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  1. @Laura Corin Thank you!! Walked yesterday afternoon with Jackson and my mom. I did not end up doing my PT because we had an episode of family drama with my 6 year old that derailed the rest of the day. Today I'm feeling pretty decent, so I'm determined to get 'er done today.
  2. I did my physical therapy exercises... did not love but hey, they're done. When afternoon lessons are done, I'll do my walk. Much less sore and achy today, so that's positive!
  3. @Soror So glad you are feeling better!
  4. I had a mix of roasted veggies with my breakfast (sweet potatoes, red onion, broccoli, red pepper, butternut squash), a big salad of spring mix, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, and tomato with lunch, and lettuce, tomato, and avocado with tacos at supper. Pretty typical but veggies vary depending on season and sales.
  5. @Soror I hope you didn't over do it and that you're feeling better this evening! @wintermom thanks for the encouragement and compliments! And I so love reading your updates. You have the neatest outdoor experiences. I walked (with baby in carrier) this afternoon. It was sunny and cool and felt nice to be outside after a long homeschooling day. I didn't do my PT exercises though... I had a minor medical procedure yesterday that has left me feeling sore and achy so I decided against pushing through.
  6. HI everybody! Happy New Year! I have been too bummed about my physical limitations to post here since giving birth, but seeing that others are pressing on despite issues made me brave enough finally. @Soror I am so sorry you are having this weird and troubling stomach issue! I hope you are out of the woods with it now. @barnwife good luck with the DR repair work! I know a lot of women are very successful at closing the gap! I won't go into all the details of my post partum health struggles since this thread is public, but I had my last OB eval yesterday and he did assure me that
  7. Hi friends! It feels so good to be updating with my little guy sleeping peacefully nearby! I thought y'all might be interested to hear the highlights of how everything went—plus bonus fitness content! 🙂 For about 4 days prior to heading to the hospital, I'd been having episodes of irregular cramping and low blood pressure (nauseous, lightheaded, disoriented, sweaty). I woke up in the wee hours of Monday (I was 37 weeks) with the worst episode yet and was up dealing with it for the rest of the night. We headed out to get monitored at L&D triage about midmorning, and a couple hou
  8. He's here! Jackson Wayne, 6 lbs 6 oz, 19 in, all healthy! Details to follow!
  9. Guess what today is?! Well, theoretically they think he will be here by midnight. I'm 37 weeks and went in to triage for faint spells and cramps. I was today years old when I learned cramps = contractions haha
  10. Hi ladies! I got a nice note from @Monica_in_Switzerland and realized I needed to check in. After I'm done posting (if I can remain awake) I'll read back through the posts to see what y'all have been up to. Quick update--I'm in the middle of week 34 now, and health-wise, everything is still going fine. I definitely have continued not to feel well, however. I have had a hard time keeping up with work-work and home-work and keeping my mood up while dealing with bad sleep, continuing nausea, and low blood pressure/lightheadedness. Plus I have some irritable uterus thing going on (I had
  11. My boys are 2E with an alphabet soup of issues between them, so I end up having to VERY EXPLICITLY teach those sorts of skills every single day. I find it to be the most exhausting aspect of parenting and homeschooling, honestly. Probably because, like a previous poster, I am neurotypical and grew up in a very healthy home so I just absorbed it automatically.
  12. 29 weeks today! Not sure if this pregnancy is the longest or shortest ever. Feels like both, haha.
  13. @Laura Corin ooh, what a great way to make good out of the situation! Hi ladies, I'm sort of climbing out of the fog of the cold/sinus infection thingy. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, anyways. Had a checkup yesterday and everything is still looking healthy for me and baby boy, thank God! The OB praised my "chunky" umbilical cord, lol. I was like, "um, thanks?" Just popped on to post a link to this interesting talk I'm listening to on YouTube about women and strength training if anyone needs something to watch/listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1AH5mXiV
  14. Just hopping on real quick to say that I have been laid low by a cold/sinus infection? thingy that the kids brought back from a visit with their dad. Just regular sick, not covid sick, but still miserable. I'm just trying to get Greek yogurt and fruit in me whenever my appetite cooperates and that's about all that's going on with me right now.
  15. Those plums need to get in my belly!
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