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  1. My DD said no to being a bridesmaid while in college. The wedding was on the west coast, we live on the east coast. Plus it was in December, a few days after Christmas. The bride was very understanding when DD declined. I’m the bride will be very understanding.😊
  2. May

    Cat adoption

    We’ve had 3 male dogs. All of them have been black and white. I grew up with a black female cat and dog. I also prefer long hair cats.
  3. Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Grocery shopping Pick up dog from daycare Make dinner Relax
  4. I got to sleep in🎉🎉DH got up with dog who thinks he has to have his breakfast at 6:30am every morning. Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Watch our church service online while drinking 2nd cup of coffee Take dog for a walk because it’s sunny out and rain coming back in tomorrow Relax Leftovers for dinner or we’ll order out and pick up curbside
  5. I vacuum about everyday. We have a dog that brings stuff in on its feet. Also, we’ve been working outside quite a bit and bringing in dirt and grime from our shoes. We have hardwoods so it’s not too bad. I hate dusting and do it about once a month. I’ve asked DH to do it but he thought after one room, he was done🙄
  6. We are in need of a new IPad. Before the shut down, we were at the Apple Store and the rep brought up the idea of an IPad Air. We’ve never had one so I like any feedback if you have an Air and prefer that over to an IPad. I’ve looked at the Apple site but would like some examples of what an Air can do that an IPad can’t. We don’t mind spending a little more because we tend to keep our Apple products a long time😊Thanks!
  7. Feel better soon Chris🌺 Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Spray table top with satin clear coat and attach to base Spread Preen on my new mulch put down yesterday Make dinner Relax
  8. Good Morning😊 Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Call bank and finally get online to check accounts Go to dog groomer to pay them for a check that won’t be honored because of the fraud we’ve had Go online and set up new payment information Help DH attached table top to base Make dinner Relax
  9. Hubby isn’t a big fan of leftovers😕 so I try not to have any. If I do, I’ll eat for lunch. I will freeze soup though and pull that out for a quick meal.
  10. Coffee and yogurt Morning walk Getting back online with our credit union. We were hacked and everything was shut down and reopened with new account numbers🥺Unfortunately, everyone seems to want to get unkind too so no luck yet Make dinner Relax Happy Birthday Dawn🎂May your day be filled with joy🌺
  11. Praying for your daughter and all who are caring for her🙏🏻
  12. Coffee Laundry Leftovers for dinner Relax
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