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  1. Sue the T-Rex at Chicago’s Field Museum uses the pronoun they. The exhibition has been updated to include their preferred pronoun. I sparkly heart love Sue.
  2. I’m not inadequate but my washing machine must be. It takes at least 1 hr 50 min to wash a load. I’ve never done more than 3 loads in a day.
  3. We were sent a tentative schedule six weeks before start of school year sessions. The open slots were marked, and we had to respond if we were okay with assigned slot.
  4. Acorn

    Feral hogs?

    There is an OH state park near me that warns hikers to be cautious. I haven’t heard of anyone having an encounter. I think they do allow hunting of them at certain times.
  5. I’d wear the Eddie Bauer ones myself. I’m mid-40s, so I can’t imagine that teens would want the same style.
  6. Toledo? ....against board rules........
  7. Fruit kabobs, mini muffins, cheese cubes, sliced veggies, chips or pretzles
  8. So glad it wasn’t worse. I would delete your post, but yes the person you know could be sued.
  9. I’m having problems finding the club. I can scroll through many inactive clubs but can’t find this one.
  10. I don’t flush pee in my in-laws toilet during the night. It is crazy loud to refill the tank. The seal leaks so you have to wait forever and wiggle the handle or sometimes take the lid off and move the float. Totally not worth dealing with in the semi dark when half asleep.
  11. Borrow ebooks from library before the trip
  12. The Subaru ascent can tow 5,000 lbs. We still haven’t added a hitch to ours but have been happy with the vehicle so far. My only complaints are the keyless entry that dh wanted and the power lift gate. I would prefer a manual lift gate.
  13. There is a shortage of O+ blood. If you can donate, please look up info at Community Blood Center. There is a blood drive until 7 tonight in Miamisburg.
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