and some courses to help prepare. Even without funding, much cheaper than a class at a college. https://modernstates.org Find out which classes are accepted and what score is needed at the colleges you are considering. I agree with several posters that a course for ACT/SAT is worth the $ for that score. My son did well with Prep Scholar's SAT course, they also have an ACT course. My son does better with the SAT, my daughter did better with the ACT, it can be different which test will be easier to score well
  7. It's probably better for all not to for spelling reasons. I read widely and used to be a poor speller before learning phonics rules. I am now a much better speller but have trouble with words that have an English and American spelling, I never know which to use. (Gray/grey, center/centre etc.) The endings not used in native English words are i, u, v, j. There are a lot of foreign words with i and u endings.
  8. If you feed things into google translate a paragraph or two at a time, it spits out reasonable translations.
  9. A lot of the websites I link to have are no longer active, either, it's always sad. The larger ones usually have an archived version available through internet archive. Here is one snapshot. If it doesn't have the link you need, go to internet archive, type in the website, and try other dates and times. https://web.archive.org/web/20170615011524/http://www.dorbooks.com/
  10. I have a stock of nonsense words for you! A game that makes them, you can choose beginning and endings you need to work on. http://thephonicspage.org/On Phonics/concentrationgam.html My syllables lessons use nonsense words, you could work through the first 5 or 6 or 7, after that stop or give a bunch of help, they're designed for older children. http://thephonicspage.org/On Reading/syllablesspellsu.html I've never had a student who confused h and f, although they are visually similar. You can also use an all uppercase program for a while, write whatever you're studying
  11. Yes, I'm a big fan of nonsense words. They are even more important for remedial students who guess real words based on balanced literacy teaching methods that encourage guessing. It is important to make sure they follow English rules, for example English words don't end in v. I have pages of them! My syllables program uses them. http://thephonicspage.org/On Reading/syllablesspellsu.html Also, extra words: http://www.thephonicspage.org/On Reading/Resources/ExtraNonsenseWords.pdf The book We All Can Read uses a bunch of nonsense word sentences as well. htt
  12. Yes, I'm wondering about the specific requirements for UC schools. They would likely not use a charter school, but if needed for UC schools they would.
  13. This site is so hard to search! I know I've seen the answer before, hoping to be able to get info quick. We know someone who may need to finish out the rest of a child's high school as homeschool, they are in CA. Currently senior year in high school. Thanks!
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