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  1. The one that Paul Maudale does is the Tomatis. This is different from The Listening Program. My ds who has auditory processing issues did The LIstening Program twice at different ages-years apart- and I saw no difference. We just had the training with the Tomatis and I'm already seeing differences. I did this through
  2. I have The Listening Program on cds that I am willing to sell. I sent you a pm.
  3. The key to Anna's method is that she doesn't do both therapies at same time. She starts with the neuro-developmental therapy and then she knows when the child is ready to do the Listening Fitness training.
  4. Take a look at My son has done the Listening program twice, vision therapy, and other neurodevelopmental therapies. None of them are like what Anna Buck does. She wrote a book called Miracle Children. She did this with her own child. I have interacted with her daughter and I can't believe it is the same child described in said book. The book When Listening Comes Alive is written by the cofounder of the Listening Centre in Toronto who was a patient of Dr. Tomatis and cofounded the centre with him. "In 2005 Anna was certified as a Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapist by The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester, U.K. Anna was a guest speaker at an INPP conference in December, 2006, where she shared her own copyrighted exercisetechnique for Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapy. She shared more about her work at the INPP International Conference in 2010. As a certified Listening Fitness Instructor for The Listening Centre, Toronto, Canada, Anna was a guest speaker at the annual conference in 2006. She is the first person to integrate INPP’s Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapy with the Listening Fitness Program. This has proven to be quite successful with children who have experienced both programs." In June, 2009 Anna visited the Movement and Learning Centre, Scotland where she received training in Bilateral Integration.
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