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  1. I think there is a moral dimension to food. If I make a lot of unhealthy decisions, they have ramifications outside myself. My health affects my husband, children, and parents. Having treats occasionally doesn't make someone "bad." But if you know that you are reinforcing a habit of eating that weakens you and will over time adversely affect the ones you love, I do think that is "bad." Let's say I have X amount of money, Y amount of time, and Z access to food. If I consistently and knowingly make less than wise choices with those resources, that habit has a moral dimension to it. Edited to add: I don't comment on other people's diets or try to evangelize others. If someone were to ask me for help, I would gladly give advice.
  2. I get mocked all the time for healthy eating and exercise. And I can't talk about it (my hobby of taking care of myself) because then folks act like I'm being vain or self-righteous. The truth is that my life has improved dramatically (physically and emotionally) after almost 2 years of healthy choices. But almost everyone I know has this concept that they will age badly and there's nothing they can do about it. I've even heard doctors with that mentality. I have no idea how to fix this kind of thing. Most people don't believe self improvement is possible and therefore have convinced themselves it's undesirable. I don't get it!
  3. ...about how often over the years did the dose need to be increased? My almost 10 year old son has been on Focalin XR for about 2 years. 10mg was the starting dose, about 9 months later needed 15 mg, about 9 months ago needed to add a short-acting 5 mg dose in the afternoon. Now he is showing the signs that he needs another increase (very easily distracted, massive amounts of loud random noise, being bossy/controlling, blurting out random stuff, taking greater physical risks, etc.). Is it normal to have to up it so often? Will it continue like this? By the way, he gets TONS of physical exertion (trampoline, martial arts), eats a healthy homemade diet, and has a structured, stable home life. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I'm 39, with dark-brown, straight hair to mid-back. It's quite fine and prone to being oily, but there's a lot of it. I've had an ever-growing white streak since I was about 16, but recently I noticed that all my new baby hairs growing in are stark white. There's tons of them. I thought I was just having breakage along my part and hairline, but turns out I get a halo of coarse, wavy, blinding white hairs no matter where I part it. Now, I'm cool with the color change, not really anxious to dye it or anything. But the texture is crazy! The springy, wiry, wavy whites are very noticeable against the normal smooth dark hair, especially when it's pulled back for working out and martial arts. Can anyone recommend a product to help? Anything that will be greasy won't work--my hair is easily weighed down and naturally...well-moisturized, let's say. 🙂 Thank you!!
  5. I have mid back, fine, thick hair. One thing I do that is helpful is to do a small french braid on either side of my side part and then pull the whole thing back into a bun sort of lowish on my head. Kind of a faux crown braid. This stays put all day, even through martial arts in the evening. Takes between 5-10 mins in the morning but no hair fuss until bed. Loose side braid for bed.
  6. The first time absolutely hurts like hell but it'll be a piece of cake now that the first time is over. Epilate frequently at first and then after a month you'll be able to go longer between sessions. Epilating is amazing and becomes basically painless after a few times. Ingrown hairs are no joke though. Epilating gives me terrible ingrown hairs, so definitely do all the exfoliating and all that to prevent it. Shorter hair epilates with less pain than longer.
  7. A lot of times this can be a male/female issue. There are several martial arts instructors I interact with, and the female ones praise as well as correct and the males don't. I mentioned something about it in a joking way, and a lot of the women in the class piped up and said, yeah, why don't you guys every say anything positive?! It had genuinely never occurred to them. When I mentioned this to both my dad and husband, they both said, in almost the same phrasing, "the good stuff goes without saying." Um, no it doesn't, haha. So worth mentioning so that teacher can be aware!
  8. I had to comment because I feel exactly like this on a daily basis. I get emotional sometimes when I hear/read women talking about how much they enjoy being a mother. I wanted to enjoy motherhood. I wanted to be a mom so much that I invested huge amounts of effort and money into adopting. My older son has dyslexia* as well, plus ADHD and mild ASD. My younger son has no diagnoses--the evaluator he saw says he's not sure in he's just extremely smart, ASD, or has a mood disorder. All I know is that he's utterly exhausting. My older son has become a lot more pleasant since beginning ADHD meds a couple years ago, but still has an extremely grating personality. I told my husband last night that it is beyond difficult to constantly pour everything of yourself into these little people who really would rather me just leave them alone except for when they want me to provide a service for them. I have basically come to understand that, while I am definitely a low-energy, flawed parent, I didn't DO this to them. In fact, when I am able to think clearly, I can't even imagine how things would be for them if I didn't, all day, every day, teach them coping skills and try to take off some of the rough edges. I tried to talk to my mom about some of this stuff before, and while she tries to sympathize, I'm pretty sure inside she thinks it's like some selfishness problem on my end that makes it difficult for me to enjoy being a mom. But I'm an only child and was an easy, pleasant kid to raise. I think only other moms in this situation can really get it. I mean, I have a hard time right now looking at their baby pictures, because that was such a wonderful time and the present time is so hard. I don't know why some situations are like this and I don't have any advice. I do know that I love my kids and it's clear you do too. We're both doing our best, even though it looks so much different than the best we had imagined. The only thing I can offer is that I think it's good to go through a period of grieving over the loss of what you thought things would be like, and then move on to find a happy place between being the parent they need and also caring for yourself. I think I'm at the tail end of the grieving part and moving into accepting the realistic day-to-day grind of doing what I can to shape them...which might not be very much. Hopefully by the time son 1 is 18, he will be gainfully employed and will be able to make it through a meal without using his hands as a scoop to shovel rice into his mouth. And hopefully son 2 will be able to handle frustrations without turning into The Hulk. We shall see! *I don't think most people realize how very many parts of regular functioning are impacted by dyslexia. I had no idea before my son. Dyslexic brains are wired so much differently, in the same way that ADHD brains are, or ASD. A lot of people think it's just reading trouble. But it really has an impact on soooo many areas of life.
  9. The thread about PTSD got me thinking. My husband has had social anxiety and generalized anxiety for many years. I have...well, I have always been fairly high strung, but divorce/ex-husband stuff and walking the autism/ADHD road with my sons has caused me to be hyper alert/extremely tense 24/7, have strong emotional reactions when triggered by certain things, and occasional panic attacks. Neither of us like the side effects from the prescription anti-anxiety meds we've tried. We both have extremely clean, healthy, non-processed food diets and I exercise regularly. If you were us, how would you begin dipping a toe into supplements like ashwagandha and B-complexes like I've seen mentioned? The thought of researching it seems overwhelming so I would love some info to get started. Also, if you've tried this type of thing and it didn't work for you, please chime in as well! Thank you!
  10. SOOOOOO wanted/"needed" a snack this afternoon but satisfied myself with some La Croix the way my kids drink it: with a tiny splash of juice. I do need to confess that Wednesday I did not meet my goal of not snacking. BUT, it was my birthday and there was no cake or special supper or anything, so whatevs, right? I do have horrendous PMS that makes me want to smack everybody and then stuff my face. Hopefully Choi Kwang Do class tonight will help me burn off some of that hormonal angst...
  11. Dear Diary, for the first time ever I made a salad so big I couldn't eat the whole thing. (Also I didn't snack, yay.)
  12. Nightly check-in--I managed another day without snacking. Down a couple pounds, which is nice, though my measurements don't seem to be that different. I really only record on my official measure/weigh day, which is about once a month, day 10 of my cycle. That seems to be when I have the least amount of hormonal poofiness, lol. I had a good strength training workout, which made me hungry while making supper, but I distracted myself with a cup of herbal tea with honey. By the way, I'm eating so much salad because I'm just absolutely craving my salad dressing right now, not because I'm super virtuous or anything. Breakfast: salad with olives, cheese, hemp oil dressing, and pepitas (supposed to have bacon too, but I burned it, ugh!) Lunch: Salad with leftover roasted veggies, homemade oven-fried popcorn chicken, hemp oil dressing, and a sprinkle of pistachios Supper: Crispy baked pork chop with orzo primavera (orzo simmered with chicken broth, veggies, parm)
  13. This week has been so weird, ugh. Sinus infection got the better of me and I missed martial arts Monday. Went Tuesday and today but have felt too puny to expend all that much energy. No bodyweight training yet, but I should be able to Thursday and Saturday. My plantar fasciitis seems to be improving, thank God. I've been doing well with eating, both choices and portions, so it's not all bad. I'm hoping that my next weigh/measure in a couple weeks will show improvement!
  14. I met my no snacking goal for day #2, yay. Probably ate more carbs than I should have, but today was insane with appointments, etc. All in all it went well. Breakfast (don't laugh--I had to run out the door early for the pediatrician's!): small portion of leftover taco pasta and an apple, coffee with 2% milk Lunch: big salad with chicken sausage Supper: Korean beef on small amount of rice, roasted veggies Good job y'all! Let's all keep at it!
  15. Well I made it through the day with no snacking. It was definitely tough, especially because I'm pretty active and my mind justifies the need for snacks so eloquently lol. Like right now, I'm fresh from my martial arts class and my brain is telling me I should certainly be able to afford a few slices of toast... um, no. Anyways, I had a cup of herbal tea with a little honey mid-morning, and a cup of half-caf coffee while making (early) supper, which helped. Same goal tomorrow. Will probably be tougher, because tomorrow will be a weird and stressful day with appointments and random junk throwing off the schedule. I do feel good about what I ate today. Breakfast--salad with mixed greens, some leftover roasted veggies from last night, a little cheese, pepitas, olives, and sliced chicken sausage. Lunch was a big plate of salad with the usual salad veggies, plus some taco meat (everyone else had taco pasta) and cheese. Supper: glazed baked cod, roasted veggies, slice of homemade bread. I'm running out of veggies--need to make a Publix run!
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