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  1. Emmeril's chicken and andouille gumbo is one of the best basic authentic recipes. I make roux to look like a rich dark hot chocolate and like to say it requires something to sip on between stirs... stir too much and your flour will never brown... stir too little and you'll burn it... so stir, sip, sip, stir... I like to grill the sausage and chicken first over a charcoal fire... because I think that smoky flavor is the best in a gumbo.
  2. Yes to all of this. I've told DH I want to move to the mountains or the beach because I need the expanse of mountains or the horizon to put me in my place. We live in the south and all I can see in the distance is my neighbor's Subaru. Sigh.
  3. I wanted to speak to two things... Esolen is brilliant. And I cannot stand him on social media. But there's a quiet place in him, evidently, from which he speaks of dogs and playing children and humanity, and I actually like THAT Esolen very much. That's the guy who shows up in this book. Not trying to convince you, but I too groaned at first when I saw his name... and then I was very pleasantly surprised. Doodlebug
  4. From the Forward by Esolen: "The art of rhetoric, the third course of the Trivium, is not for political gain, as the Sophists of ancient Greece once boasted that they could teach young men to sway the democratic assemblies whichever way they would. It is for the attractive showing of truth; it wins for truth with eloquence and beauty, and the love-born wish to bring others into communion with those who see that truth." That truth exists, not as a power to grasp hold of, but as a beauty to draw close to... It brings tears. Doodlebug
  5. I haven't read all the responses, and I'm hesitant to share my experience because I know how it would've sounded to me when I was frustrated and hard-up for ideas to keep DS engaged. If it's helpful, great! If not, ignore. 😉 The short of it... I recognized at around 8-9 that my DS needed very specific limits on screens and the cue for that was unmoderated behavior during his free no-screen time. We did massive revisions on our media -- scaled back to video games once a week--yikes! My inner 13 year old cried "hypocrite!" LOL! But DS required a hard break between screen session
  6. Count me as clueless that people do this sort of thing. I am incredibly sorry this happened, OP, and for whatever fall-out this created for you both here on the board and emotionally (talk about feeling personal!).
  7. I would appreciate a PM as well. I am curious, but am mostly concerned about my lack of awareness and assumption of anonymity. I probably need to shore up my own understanding on this topic. Thanks!
  8. I think DS is going to rally. It's just me looking at that grade and needing to separate myself from it. Ah the travails of a home educator!
  9. We are facing the same issue this week. I test in three subjects. Latin is one of them and happens to be a strength for DS. However, he bombed a test this morning because he did not give his weekly work the kind of attention it required. So the grade stands. (I do drop the lowest test score of the semester.) Before our semester began, I determined that accountability in Latin would be driven by weekly tests. DS knows what Latin requires and we're at the point in the semester where the easy As aren't just gonna happen by banking on what he already knows. ETA: This is my first s
  10. Those bows and that sound... some lovely period instrumental work!
  11. I won't share all, because it would be too many details for my own comfort. 🙂 But the story in its entirety still takes my breath away... In 2004, after many many health hurdles for DH, we were finally ready to face the issue of our infertility. There were many bumps and false starts along the way, but I conceived in our first embryo transfer. We were so elated to have good news!!! However, my second blood test revealed stagnant HCG numbers. Several weeks later, when no fetal pole or heart beat developed, I was taken off all the hormones and went through the miscarriage process.
  12. As someone who has already navigated meno (early), I just wanted to say that yes... that inner irrational rage is incredibly familiar. However, as I read your post I recognized a lot of my own feelings (introvert) which are stemming mostly from the changes in our home since covid. DH now works from home. DS is at home without social activities. That means a steady dose of "Mom/ Hon, where do we keep the _____? " Love them, and... 👿 And then, there are my friends who are all at differing levels of political and masking reasonableness -- they aren't a harbor of comfort for me right now.
  13. Same. I saw the refund on Friday, just AFTER we returned home from the OMV to get the ID to get him into the test. Sigh. He's been putting in 30-45 minutes a day for 6 weeks, so I'm really bummed for him. We signed up for September's test, but who knows.
  14. The spring is over and that semester is now closed out. That's clear to me. However, if this is normally a dependable family, you may choose to ask if there was a crisis in the spring which prevented them from responding to your emails, just to be kind. I did have one family ask for a refund in the spring, despite the options I offered. I was happy to honor a prorated refund in the spring. But I would not offer one at this late date now that I've closed out my invoices. Do you have an agreement for parents to sign this semester re pandemic related transitions? The spring was
  15. I don't know. As in my case with the notary form, it might work. It might not. But personally speaking, that murkiness isn't worth us losing the testing seat, so we'll get the state ID which solves the current problem and satisfies all future id issues.
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