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  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m struggling with the fact I angered a friend by commenting on her fb post that shared a post minimizing and blame shifting. I cannot figure out next step to take with her and her husband.
  2. I bought a small item on Dec 15. I’ve been watching the tracking trying to figure it out. It left Illinois, got checked into Los Angeles CA, and eventually delivered in Ohio Jan 2. I’ve been wondering if the CA detour was intentional? I’m glad it got here I wasn’t sure if my address had been labeled correctly, but it was.
  3. FOY sightings are important in my family. Today we are having freezing rain and no one has spotted a bird yet. My daughter wants to hike at a park but I’m not willing to chip the car out or drive.
  4. Dh wrapped up my garbage for me. I understand his thinking and I don’t want to say anything to him. I ordered a vintage nutcracker from ebay that had an out of focus background with other stuff. The nutcracker I wanted arrived and is great. That one went straight on the shelf. Well there was another thing in the box. A heavy block stocking holder with a distressed small nutcracker on it. I thought about giving it to Goodwill but his nose is broken off, his wood hat has gouges, flaking paint, etc. not sure if anyone would want it. So I left it in its box and put on the garage bench to
  5. Fails so far: My brother and his wife agreed to isolate so that they could visit my parents who are in ill health. They both work from home and live in big city with all the curbside services etc. I guess my sil needed a girls lunch out. Then one of those friends tested positive. I guess the bright side is her friend tested positive before sil saw my parents. Wins: delicious cookies
  6. I am glad to learn that this is a thing. Years ago, I bought holiday fabric and meant to make drawstring gift bags. It's been a whole series of unfortunate December events, and the bags have never been made. I just use the unhemmed fabric to wrap and tie with a ribbon. I could have time to sew this week, but I figure the fabric rectangles have been working fine so far.
  7. Acorn


    candy, hiking socks, gloves, tshirt, lego mini figs, ornament, cocoa, books AND if they arrive from USPS, fingers crossed: Kilt pins that have clan mottos. I'm not going to share the translations, so it will be interesting to see who figures out what they say/mean and then if they can match it to which family surname.
  8. We eat cheese before the cookies. It all balances.
  9. My OB would be pleased that I raised it to that level. My primary care doesn't want to order vit D tests.
  10. We have occasionally bought gingerbread house kits, but we didn't eat them. Dd doesn't like the food waste, and has been requesting edible gingerbread houses. So since we don't have much else to do, we made two batches of dough, two batches of buttercream frosting, and two batches of royal icing. The entire kitchen and dining room are sticky messes. There is frosting on the walls and food coloring on cupboards. I was nervous about the structural integrity of the houses, so I exactly followed traditional recipes even though we don't usually eat butter. I was assuming that if I let the kids eat
  11. We ordered a bookshelf on Thanksgiving weekend. We haven’t received shipping info yet, so called the company today. They have had it packed on the shipping dock for a week but are unable to get a carrier (probably UPS) to pick it up.
  12. Fun short video and fundraiser request for Dayton Ballet. https://www.dayton.com/what-to-do/watch-the-nutcracker-and-its-rat-king-wreak-havoc-around-dayton/6C3VSLDICJAWXOFCYBPRM2C2YY/?fbclid=IwAR0G0tet-yf5xbFCCd4euuxB0dxsYb9e4U71pta0XxPMVDoeonXHQzN4W9k
  13. We enjoyed books by Holling C Holling. My favorite is Paddle to the Sea.
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