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  1. My first trip to Dayton was three hours to sign an apartment and 3 straight DAYS at the USAF Museum. I hope you enjoy your first trip more than I did. I will say that after years of bringing guests to the museum, I bring a book and find a chair. It’s a great museum but I rather walk through instead of standing to read every sign. Summer could be a great time for hiking. I like Germantown and Twin Creek MetroPark south west of Dayton. Downtown Dayton usually has some fun outdoor concerts but most are cancelled this year. i like Carillon History Museum, a series of historical buildi
  2. I had to look up boogie board. I read what sizes to look for based on heights. Do you think we will each want our own? Will lower price grocery store ones last for a couple of weeks?
  3. Update: We will be going. Now, what to pack? I bought their prescription swim googles, paddle ball and a frisbee. Hard to know what teens would want for sand castles. They like architecture design, so I’m think they will build things but maybe not with preschool toys?
  4. Congratulations 🧑‍🎓. I hope you have a great dinner and celebrate!
  5. Two teens vaccinated this afternoon. Crossing fingers they can attend school tomorrow. I will feel guilty if an absence affects last week of ps grading period. However, they will be nearly fully vaccinated to take along for dh’s business trip.
  6. Yes please share. Did you use online scheduling? I haven’t been able to find a system ready for under 16. I need to schedule around orchestra concerts in case they get a sore arm.
  7. I am processing the revelation that she’s a girl. I must have missed all the news stories at the time.
  8. @Katy Agh! J & J baby shampoo is how my eye doctors told me to treat blepharitis. I haven’t considered the safety of it. I wonder if it’s better that my eyes are closed while washing them with tiny amount versus a direct pour into open eye?
  9. I had a great Nutcracker theatre scratching house from Target until my son fell on it. Both of my cats loved it. I have the sushi one ordered. I think it will be the same size.
  10. I might have a chance to drive my kids to this part of Florida in June. They will be unvaccinated so I'm not sure how to plan covid cautious trip. Dh will be working in the area with a kitchenette in his room. I have never been to this part of the country at all. Most likely I won't have a car from evening to mid morning. I could try to rent a car, depending on availability and non-inflated costs. What are some recommendations for the area? We have never been on a beach trip. I would love to at least once, but don't know what to pack or do. I would be most excited about seeing new wildlife s
  11. @Quill ‘s painting is amazing. I thought about painting an acorn but haven’t made time.
  12. If you find a solution, let me know too. I’ve given up, but dh really hates our current house. We haven’t put any work or replacements into it for years. We really should get out before roof, furnace, fridge etc all go on strike together.
  13. I vacuum the wood floors frequently and use Murphy’s Oil soap occasionally. I squirt a section of floor and either wipe by hand or swiffer pad. It seems to be clean. The floors finish has worn off in some areas after at least 20 years, so I don’t want to change to anything that could hurt the wood.
  14. A friend graduated with a BFA from the dance program at Univ of Cincinnati. Here is the minimum high school course credits. They are listing 3 years of science and 3 years of social studies. https://admissions.uc.edu/information/high-school/preparing/courses.html
  15. She watches the CO2 rise as more people enter the office and is hoping to use data to get better air exchange.
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