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  1. I’ve been down South Kaibob, two nights at Bright Angel, one night at Indian Gardens and then finished BA trail to rim. I would feel confident with my kids now 12 and 14 doing a similar trip. My trip was end of Sept, the last week before water shutoff. We had snow while camping at the rim and a thunder storm at the base, which created possible flash flood warnings. It was an amazing hike, and the most important lottery I’ve ever won. Our dates were only flexible by a few days. I’d love to take my kids but we are currently unable to travel during the school year. I would have confidence in their skills because we frequently backpack with them. However, so far our backpacking trips have had multiple lakes and rivers to filter water. We having been saving Bryce and Zion or similar trips until at least after 2021 when we think they will be large enough to support more water weight in their packs.
  2. Private music lessons and youth orchestra are about $120 a month per child. Rec soccer is $200 a year per child. Swim lessons were nonnegotiable for safety, about $50 a year.
  3. Around here in opioid crisis region, I’m doubtful that an ER doc would prescribe pain medicine for dental issue. The ER would tell you to call your dentist.
  4. Hi. We are looking at a summer trip to southern Ontario. I'd like my son to attend an event in Toronto for a couple days, even though cities aren't our usual vacation thing. We would be camping for the rest of the trip. Some of the hiking in Bruce Peninsula looks great. Has anyone been there? Will it be crowded in June? Recommendations? The Hive has always planned great trips for us.
  5. Timely topic. Any recommendations on brands? Dd wears size 10 girls clothes. So far this week I’ve bought 3 kinds of disposable pads and a set of reusable pads but they are all large and uncomfortable. I never wore anything with wings but now that is all that’s available. I eventually bought pantyliners but I don’t think they will be absorbent enough.
  6. Back on the couch, it was too cold to work in the garage. One piece of furniture might have a buyer coming, if he/she really shows up, and if I don’t get murdered. Although, it occurs to me that if this person does buy the kid furniture, they might want free kid toys so I should get those boxes ready for them to look at and save some effort to get them to donation center. why doesn’t my cat want to be a lap cat and warm my hands?
  7. Congrats Slache. I have the week off of work with my kids in a public school. I had such grand plans of getting stuff posted for sale and decluttering. I’m frankly afraid to delve into the piles in the garage, because it’s overwhelming. I did a big load to goodwill yesterday, but ironically it was for someone else. I have a much harder time when the items are my own.
  8. Since this is your child, it is easy for me to encouraging quitting. Although, I don’t know if quitting is the exact word. Many people come back into music study even with decades away. It might be a different instrument or style, but I really think a positive introduction can lead to future exploration. That said, I’m making my 12 year old limp along with violin. I’m not happy with myself, or her attitude tbh. Her current suggestion is that we continue to rent instrument but let her drop orchestra. She says she will just play on her own. Private lesson teacher is director of the community orchestra, so relations are tricky. Her sibling will definitely continue orchestra, so even if dd isn’t participating she can’t do another activity at that time due to my driving commitments. For now, I am deflecting major decisions to this summer. Since everything is paid through May.
  9. Good luck tomorrow. I’m glad you had some time to start organizing, that is my goal this week too.
  10. I must have the same house but I only have 4 backyard neighbors. My dream house would have more bathrooms. One and a half is more than I grew up with, so it seemed fine nearly 20 years ago when we bought our bilevel. Now I want two full baths, and some real closets and cupboards. We have hated the entry stairs the whole time. I have had two families that we couldnt invite over due to accessibility.
  11. Welcome to the world little one. I wish you restful and peaceful days of growth.
  12. I’m enjoying the artwork of Wingspan and Parks. Both of those games have gorgeous illustrations. Wingspan can be frustrating if you just draw cards that don’t led to engine building. Then if your opponents have cool and multiplying reward cards, you are just left bored and losing. Other new games that I haven’t played yet Century- Silk Road, Tiny Towns, and Minecraft board game.
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