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  1. What's wrong with that? My money, my terms. Borrow it or not. Banks make such distinctions all the time, and that is for money that will be repaid. Why shouldn't the government put restrictions on given money? This whole discussion has become silly, imo, so I am done now.
  2. Why is this even a question? So, applauding the fact that someone chooses not to access government services and instead make their own way is now seen as wrong or abnormal? Wow. I think that says a lot about where we're headed as a nation. ETA: As far as digging yourself out of a hole, we did the same. People do it all the time without the assistance of the government. I guess the difference between us is that I'm not sitting around bemoaning the fact that it could've been so much easier with assistance. I'm proud of us for having done it on our own.
  3. Not an easy or a happy choice but a choice nonetheless, as evidenced by folks right here who have decided not to do it and are finding other ways to make it. Like Tara, I do not begrudge people services, but I applaud those who are finding ways to make it without using them.
  4. I'll stand by my remark. No one has a gun to anyone's head that I know of. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. You will rarely find me defending the federal government. ;)
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