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  1. We got a tiny bit for our rat when we had rats, it was injected. The vet didn't charge us for the ivermectin, just the visit. He said it was 1/100 of the normal dose for a dog, which was already cheap. He said they made vats and vats of it in cow county.
  2. Vets use a ton of it. I didn't realize it had human use as well. So, if it works, I would think there would be supply.
  3. It looks like they are getting some of the rapid tests and people are aware of their vulnerability and trying to make plans to help.
  4. North Dakota has 3 deaths, 186 positive tests, 6021 negatives. South Dakota has 2 deaths, 212 positive tests, 5012 negatives. With numbers this low, you can do contact tracing and quarantine contacts. I think Idaho is still doing contact tracing and quarantining, even with 1,000 cases and 10 deaths, they have the state divided into several different health districts with the ability to contact trace; the 1,000 cases is from the beginning, so there are not too many new cases if you keep up and each health district does a few.
  5. As of Monday afternoon, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas have no mandatory shelter-in-place directives at the city or state level. The Dakotas and Nebraska have very few people per square mile and very few deaths from Coronavirus. Outside of Little Rock and the surrounding area, most of Arkansas is very rural. Nevada and Iowa are probably similar, rural except for a limited city or cities. The Dakotas have about 10 people per square mile on average. ETA: I see that Nevada has since dropped off the list, I found an older article.
  6. “In 2011, after the H1N1 pandemic ended, we had to lay off 150 people,” he recalls. “One hundred fifty people that saved a lot of hospitals from closing their doors were rewarded by losing their jobs. And that's not going to happen again.” Full article (there was another similar one I couldn't find that said that the masks were about 5x more expensive to make in the US than in China.) ETA: It also talks about them ramping up production, although the other more recent article I couldn't find talks about it more.
  7. I have been reading for weeks about various European countries taking each other's shipments of PPE at borders. The worst one, to me, was Germany supposedly stealing a shipment paid for by Italy when Italy was at the worst of their crisis and Germany was well off, infection wise. I'm not sure how much of it is true and how much is export controls to preserve their own supply with huge global demand. The reporting may be biased and inflammatory as well. I didn't link any of the stories since I wasn't sure of their accuracy or sourcing, but I saw dozens of stories along these lines involving several different countries. I think in the future every country will want to make sure they have local manufacturing for this essentials, because there are obviously problems when huge global demand hits at once and everyone is trying to look out for their own country's interest. (Although people tend to forget after a few years...)
  8. My daughter watches movies with her friends over can chat about them while watching over discord, and also talk after. You can also all cook your own tacos and eat them together. Directions for watching a movie on discord:
  9. Ham or meatballs in crockpots with sides. Lasagna noodles are often left on the shelves when other pasta is gone. Lasagna is a pain to make and expensive for that many people, but you could break up the noodles and make a spaghetti type meal with lasagna noodles, the kids could help break up the noodles. Frozen burgers can be turned into taco meat or just do burgers, those were plentiful at our store.
  10. It should be theorem not theorum. I didn't notice it myself, usually spelling and grammar errors jump out at me.
  11. Not in the family, but, a literacy tutor teaching a class I went to in 1995 was named Dorcas, she was a sweet old lady in her 90's. A student in the class asked if she got made fun of her for her name. She replied, "No, why would I, it's a fine Biblical name." He said something along the lines of "well, I just wondered, it's an unusual name." (No one told her!)
  12. Bertha and Ulysses. My brother used to joke that that was what he would name future children. (He picked a normal name.)
  13. Locally, a restaurant that is open for take out started selling commercial tp and a few other commercial products in demand. You could call a few restaurants and see if they could start a similar service.
  14. I sent just the picture to my husband and he told me the math is actually 4.24, not 4 and that they also had a spelling error!!
  15. At the northern latitudes, even if you go outside, you are not making vitamin D yet. Your skin only makes vitamin D when the sun angle is 50 degrees or higher. For northern latitudes, that is starting to happen around April, and only for a few minutes around solar noon each day...the amount of time around solar noon increases daily until the summer equinox. People in California can make vitamin D now, much of the northern part of the United States is just starting to enter a time when they can make vitamin D. Also, you need to have a lot of skin exposed to make significant amounts, and the older you are, the less efficient your body is at making vitamin D from the sun.
  16. Forget toilet paper, you can't buy chickens!!
  17. Yes, my oldest. She had planned a small party with a few friends; one has the same birthday but is a year older. They all ordered pizza separately and ate it together and chatted on discord. Grandparents came over and stayed 10 feet away outside and dropped off gifts. I bought llama cupcakes, individually wrapped, and put them out on the porch for friends and grandparents to eat--I dumped them out, so no one touched them. (This is what they look like, they are cheaper at Walmart.) She was a good sport about it.
  18. You could wear a thin bandana or thin cloth mask over your mask.
  19. We need to have a separate thread urging people to spread these jobs applications online, and how critical they are! I'm sure if people knew, they would be applying in droves. Maybe local hotels could host people coming in from out of state for these jobs, with reduced rates and a go fund me or something to pay for their housing and food.
  20. Amazon should have all that, with pictures and star ratings.
  21. There is a nice map on this thread started by @Margaret in CO:
  22. Yes. Park city is right next door to Salt Lake City, but there is a mostly empty county (sheep, a few small towns, and Mountain Home Air Force Base) between Blaine County and Boise, so it's a longer transit for critical patients. There are no cases in the empty county, but I'm not sure how people on bases are being reported to their states, or if they are separate and just counted by the military. It is a 2 hour 40 minute drive from Sun Valley to Boise. You have to drive around the mountains, though, a flight would be much quicker than would be expected by the drive time. A lot of people from Mountain Home come into Boise for shopping and (normally) sports activities. But, the county with Boise is still low percentage wise, 92 cases, about 457,000 population. (Boise is about 226,000 of that.)
  23. Bars, Restaurants Tackle Coronavirus Closings With To-Go Drinks And Bottled Cocktails I saw a funny twitter post: 1920: Alcohol is prohibited. 2020: Liquor stores are an essential business during a national health crisis
  24. Blaine county, Idaho is 517 per 100K. 114 cases, 22,024 population. (Ski resort county in Idaho) Summit County, Utah is 328 per 100K. 135 cases, 41,106 population. (Ski resort county in Utah)
  25. It would have been better if it wasn't close to a presidential election, but there still would have been a few political problems.
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