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    Mr Bach Comes to Call Tchaikovsky Discovers America Beethoven Lives Upstairs Mozart's Magic Fantasy Hallelujah Handel Mozart's Magnificent Voyage All cd's have been stored in a cd book with their cover. I do not have the jewel cases anymore. I will send them in a cd cover to protect them. $5 each ppd.



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    I'VE RECEIVED SO MANY PMS THAT I CAN'T KEEP UP AND I'M SORRY! THE FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND ACTUALLY HAS BOUGHT ALL OF THEM! SO, I'LL TRY TO GET BACK TO EVERYONE, BUT I CAN'T GUARANTEE I CAN!!!! I have a BUNCH of these CDs that my kids just don't listen to anymore. $5 each ppd. These have been stored in a book with one CD/sleeve. I don't have the jewel cases anymore. Here's my list: The Three Musketeers/Robin Hood Heroes in Mythology Egyptian Treasures Treasure Island King Arthur and His Knights The Prince and the Pauper She and He: Adventures in Mythology The Queen's Pirate Greek Myths Tell Me a Story Shakespeare for Children Sherlock Holmes for Children Good Night Sweet Dreams A Storytelling Sampler Celtic Treasures Jewish Holiday Stories Spooky Classics Tales from the Old Testament The Jungle Book Arabian Nights Best Loved Stories in Song and Dance Animal Takes Fairytale Favorites Takes from Cultures Far and Near Giants A Christmas Carol Mystery Mystery Galileo and the Stargazers Rip Van Winkle/Gulliver's Travels Just So Stories Uncle Wiggly's Storybook American Tall Tales Tom Sawyer Famously Funny Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America Romeo and Juliet Thomas Jefferson's America Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea MAsters of the Renaissance A Tale of Two Cities


  3. I'm so sorry about the injury!!! What a huge disappointment. I'm glad to read that she can coach though! Runningmom80 - my daughter has that problem. She usually wears a leo that's a little big with gym shorts - the really tight ones. Works well. After Meg had a very successful year last year, she's moved up an age group and a level. She struggles with vault so much! So, she isn't placing as well in all around competitions this year. Poor kid. She's still motivated and loves it though! Her first meet she got first on beam and 3rd all around (in the 8 and under division). Her
  4. We just had an in-house meet last weekend. Dd's coach wanted anyone who is moving up to score at least a 32 at this point. (Two months until first official meet.) Meg had no problem with it, so she's officially a level 4. She's 8. She currently struggles with bars. She can't do her kip straight-armed yet. She'll get it though. Nicole - all of our girls skip level 5, but they move straight into 6. We have an Xcel program at our gym, but it's used mostly for older girls just starting out or those who want a smaller committment. I wish we were going to FL this year! We are d

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    I have the Adventures in America schedule book. (We used the workbook) It has some writing in it where I added things. It's all in pencil. I also hav ethe book Smart About the Fifty States, which is used with this program and is on the schedule. I used this with a seventh grader and a second grader last year. (But, they could easily have been used for 1 - 3rd grades and 6th - 8th.) So, I have readers of two different levels to go with it. Here is what I used with my second grader: The Landing of the Pilgrims In Grandma's Attic Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims Pocahontas and the Strangers The Courage of Sarah Noble The Matchlock Gun A Lion to Guard Us The Cabin Faced West The Story of the Pilgrims A Picgture Book of Paul Revere A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln George Washington, A Picture Book Biography A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus Here is what I used with my seventh Grader: SOTW, Volumes 3 and 4 The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution Keeping Score Bud, Not Buddy Traitor, the Case of Benedict Arnold Sacajawea The Great Little madison The Slopes of War, a Novel of Gettysburg Moonshiner's Son Farewell to Manazanar The Yanks are Coming Dragon's Gate Tolivers Secret Elijah of Buxton Shhh! We're writing the Constitution The Boys' War Freedom Walkers Before Columbus All of these books have been read and are used. Most are in excellent condition. We do fold down our pages to mark our spots and a couple of the books have creases on the front covers. I'd like to sell everything together for $75 plus shipping. But, if you'd like one of the sets alone - second or seventh, we can talk. I'll accept Paypal only and mail the next day. We are a non-smoking home.



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    I have Henle Latin, First Year. I have the text, Grammar, and Answer Key. I also have the schedule from Memoria Press for units 1 - XIV. I also have the Quizzes and Tests books for units III - XIV. It is a complete program (minus the first quiz book). All in good condition and completely useable!!! Ds only completed the first two books, so the others are new. I'll send the set to you for $35 plus shipping!! Paypal only. We are from a non-smoking home. PM me or email me at kellyfamily115@gmail.com


  7. Great job mom!!! How is she doing at her new gym? I hope she loves it (and you do too!). Meg has had two more meets. Last weekend the scoring was brutal. I don't have her scores in front of me, but it was BRUTAL!!! She still got 4th place in the All Around. She missed a skill on floor she never misses. I thought she'd come off upset, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, I still got 8.8! That means I did everything else right!!!" Great attitude kid! I hope she keeps it! This weekend - a different story!!! 9.15 Vault - her BEST ever!!! 3rd place 9.15 Bar
  8. Dd is there 15 hours at new L3. Our L4s are there 19!
  9. I'm just curious. How many hours a week is she there now?
  10. PS Was anyone else at Circle of Stars this weekend???? Meg's group went on Friday. And, her next meet, she'll move up an age group, so I don't expect she'll keep up with this kind of placing all season!
  11. Congrats t your dd! It's so fun to see their hard work pay off! Our gym just moved a bunch of girls up to the new level 6 so they could move up to optionals. We've opted to keep dd back due to the hours she'd be training. She JUST turned 8 and at the gym 15 hours a week. If she moves up, they'd want her 20. ((hugs)) I'm so sorry. Can you ask the gym if they can work something out? One of our moms cleans the gym for tuition. Maybe an option? Congrats to your dd!!! My dd just had her second meet. First place beam, fifth place vault, second place floor, and third place
  12. What??? None of that is appropriate and I can't see any of it happening at our gym. So, is your dd not coompeting this year? Or did you switch gyms?
  13. I'm bumping this because my daughter had her first meet yesterday and she ROCKED it!!!! Floor: First place (9.55) Beam: Second place (8.4 - Hello? The beam scores were ALL low. They only gave out one above a 9 all day) Vault: Third place (8.8 - it's her nemesis!) Bars: Second place (9.35) AA: 36.125 FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

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    I have the Deluxe Kit (normally $49.95). I used it for the first two lessons. So, the teacher's manual has a couple of the pages dog-eared to mark my place. Also, a number of the flash cards have already been filed - but that would make it easier for you to open it up and start! I'm selling it because it just wasn't for us, unfortunately. I accept Paypal and will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. I will mail within the continental US for free. Please email me - kellyfamily115@gmail.com if interested!


  15. Our coaches have prepared us for harsh scoring this year. Apparently all the new dance moves are going to throw a lot of girls off. Did all the teams score lower than usual? Just curious as our competitive season doesn't start until January.
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