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I'm so proud I could burst!!!! (MAJOR brag alert!)

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My ds14 has been taking classes at the local Community College for two semesters. He just finished his Chemistry class today. He finished with the highest average in the class - 108!!!! He keeps his 4.0 overall average!


This is the child who, until he hit 10 or so, was SO difficult to homeschool. He fought me every step of the way. He's on the autism spectrum and that just magnified his issues. Anyway, I don't know what made the difference, but he has become SO easy! He decided he didn't want to waste his time in a CC class taking trig or pre-calc, so he's teaching himself. He'll take calculus at the CC in the fall. it's been so much fun watching him find his passions (math and science) and follow them!

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Thanks all!!! He is VERY proud of himself! But, he's being very humble about it. During the class, after the professor left, the kids were all talking and one pipes up, "So, who was it that got the highest grade on that last test?" Ds didn't speak up, but someone pointed to him and said, "I bet it's him!!" Ds said that it was. Then, the kids says, "Wait. How old are you?" Ds answered and they wouldn't believe him. They asked to see his driver's license! Ds laughed and said he'd show them his learner's permit, but he doesn't get it for another 2 months!! Then they went on to ask him all about homeschooling and how it worked, etc. I wish I could've been there!!!


Wow! How EXCITING, Jennifer! How IMPRESSIVE!!! I look forward to your updates telling us what he's deciding to do with his future!


He's known since he was about 10. He wants to be a rocket scientist - literally. He wants to study propulsion engineering, specifically. He's already building rockets that are 8 feet tall. One broke the sound barrier (not the 8 ft. one!). One went over a mile high! He's starting to dabble in building his own engines - under very careful supervision of some men who have been doing this for years. He also makes his own igniters for the rockets. Legally, he can't sell them, so he trades them for rocket engines.


Anyway, I could go on and on. But, I am very proud!!!!

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