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  1. I want to add my congratulations to you starting your program! Tomorrow is the last day of classes for my occupational therapy assistant program. It will be the last time I am with my cohort until pinning. 🙂 I only have my clinicals/fieldwork left! I'll be done in Dec. We started with a cohort of 20, and now have 14. Group dynamics are always interesting. I just want to say to enjoy the experience! 2 years will fly by.
  2. She could have dementia. I doubt there is any way you could force an evaluation of her. Unfortunately, I believe that is difficult to do. But even if she is capable of traveling alone, does not mean that there is not something medically wrong. You could contact a lawyer and see what your options are. You also may be able to contact a social worker and see what avenues are available. A lawyer would probably be faster. You would need a lawyer who handles those type of cases, such as medical power of attorney. She needs to be seen by a neurologist who handles dementia. She'll need a full evaluation and CAT scan or MRI. This is also all great advice. Try setting up as many roadblocks as you can find. I'm so sorry. What a nightmare.
  3. Hi everyone. I've been absent on the boards due to being in school. I am in school to become an Occupational therapy assistant. We have a project this summer. We need to come up with easy, inexpensive craft ideas for the Dr. Pepper museum's inclusive children's day. The idea is that the crafts are doable/enjoyable/ and non-triggering to children on the spectrum. Crafts are not my thing. I raised 5 kids, and we did do some craft activities while homeschooling, but mostly, i avoided them. 🙂 Some info on the museum: There is a room with a slanted floor (used to drain out liquids), there is an old 1950's (or so) green truck, there is a room with lots of big gears and a well (sealed, though a classmate came up with the perfect one for that). There is also just a lot of space with information and no real purpose. So far, my ideas involve a lot of work. What I would love to do would be a felt project, that involved old trucks, horses, and train (there is a large wall mural that has all 3 one it). But that project would take an enormous amount of work. I would have to personally cut out all the the items, and I think that would be too much. But maybe I could scale to down?? I don't know. I also had an idea for balls and cones for the slanted floor, but that's not really a craft. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. I didn't care for the season at all. And I was excited about Jodie, so it was not that. The writing felt like fan fiction. Every episode felt as if it was missing a proper ending. Each one left me asking, "What just happened?" My kids have stopped watching. They could barely tolerate Capaldi's episodes, though they were happier without Clara. But now, they all think it's just pointless, which is sad. It did seem like every episode was designed to pander to a certain group instead of just telling a story. Good writing tells a story and creates characters you care about. This season did not do that.
  5. This is what I was going to suggest. I would have a Dr write a referral to an OT clinic. Research and find one that deals with sensory issues. Meet with the OT. If he or she can't help you he/she may know an OT who can.
  6. for my 19 yo and 16 yo new coat and hat hoodies. The boys never seem to have enough, and must be "brand" like Nike, UA or NorthFace (for the win 😄 ) Tech t-shirts and shorts (same as above) boots. That was for the 19 yo. He's in college and needs something for walking in the muck. tools, meaning a tool box filled with the basics The 16 yo is getting a new desk and chair for his room The 19 was almost all clothes. He just needed them. He's also getting gift cards, but you said no those. My son has a Nintendo Switch and can download games he wants.
  7. My dh did that a year ago. He gave up his 1997 Dodge for a RAV4. He has been happy with the decision, but it was hard at first. The Prius is nice. I think your dh will like driving it. ?
  8. Sorry you're not feeling well! I'll just chime in to say, that while his behavior would irk me, I do think it is well within typical for an 18 yo. There is a broad range when it comes to executive function skills, as far as how and when they develop and how those skills present in each person. My class today was devoted to working on executive function skills for those who either have suffered a traumatic brain injury or have a neurodevelopmental issue (think ADHD). It was a fascinating class. It is a difficult skill to develop for numerous reasons, but often because individuals lack the self awareness of their deficit. If and when he wants to work on those skills, there are resources. But it's not easy, and it takes time and practice to improve. Again, sorry you are not well. And sorry your son was not helpful. It is always bad when mom goes down and no one else can seem to pick up any of the slack.
  9. November! It's finally starting to cool off in Central TX. ? Saturday I just did 12 minutes of kettlebell. It was 5 rounds of swings/push-ups/pull-ups. It was quick but felt good. This morning I ran 3 miles. The weather felt perfect. Sunny and low 50's. I'm hoping for a good week workout wise and eating wise. I can not get my eating back on track.
  10. Location. I would go with the nicer home in the better location, even if I didn't love the layout. You will have to resell one day, and a good location is one of the most important factors.
  11. Got my run in this morning. It was supposed to rain, but the storm slowed down, so now it will rain on the trick or treaters. ? But I did enjoy the run.
  12. We had friend's whose 3 girls slept in hammocks! They did for a number of years, then eventually got beds.
  13. A good morning at the gym. While I miss having a solid program, it was nice to do a my own thing, focusing on what I need. I'm also learning to love the machines instead of free weights. I need to use the machines for the shoulder work. It was the flys and lat raise that hurt my shoulder. The other muscles are too weak to help stabilize. I'm now warming up the shoulder and using the machines. love doing the reverse fly on the machine. I also used the leg machines today. I'm still doing squats and deadlifts, but I thought I would add curls and extensions, and maybe I'll add in leg presses too. I can only do so heavy and do so many reps with the squats and deadlifts until I feel it in my back. It's a nice change of pace. Happy Monday!
  14. I went to the gym on Friday, and it felt good. I look it easy with the weights, had a long stretch and then time in the sauna. Today I went for a run. It was outside, in the sunshine, and it felt great. I ran 2mins and walked 1 for a total of 3 miles. I had no hip pain. I don't know if that was from too much sitting the weekend before (on the plane) or the treadmill. Maybe just the different type of running.
  15. So, very rough run today. My left hip hurt, and it hurt a lot. I tried to run less, walk more, but every time I ran it hurt. I stretched for a long time, but the pain is bad. My dh thinks it's bursitis. Tomorrow was supposed to be lifting at the gym, but my dh has to work early, so I think I will do some yoga instead and see how it goes.
  16. I just got back from a trip to the east coast. I was visiting my folks for my mom's 70th birthday. It was a lot of fun. I ate my way through South Jersey. So many carbs!! And I did not work out at all. So tomorrow morning I am planning on heading to the gym to run. It will be raining (again!) here and I just don't want to run in the dark and rain. Hopefully, I get back on track. I've gained 2lbs in the past couple of weeks (I think, i'm not the best at tracking). I am cutting out my evening wine, as well as trying to watch the snacks. I need to get to the point where I don't feel bloated all of the time.
  17. I had a nice run this morning, followed by 20 minutes of yoga to stretch out. I scored a new long sleeve running top today for $2.70. I had Kohl's cash, plus a coupon. It's a lovely blue Under Armour. It will go nicely with my new tights. We have a cold front coming through next week. A little over a week ago it was in the 90's. Next week we will see highs in the 50's! Crazy. I will need warm stuff to run. I am used to running in temps in the 70's or higher. Yesterday I had a good gym workout. I did a full body weight routine. I want to focus on rehabbing my shoulder as well as keeping up my lower body stuff. I like that new book I got. It has a lot of information and good ideas for routines. I think it was a good purchase.
  18. i know, And she had red hair in Broadchurch. It was a dark auburn, close to brown, but still some red. I was disappointed when I initially saw the reveal and she was blond.
  19. yup. It does. So sorry. Which ligament? Did you get an MRI? I would want PT as soon as I could in order to do what was needed to strengthen the muscles to prevent further damage. But I I'm not a PT, only another ageing woman who keeps getting hurt while trying to stay in shape.
  20. @mamaraby, thanks for sharing that. And a big ((((hug))))). You did an amazing job.
  21. It depends on WHY he wants to meet with you 2x's a week. Is it to correct form? Does he need to see what you are doing to know if you can progress? There can be a lot of benefit to seeing a trainer more often. That being said, I would probably be hesitant. If it's not for something like form I would probably tell the person you budgeted so many lessons and that is all you can do. Also remake the point that you want to go slow and not get hurt. But only you know this trainer. There are some trainers that I have met that I would take their word for it and go for it. There are others that I could tell it was not in my best interest, just theirs.
  22. This. This is what I would say, except bolt said it more clearly than I think I could have. I will add, that I would not give the dd money. I would not hand her cash or keep enrolling her in school. I would want to see some indication that she could handle something. But I would NOT turn her out of my home. I would only do that if she were violent. You friend does need to get help. Our health system is so crappy, but she should see if there is some way she could get support. And just keep listening. I know you think saying that you're sorry that it's happening is not helpful, but having someone to turn to, even if it's just to dump on, is helpful. Offer hugs and a listening ear.
  23. gym today. I'm almost done stage 6 for NRFL4W, so just 1 more stage and I'm done. I've liked the program, but I think I want a little more control over what I'm doing. My shoulder issues have shown me that I can't just follow something canned. I want a program, but I also want to tweak it. I ordered a book from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1450466036/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's Delavier's Strength training for women. There was a $5 coupon on it for some reason. I hope it will work out for me. I could also redo NRFL and add stuff. I'll have to see.
  24. Congratulations!! I feel for your dh though. I'm sure he was disappointed. But good job!
  25. Yeah, that's how I felt about it. It felt forced. As for the last scene, I'm sure the magic screwdriver will help. ?
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