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  1. Yeah!!! Congratulations to her! My son just got his official admission early decision to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania! He will be rowing there. He got a near-full scholarship.
  2. My son did his AP calc and tested in to Calc 2 at his engineering school. So, we obviously love his classes! And, my kids spend about an hour a day on his courses. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. And, if you ever have a question for him, video message him! He'll send you a video back with a response.

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    Mr Bach Comes to Call Tchaikovsky Discovers America Beethoven Lives Upstairs Mozart's Magic Fantasy Hallelujah Handel Mozart's Magnificent Voyage All cd's have been stored in a cd book with their cover. I do not have the jewel cases anymore. I will send them in a cd cover to protect them. $5 each ppd.



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    I'VE RECEIVED SO MANY PMS THAT I CAN'T KEEP UP AND I'M SORRY! THE FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND ACTUALLY HAS BOUGHT ALL OF THEM! SO, I'LL TRY TO GET BACK TO EVERYONE, BUT I CAN'T GUARANTEE I CAN!!!! I have a BUNCH of these CDs that my kids just don't listen to anymore. $5 each ppd. These have been stored in a book with one CD/sleeve. I don't have the jewel cases anymore. Here's my list: The Three Musketeers/Robin Hood Heroes in Mythology Egyptian Treasures Treasure Island King Arthur and His Knights The Prince and the Pauper She and He: Adventures in Mythology The Queen's Pirate Greek Myths Tell Me a Story Shakespeare for Children Sherlock Holmes for Children Good Night Sweet Dreams A Storytelling Sampler Celtic Treasures Jewish Holiday Stories Spooky Classics Tales from the Old Testament The Jungle Book Arabian Nights Best Loved Stories in Song and Dance Animal Takes Fairytale Favorites Takes from Cultures Far and Near Giants A Christmas Carol Mystery Mystery Galileo and the Stargazers Rip Van Winkle/Gulliver's Travels Just So Stories Uncle Wiggly's Storybook American Tall Tales Tom Sawyer Famously Funny Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America Romeo and Juliet Thomas Jefferson's America Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea MAsters of the Renaissance A Tale of Two Cities


  5. This seems so crazy to me! If my son needs to add something basic to his schooling that we somehow missed, I'd like to know sooner rather than later! My son has had a "pre-read" done on his application materials at a number of schools, but I don't believe any of them have contacted the NCAA for that information yet. I just want to make sure I haven't messed this up for him!
  6. I'm not sure if it's easier or not. Ds's ACT score was higher, percentage-wise, than the SAT on his first attempt. But, it could have been because the SAT was the first test he took and didn't know what to expect.
  7. We are in the same boat! My son is a rower and is just narrowing down his official visit list. Have you heard from the NCAA? I need to call and find out if his courses are considered acceptable. What a nightmare filling all of those out was! My son took the ACT, SAT (twice), and two subject tests and did very well. He's working on his college essays this summer so he won't have to do that and schoolwork. This is getting exciting!
  8. We fly Delta mostly. We take the same precautions as mentioned above. And, when we tell them, they don't serve peanuts on our flight. They are pretty great about it. We didn't fly for years because we weren't sure if his allergy was airborne or not. Now, we've flown a number of times and I'm confident his is only if he ingests peanuts.
  9. You all are just plain wrong about Trader Joes!!!! Blasphemy! :) I really don't like McDonald's, Burger King, or any of those fast food burger joints. I don't remember the last time I ate at one. (But, I do remember my first pregnancy CRAVING a Whopper at Burger King. Weird!!)
  10. My son rows for a club so there are no requirements about school. They have people from all the local schools on the team. And there are a couple homeschooled kids too! Club teams tend to be more competitive than school teams. (Not always the case, but usually true). In Michigan. They cannot participate in school sports unless they are at the school at least half days. So this was a sport we could do and homeschool.
  11. Hikin mama!!! Where does your son go to college? And where did he row in high school? I ask because my son is going into his senior year and he's a rower. He's being recruited by a number of colleges and very excited about rowing in college! He currently rows for the Detroit Boat Club. Oh and all the rowers hate UW!!! My son and his teammates watched a lot of the races at Henley a couple weeks ago and always rooted against them! Lol To the OP. It is an amazing sport. So much fun to watch. My son cuttently works out three times a day- twice on the water with his teammates and he throws in another at home just for fun. Usually running or cycling. He mixes it up. It is an expensive sport and for us has involved a lot of travel. In fact, andrew is leaving right now for Club Nationals in Cincinnati! This sport has been the perfect fit for him!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. But how wonderful of them to help make the best of a horrible situation. We had a similar experience on a Disney cruise years ago when our son needed emergency surgery and we were out at sea. Disney took care of us!!!!
  13. I'm so sorry about the injury!!! What a huge disappointment. I'm glad to read that she can coach though! Runningmom80 - my daughter has that problem. She usually wears a leo that's a little big with gym shorts - the really tight ones. Works well. After Meg had a very successful year last year, she's moved up an age group and a level. She struggles with vault so much! So, she isn't placing as well in all around competitions this year. Poor kid. She's still motivated and loves it though! Her first meet she got first on beam and 3rd all around (in the 8 and under division). Her second meet (yesterday - in the 9 and under division - even though she's still only 8!), she got 3rd on beam and 8th all around. (What is it with kids getting 9.8 and 9.9s at the beginning of the season??? Holy cow!!!)
  14. We just had an in-house meet last weekend. Dd's coach wanted anyone who is moving up to score at least a 32 at this point. (Two months until first official meet.) Meg had no problem with it, so she's officially a level 4. She's 8. She currently struggles with bars. She can't do her kip straight-armed yet. She'll get it though. Nicole - all of our girls skip level 5, but they move straight into 6. We have an Xcel program at our gym, but it's used mostly for older girls just starting out or those who want a smaller committment. I wish we were going to FL this year! We are doing a TON of traveling with Meg this year. Las Vegas, Kalahari (Ohio), New York, and a bunch of MI meets. Her state meet is in Traverse City, MI, which will require another hotel. This is getting really expensive, really fast!!!
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