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  1. Acorn

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    Most of my town has shut down with 9 inches of snow. We usually only get a couple at a time. The roads are horrible, read in the paper that a snow plow and then a separate salt truck slid off of the same road into the ditch. The kids wanted to go sledding but I wasn’t up to driving.
  2. I usually need to hire a tailor to shorten pants. It definitely helps the shopping ordeal once you learn how alterations will fix the short girl issues.
  3. I don’t carry a typical purse. I buy clothes with pockets. I had a bracelet attached to my keys for awhile. Now I use a carbinger. I keep feminine supplies in each of our cars and my desk at work. I keep money/ cards inside my phone case and I can attach a waistband clip if the phone won’t fit in a pocket. The only drawback is I can’t play the “scavenger hunt” party games at showers.
  4. I would only be upset that the council uses money for “incentives”. I’d rather see that money used for programming or experiences instead of more plastic water bottles.
  5. Acorn

    Struggling with being left out

    I did not invite most of my friends’ parents to my wedding. I appreciate everything they had done to include me with various events throughout my life. We were already over the size of the church and reception hall with family. It was hard but space and money had limits. I know one bridesmaid made a comment that I had invited another bridesmaid’s parents and not hers. Another’s parents surprised us for just the ceremony but I do know that is acceptable in her own religion.
  6. It might be too late, but you could copy it for next time.
  7. Acorn

    My tree has no presents under it

    Merry Christmas Dawn. At 7:30 am, I heard a young teen get up, and was hoping he would wake the rest of the family. Instead, he told me he was only awake because of hunger. He got a quick snack and went back to bed. It’s definitely not the years of the 4:30 am wake ups to rush to stockings.
  8. Acorn

    Quivers Cinnamon Rolls

    Stick or spread? Thank you.
  9. Acorn

    Quivers Cinnamon Rolls

    What do you replace the butter with?
  10. Acorn

    Christmas gathering question

    Absolutely not.
  11. Acorn

    Hypothetically speaking...

    Sleep deprivation or stress
  12. Acorn

    Thank you all.

    Best wishes for fast healing. Take care of yourself.
  13. I didn’t open this thread until getting today’s mail. Yesterday, I would have said I always enjoy receiving letters. We get a mix of funny, sweet and serious. What I haven’t seen before is outright LIES. So this year, my mother in law creatively describes her vacation with us. Umm, okay, I’m glad she enjoyed things that we didn’t go to?
  14. Twin bed with bookcase headboard
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