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  1. We signed up online and printed pass. It seems to be honor system. I do know my 4th graders had to present the pass and talk to the ranger. We had to wake my dd for one park and she wasn’t eloquent or friendly by being asked her age and where we were from, etc.
  2. If you have a 4th grader, they can get a pass for a year that includes whole family.
  3. One of the worst elementary experiences for dd was a 3rd grade classmate writing dd’s name in multiple library books. The librarian blamed my dd but we had their classroom teacher verify that the classmate had a history of issues.
  4. We would have loved them, not enough to pay full price though.
  5. I’ve moved plants best by digging them up and placing entire plant into buckets or tubs with couple inches of water. Good luck with your move.
  6. I’m sadden by this news. I’m non- religious myself but I appreciate her work. Her voice brought light to the world, and I am sorry her life ended so soon.
  7. My son enjoyed his school’s MathCounts team. He hopes to improve for next year (8th grade). I’m not clear on what book would be best for summer. He will take Algebra1next school year. I’m not sure if should look into probability or geometry or number theory? Or the Vol. 1 of Art of Problem Solving? Does anyone have a review of the online Mathcounts prep class? Next train of thought, younger sib will be at same school next year and has interest in math competitions. The MathCounts team is mixed 6-8th graders. Ah, sibling rivalry is tricky. I’m considering Aops prealgebra for her. Or should I suggest something else? For both kids, I dont schedule math practice in the summer. My oldest will read anything and will occasionally break out paper and pencil to solve intriguing problems. My youngest isn’t as driven. I’m not sure how to guide her.
  8. It didn’t quite fit the description, but I voted that my 13 year old has an official job for spring and fall soccer seasons. He will soon ref soccer games. I think he is considered self-employed or contract for tax purposes. Anyways, he chose to only work 1 game a week for a short season. he won’t make enough money to file tax form this year. The soccer league will report wages to IRS once a ref makes over a certain amount per year. I think in a few years, he will want to work more games. As he ages, he could ref games for older divisions that pay better. He will start at $10 per U7 game, and I think those are 1/2 hour. Pool attendants/ life guards (16+) and summer park employees (16+) are other common youth jobs in the area. There are some fast food jobs but I see many adults working those too.
  9. I’m disappointed to see that this is intentional. I assumed it was malware or junk like the you’ve won amazon stuff. I’m not even sure of its purpose other than blocking my scroll bar. If it is feedback on the website then I feel a sticky post would be more appropriate. Here’s my feedback since I won’t click on the purple box: I love the community here and the format of the forums. Since the latest update, I cannot stay logged in. If it wants feedback on its physical presence, than it needs to stop interfering with the function of the website and appearing like malware.
  10. First, I hope you feel better. (I hope you don’t have measles.) I’m sorry your holiday isn’t how you planned but please stay home, your prayers won’t be heard any different in another setting. I’d call the church or another member if you want to add a name for the church prayer list.
  11. It’s so variable what people can eat and like at different ages. To keep price lower, I spend weeks looking at sales. This year the baskets for preteens will have a tie dye kit and shirt, and yarn that were bought on sale at Joann’s plus a teacher discount. Then they each have a choc rabbit and 1 pack of peeps. I bought those at Kroger today where candy was 20% off.
  12. My dd had hers done at a professional piercing/tattooing place and we were told to use saline and to not spin.
  13. I think we have played this game before.
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