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  1. You have all given me a tremendous amount to consider and resources to investigate that would allow him further explanation, if he chooses. I will examine some of the suggested texts and inform him they are available -- on all sides of the issue. The most important theme I see is that I cannot force belief (and I know that), and that I could inadvertently push him further down his current path (though he may be happy to stay there, anyway :-). And, you are right -- a spiritual journey cannot be controlled by another person. And, to clarify, notice the Romulus and Remus episode was kinder
  2. Thank you all! Eliana, your words truly spoke to me. What a glorious way of seeing this process. Thank you for helping to ease my burden and stress. I will continue to pray that the path he choses brings him the fulfillment and happiness he deserves. And, Catwoman, thank you for the reminder that a spiritual journey is filled with twists and turns, and that this may be the beginning of many adventures in faith for him.
  3. He sees the need for God to explain anything as unnecessary. He has a wonderful moral compass and embraces life. He simply already has decided that God is a simple way for people to explain things science cannot yet explain. He gets annoyed by what he sees as silliness and illogical thought. Thank you for those of you who do not have faith in God and still see the wonder in life! I will look through several of the readings suggested .... I know this is a personal journey for him, but want him to think through all sides -- though I know faith isn't about "thought." ;-). Oh, and yes, i
  4. want him giving up faith so early -- though I cannot control him. We are Catholic, and since Kindergarten, he has been questioning (seeing the Cain and Abel story as a rip-off of Romulus and Reemus, etc.). He is VERY logical and engineering/math and sciences oriented. I am sad he already fails to believe -- mainly because I see it as a loss of childhood and wonder, I think. Though, I do wish my faith was much stronger as well. I feel like I have failed to give him something I already lack. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, readings for him, comfort for me, etc. are all appreciat
  5. I have two boys and need some fun logic puzzle and maze books for stocking stuffers. They both loved sodoku books last year and I need something fun, entertaining, and not too "schoolish." Kwim?
  6. Hi all, Getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast and I've been asked to make Mac and Cheese. No matter what I do (velveeta, butter and flour roux, etc.) mine always seems kind of lumpy or stringy. I have melted the cheese ahead of time, made sure it wasn't too cooked, etc, and there are always chunks of cheese or things that look like cottage cheese left. HELP! What do I do?
  7. Thank you! That is very helpful. I would hate to have a test from 8th grade hurt him. Cheers!
  8. From the website for CTY it appears that the SAT scores are wiped from the system for 8th graders, but that they remain for the ACT. So, if DS ever sent his ACT scores to a University, would the 8th grade scores appear? That seems a bit problematic....
  9. search and for prepping him for test taking for both the CTY program and for College entrance testing? Any experiences or thoughts?
  10. Thank you Mommy Grommy. That is an amazing little trick. I found exactly what I needed after an hour of wading through pages of posts!
  11. I am trying to search for something specific and the search brings up everything with one of my terms. I have tried "" and AND, but to not avail. Any ideas for narrowing a search?
  12. I grew up in Miami, the Kendall area, and went to UM, but haven't been back in 20 years. I want to take my kids for a few days next week, and I can't sort through all the Everglades options -- kayaks, airboats, bike trails, etc. I have 3 kids and 1 couldn't do a paddle alone kayak. My main concern is just having fun while exploring the Glades...they will appreciate the experience without having to spend a ton of money. In Miami, I will be taking them to Baptist Hospital to feed ducks (a major childhood memory for me), walk around campus, hit Crandon Park/Key Biscayne, maybe the Vene
  13. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! And, yes, I am yelling. I was feeling very embarrassed, and a little hesitant. I feel much better about walking back in after so much time away. :grouphug:
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