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  1. Yes, I agree. DH is now a retired LCMS chaplain/pastor😊
  2. Having a “calling” to the ministry is probably something you would hear from church workers in certain Protestant denominations. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod(LCMS) and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod(WELS) come to mind. DH felt called to the ministry when he was in high school.
  3. DH would prefer hardwood on the stairs, landing area and upstairs bedrooms. We have hardwood in the main living areas, office, kitchen and porcelain tile in the basement. Then, we got a dog🙄 Now, he doesn’t want to change it out because it would be too hard for the poor dog😳 Anyway, we have still have carpet in the above areas but the dog is only allowed upstairs when we go to bed. The previous owners did install a high grade carpet and we have it professionally cleaned yearly.
  4. I’m sorry you were disappointed😕 Any planning for birthdays, holidays, etc is always on me. DH does remember my birthday but usually the conversation goes like this, “What would you like to do on your birthday.” Sometimes, it would be nice if he planned something but after 35 years of marriage, I doubt that is going to happen. DH is a great guy on so many levels. I’ve decided to let it go🌺
  5. Yes, you would line up and they would let people in. I know, hard to believe. They memory is clear to me because we took my BIL and SIL on some freezing day in December. We had to wait outside as we waited our turn to go in.
  6. Lasagna or chicken tetrazzini are my go to dishes. They can be made ahead and I make a salad along with some garlic bread.
  7. We were living here too. There was no bag check for the museums and you could visit the halls of Congress and the White House without being in a tour. I also remember parking by the back of the Jefferson Memorial and walking there. It’s now barricaded, with no parking available.
  8. I’m so sorry for your loss😢No, I don’t walk in the wooded areas around our housing area.
  9. I remember going to all the sites in DC without security😢
  10. My DH was active duty military and we were living in Falls Church, VA about 10 miles from the Pentagon. Our daughters were attending a Lutheran school in Arlington, VA, about 4 miles from the Pentagon. I had dropped them off at school and I was in my driveway washing my car, listening to the local news. As the news about a plane hitting one of the Towers, I kept washing my car, not quite sure what was happening. As the next plane hit, I new this was no longer an accident but I kept washing my car😳 Then they announced that a plane had hit the Pentagon and I started to hear the sirens going down highway 50, they just kept going and going. I thought for a moment, I should go get my daughters but they asked people to stay off the roads. I called the school and was told it was my decision to come or not. I didnt go and it’s a decision I still regret. A neighbor came over and asked me if I’d heard from DH. I said confidently, he doesn’t work at the Pentagon but the Navy Annex. Many people never heard of it so I would just say, he worked close to the Pentagon. As I drove to school to pick up our daughters, police were everywhere. I started crying for all that was lost, loved ones who would never get a chance to pick up their kids. I cried for my kids, their innocence shattered, life would never be the same. I went into school to get my kids and I could see both had been crying. My youngest said, “Why didn’t you come get us?” I tried to explain but it was no use. As we drove home, they asked about their Dad. I hadn’t heard from him yet but reassured them he was fine. DH finally checked in around 5pm but said he didn’t know when he would be home. Only later did he tell me that he was in the Pentagon for a meeting that morning. He walked back to the Navy Annex, walked inside, then the plane hit. He and several others rushed back to the Pentagon to help with stretchers but their were no bodies for them to carry😢Each year on 9-11, I can still hear my daughter’s voice, “Why didn’t you come and get us.” I remember the bravery of so many, the sacrifices, the lives of so many that were changed on that beautiful September morning.
  11. Yes, he is a keeper🌺 Wishing you all the best as you meet the challenges ahead🙏🏻
  12. All of these have come up at different times with our oldest daughter. Honestly, I don’t have much tolerance for it.😢It has impacted my relationship with her in that I just don’t enjoy spending time with her. She has an inability to see someone else’s point of view, or maybe it’s just mine.🙁
  13. I’d probably ask a friend and see if he could hang there for the long weekend. Hope you can work it out🌺
  14. I’m so sorry Lisa😕 I’ve heard so many complaints about military moves in the last year. Our daughter and DH are pcsing from Japan. Their express shipment will be packed out on Monday. I’m praying all goes well for them. Hope you get great reimbursement for your destroyed and damaged stuff.
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