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  1. In choosing three to five selections from this time frame, I'd probably go for the major classics, like: Gilgamesh Homer's Illiad and/or Odyssey Virgil's Aeneid Beowulf The Canterbury Tales Check the great books list in WTM for a more complete list to choose from, if these aren't to taste. HTH
  2. We use Hake, and we do use the writing program. I think I might be the only one out there who does. Yes, it's dry. Yes, it's "formulaic", but as a thorough skill-builder, it's what I was looking for. Lots of practice writing a variety of different kinds of short essays. It also covers outlining, creative writing and responding to literature. For us, it worked far far better than Writing With Skill.
  3. Can you specify which time period in world history you're covering? Or is it the entire world history in one survey course?
  4. My oldest is starting 9th grade this year, so my high school plans are still in formation, but here's what I'm thinking: 9th: World History to 1500 10th: World History 1500 to present 11th: US History 12th: American Government/Economics Geography will be incorporated with each year's focus. Folding my younger dd in at the appropriate time, her history schedule will look like: 9th: US History 10th: Amer. Gov't / Economics 11th: World History to 1500 12th: World History 1500 to present That's my tentative long range plan. We'll see how it all plays out. :)
  5. Hi quark, This is awesome! For the Saxon sections, you might want to note that the DIVE CD's are not secular. The Saxon Teacher CD's are. :)
  6. My oldest will be in 9th grade next year, and she wants to keep homeschooling, so here we are. Eeeek! I'm still in an early planning stage, but here's where I'm at right now: Math: Saxon Algebra 2 Language Arts: We did FLL 1-4, then Hake 5-8, and her grammar is SOLID. I'll probably have her do Easy Grammar or Daily Grams to keep familiar with mechanics, plus the Lively Art of Writing, plus Literature Studies to tie in with History History: World History 1. My plan is to cover World History in 2 years, using Spielvogel's Human Odyssey as a spine. Ideally, I'll create a mini-version of a Great Books study. Still figuring this out. Will probably add some geography in here too. Science: Other than RegularDad, we're not very science-oriented here at my place. We're more language/history/creative arts types. I'm thinking about High School Biology in Your Home by Bridget Ardoin. It's secular, which is a must for us, it's scripted for me and it has labs. I found it in the Biology thread up top in here. Has anyone used this? Any suggestions or recommendations? Will that suffice for a proper high school biology course? I still haven't ruled out out-sourcing our science, but she's taking so many other classes outside already, I'm worried about scheduling. Logic/Rhetoric: Haven't decided yet. She's done Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2, Traditional Logic 1 and will finish up Traditional Logic 2 by the end of this year, if all goes according to plan. Not sure where to go from there just yet. Foreign Language: We've been doing Latin since 2nd grade. She'll finish Third Form Latin this year. I'm thinking about switching to Henle instead of doing 4th Form. But I'm also considering stopping Latin and trying French. Every year, we try to do some French and it falls through the cracks. Ideally, we'd do both, but it just never seems to happen. sigh... Electives: tons of those. She does an enrichment day once a week that will continue through high school. She gets art and music classes there, plus she takes extra music, drama, dance, singing classes at the local conservatory. She'll also be eligible for dual enrollment classes at the community college. I figured she ought to choose electives to start out there, just in case there's an adjustment period to taking college level classes. All that stuff combined will cover elective credits quite well. PE: She skis, does yoga, and has been taking archery classes. Not sure if I need to add much else there. Trying not to freak out too much about next year.... any advice is always appreciated. :)
  7. Rainbow Resource just sent me an email saying that a package is on its way.... and I'm all: but I thought I had everything. Wondering what I've forgotten to plan....

  8. Really struggling with this new format, but wanted to sort of say "hi" to you all. I've been away from the boards for a few months, and now I've returned, and everything's DIFFERENT. AAAAGGGG!!! That's all. I'll be fine. :)

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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  11. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi!

    I love that quote, by the way!

  12. Stacia, that quote is so awesome. Thanks!

  13. Touche, RegularMom, touche. I tip my hat to you. And say hi, lol. :seeya:


    A misc. quote for you:

    "The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it." -- George Bernard Shaw

  14. All this time I thought you were on my friend list. I can't keep track. I'm sending you a request now.

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