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  1. Moving is always stressful even when everyone is healthy. Hope all goes well and your house appraises for the needed amount🌺
  2. Lifting your dear friend in prayer and all those who attend her🙏🏻
  3. If you use the darker, nonstick loaf pans, reduce the temp by 25 degrees.
  4. Ok, I’m boring. We are sending our DD and SIL a check. They just moved from Japan and I know they need a lot for the place they are renting. I’m saving the thread, just in case😊
  5. Be a _ _ _ _ _ _ _, not a whiner. Our last name rhymes with whiner😊
  6. Can’t say I’ve seen that but I do see kids who probably could benefit by homeschooling.
  7. What? No new clerical shirt to go with😊 In our faith group, there’s a special shirt needed so the clerical collar can be inserted😊
  8. Daughter had her wedding about 2 1/2 years ago. The pastor was given $300. He and his wife were also invited to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception. He didn’t give the prayers at either, we just wanted he and his wife to relax.
  9. Friend did this before she put her house on the market. It looked great and she was very happy with the end result.
  10. How old is to old( kid wise) to belong to the group. Our 30 year old is breaking our heart. I would love another, nonjudgmental forum, to share .
  11. Our church does a good job with potlucks. The church provides the main dish and everyone else brings sides or desserts. Paper products are provided. I’ve never been to one where we run out of anything. Yes, I see store brought stuff but if that’s what people have time for, so be it🌺
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