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  1. A new, heavier kettlebell arrived yesterday afternoon (Fedex guy--"watch out, Miss, it's heavy, should I carry it?" lol)! So I'm excited to get out there are do my workout this morning despite the miserable, rainy, 40 degree weather. CKD class tonight, then my belt test in the morning. TMI menstrual stuff-- does anyone have any ideas about why my period randomly came at day 22 instead of my usual day 26? That is unusually early for me, and since I prevent pregnancy with non-hormonal methods, tracking is important. I really don't know much about weird cycles and how they affect the next one. I'm very predictable usually. I had PMS--do you have that with an annovulatory cycle? I can't find any info online about that. At least I don't have to do my belt test with PMS brain fog...
  2. What a great update! Glad to hear things going well!
  3. Doing 6 planks makes me want to barf, lol. I think my limit is 3 before my lower back starts to weep and wail in agony.
  4. CKD class last night was pretty solid, then I did another CKD workout this morning...I divided my hour up into 10 min intervals and did hand/foot technique, patterns, speed drills, and punching bag work in each block of time. Really enjoyable and a really good workout. At class last night, a fellow student shared with me that his back was hurting and that it was the result of an injury sustained during his time in the Army when he fell off a Chinook helicopter. I thought that was poignant on Veteran's Day and wanted to share. He is working hard to get himself in shape despite having this degenerative back problem--wants to be healthy for his wife and kid. 🙂
  5. Lol, goat yoga. Man, I spent so long training my boys to leave me alone while I work out. I started out by doing bodyweight workouts outside while they played on the trampoline or tree fort. Now we're to the point that I can be in my carport-covered home gym area while they are just generally playing in the yard, and they mostly get it that if I'm on the mat and the headphones are on, do not interrupt except for blood or fire! Actually, I think they look forward to that time every morning and like it that they play "secret" games (ninja, spy, etc) I'm not privy to. But it was definitely puppy yoga at first, with one boy insisting he could do pushups too (butt in air, lol) and the other climbing on my back and asking for a drink.
  6. I like single leg dl as well! I like hamstring exercises.
  7. Yaaaasss, I am so tired of paying for both my son and I to test every 2 months!!! I had trouble with my back at first and realized that I was both letting it drop too low at the bottom of the movement between my legs and over contracting my back at the top of the movement. I have to actively ignore using ANYTHING except my glutes, hamstrings, and hip hinge to swing the bell. Uses so much mental effort, lol.
  8. Rest day yesterday, strength training this morning and CKD tonight. Our next belt test is this Saturday, so all 3 classes this week will be mock-test style. I ordered a heavier kettlebell and I can't wait (weight? lol) for it to come! I tried out swings a couple months ago, really skeptical it could be a decent hamstring exercise, and then could hardly sit down the next day, haha. Swings seem to get my core too, specifically my obliques. Hope everyone has a great day!
  9. @wintermom I sure hope you can get some answers about all this health stuff soon!
  10. Yep, during pool season (like 9 months here) I swim 3x a week or so, and that seems to work all the kinks out.
  11. CKD last night went well...we were working on specific sparring techniques, so it was very structured and less free-form. No new bruises! 🙂 I did overhead press and squat dropsets yesterday during strength training, and boy does that method really ramp up the intensity. Love it. I'm planning on doing straight sets this morning (chinups, KB swings again, loaded one-leg Romanian deadlifts) because I'm scheduled to do yard work projects at my parents' place this afternoon and I want to have a little left in the tank for that. The weather has turned to the Florida version of fall, and wow, is it ever easier to get a good workout in when the humidity is not 800%. Now if we could just get a frost in to kill the mosquitoes...
  12. I used to really loathe the stretching period at the end of my CKD classes. So boring! Cuts into the time for fun stuff! I'm a little more used to it now but I'm considering doing foam rolling at home because I clearly need to do better with helping my muscles and connective tissue, but adding more stretching to my life sounds like a horrendous idea, haha.
  13. Spent yesterday walking a zillion miles around the big zoo in Jacksonville FL in the heat, but after a gallon of water, a good supper and a full night of sleep, I think I've recovered enough to have a normal level of activity today, haha. Strength training this morning (going to work on my kettlebell swing form--I seem to be leaning back at the top of the movement and putting stress on my lower back) and CKD tonight. It's been a sparring week in class, which I always dread since that's the hardest part for me. I dread it even more lately because a couple months ago, my instructor accidentally landed a full-strength punch right across my cheekbone and knocked me down. I had a mild concussion for a few days and unfortunately have developed some fear about getting hurt while sparring, especially since we're moving out of "drill" type sparring to more real contact stuff. Anyways, I'm going into it tonight determined to work on staying light on my feet and to keep moving--basically focusing on defense. Sparring def has shown me how beneficial strength training is, though. There have been several times recently that I've been tagged and I can tell having a bit more solid mass is protecting me, so that's cool!
  14. I'm really glad I found out about this method. I had some trouble with dumbbell floor press this morning but wasn't ready to throw in the towel, so I did it as a dropset and got a great workout.
  15. Oh wow. I so hope things calm down for you and your son feels better quickly!
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