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Forum game - who wants to play?

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I've read so many thread titles lately which ask a question. Often I come up with an answer that has absolutely nothing to do with what the OP meant by the question, but I can't help coming up with the replies anyway. So ... thought I'd start a thread where we can post replies when they come to mind. This may be totally lame, so feel free to say so if it is. :lol:


I'll start off with one from the high school forum ...

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hippocampus? How does it work?



The parking area is replaced with a covered area with hay available, the doors to buildings are wider, and there are no steps involved. Pushing and shoving is considered acceptable behavior and sprinklers are often activated in the classrooms to keep the students happy. :D


I know ... I need a life. :lol:

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Organic foods--how do we start eating healthier?


Plant yourselves in unpolluted, fertile ground, and suck up those nutrients.


Sorry, I had to answer for them because organic foods cannot talk -- or at the very least, they don't speak English.

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Stupid "green" question of the day


There are no stupid, green questions. The stupid questions are the orange ones.


Despite my best efforts, it happened...I turned 40!!!


Try turning the other way.


Birth of Baby Photos


All my life, I've thought baby photos were hatched.


About PS - will I get eggs thrown at me if I share something good?


Eggs have become dangerous. We'll throw tomatoes instead.


Glamour of Grammar


Isn't this kind of like putting lipstick on a pig?


Do y'all write in your workbooks?


No, but we color all the pictures.

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do I need pencil grips?


yep. they're called fingers


These are the types of people who give Christians a bad name...


like Apple or whatever celebrities are naming their kids these days

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