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  1. Good Morning🌺 Coffee and yogurt Church Shopping Pick up dog from boarding Pack up and head out of town until Thursday
  2. DD did her undergrad, SLP, at JMU. The cost of living will be much cheaper then U of M. Unless there is a professor she really wants to work with or another very compelling reason to go to U of M, I’d encourage the less expensive option. Our DD thought briefly of applying to grad school there. Once she looked at the cost, commute time etc, she didn’t even bother. Good luck with the decision.🌺
  3. Good Morning🌺 Up since 4:30am😕Out of bed at 5:30am Enjoy a cup of coffee before rest of guests get up Shower Attend 10am wedding with bunch afterwards Pack up for our trip out of town tomorrow, after church Graze for dinner Relax
  4. This has made my day🌺 Thank you for sharing this❤️
  5. Good Morning Everyone🌺 Coffee and yogurt Go for morning walk Tidy up house while waiting for friends to arrive. They are staying overnight for a wedding we all attend tomorrow Go out to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch/dinner with friends Relax Pick up sandwiches if people insist on eating again😜 Relax with an adult beverage🍷
  6. We live in NOVA and and the cost at a cage free boarding facility is $54 a day. I’d probably pay around $25-30 a day. If he does a great job and you ask him to do it again, I’d definitely pay $30.
  7. I don’t agree with it being false pride if you are referring to the situation I shared, but yes, to each his own. Have a wonderful day🌺
  8. One could say many men, of that age, have a sense of pride in providing for their families. Agreeing to accept an interest free loan from a parent, when it was possible to secure a loan through another means, does not fit many people’s ideas of a man of that age. My neighbors have a son with special needs, who attends a very pricy private school. His wife has shared that her in-laws, who are very wealthy, have offered to pay for his private school. Her DH declines each year saying it’s his responsibility to provide for his family. JMHO🌺
  9. I try to be an encouragement to the parents of young children that I come in contact with. This can be something as complementing a parent of their child’s behavior in church, store or elsewhere. Most of all, I try to let the love of Christ shine through me in all I say or do. No, I fail each and every day, but God’s mercy is also new each day🙏🏻
  10. Good Morning🌺 Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Out to brunch with DD and SIL, who arrived last night Go for mani and pedi Relax while waiting for oldest DD to get off from work Get take out because I’m not cooking the whole time they’re here😎
  11. Good Morning Everyone😊 Coffee and yogurt Take morning walk Make oatmeal cookies and rice crispy treats for company coming on Friday Go to gym with DH Make dinner😊It’s salmon night🎉🎉🎉 Relax while waiting for DD and SIL to arrive from CA. SIL’s sister is getting married in the area and they are staying with us.
  12. The prep is the worst😕My last two have been the virtual one but rethinking when the next time comes around.
  13. I’d put it towards the car loan. I hate debt.
  14. Then I’d probably sell the Eclipse and put the money toward the vehicle you want paid off sooner. I’m sure your dad would understand🌺
  15. I would have mentioned this to the flight attendants. DH and I are flying SW soon. We paid extra so we could board earlier. I’ll be upset if I saw this taking place.
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