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  1. That's his favorite thing to do, perch on the back of the couch or a chair. :)) Glad you enjoyed.

  2. My 2yo & I loved your dog pictures! Snickers has quite the perch! :)

  3. :lol::lol::lol: When we moved in here we inherited the moose head that great gpa had shot back in the '40's. It was mammoth. Was. Yes, I asked my hunter Uncle if he might be interested. He came the next day with a trailer. He was thrilled. His wife was not. :auto:
  4. 1. Workboxes for each child. Put in order of how their day should go and a pencil in each drawer. 2. Making a Course of Study for each kid each year 3. A daily check list for each, and a lesson planner for mom for each, and a count down to the end of the year wall chart to keep them motivated. 4. Something we just started this summer that's working well. Each of my older three wash their own dishes for bfast & lunch, by hand, and when the dish rack is full I ask one of them to put stuff away. It's far smaller amount than the dishwasher. And there's never any dirty dishes lying around! I clean up after the younger 2 for now. Dishes are no longer piling up and it only takes 5 minutes to put them away. Everyone's commented about not wanting to use the dishwasher anymore. 5. Daily quiet/nap time after lunch. We all read or take a nap. It's refreshing and recharging. The kids ask for that time now.
  5. Family is there too. Green Bay is lovely, GO Packers!
  6. Whew were in town over the holiday weekend scoping out the next move and we're focusing on West Salem instead.
  7. Howdy! I think we've spoken before. . . sorry for the repeat questions if so. Our move to LaCrosse (Holmen) is coming in 2001 I think or early 2012. Are there homeschool groups or contacts you could direct me to? Thanks! CalicoKat
  8. Merry Christmas to you too!

  9. Way too cute cartoo. Thanks. Hope ou had a great holiday too.

  10. you sound just like me!!! I've got major arthritis and I "rust" when I get too cold. :) It was a really good day, the baby even took a 2nd nap. They all finished their school work by noon. We were able to spend time in the sewing room being crafty. And best of all--dinnner is in the oven. :)

  11. :) the girls and I stained the inside & outside of our new (huge) backyard fence. It took us 8 hours and we all loved doing it. I'd rather be doing that kind of work too. Today is a better day for me physically and that makes a huge difference for us all. The kids are working hard and I've got a bit more hope today that I can do this again. We implemented a new way to do chores around here and after a couple days I'm noticing that the kids appear to be taking some ownership rather than trying to run away from their chores. Realistically I know the ups and followed by downs. Today is up and I'm glad.

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