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  1. Yup. The boy is better. Another lesson on given how to pass a test by regurgitating the stock answer given instead of debating the point and ranting about how they are trying to stifle his curiosity and creativity. And no, you cannot write in an additional multiple choice answer and choose that. It will still be marked wrong.

    1. swimmermom3


      <Grin> My son must be visiting your house.

    2. NotSoObvious


      Ha. That is awesome.

    3. Aunty Social

      Aunty Social

      Every subject somehow turns into a class on debate. :)

  2. We've only been back in school for 2.5 hours, and I've already threatened death by math book if they can't.just.FOCUS!

    1. violamama


      I've already snarked sarcastic. I can't tell if I need MORE or LESS coffee. I'm going with more.

    2. Aunty Social

      Aunty Social

      Always more coffee! A half a bag of mini twix, 2 cups of coffee, and a 'scary mom voice' ultimatum later, things seem to have calmed down.


  3. The eldest just asked how I ladled the soup out of the container and into a bowl....I used a ladle.

    1. Aunty Social

      Aunty Social

      I should have answered 'carefully', LOL


  4. Love the day before Thanksgiving almost as much as Thanksgiving. Pies are baking, squash and potatoes are cooking, and the house smells WONDERFUL.

  5. I'm wondering what this does.

    1. Aunty Social

      Aunty Social

      Cool! Now I know. :)

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