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  1. Laminator (I laminate everything to make it wipe-erase) Removable wall poster putty - I like posters, but I change them often Old calendars - I've found so many uses for old calendar pictures
  2. Speaking from recent experience (I have a 5 month old, along with kids who are 3, 5, and 7)... If you have strong readers, have them do a lot of independent reading to go along with history/science. I have recently started my 7 y.o. on giving oral presentations and simple book reports on what she's been reading for history. (That way, I can check her grammar and spelling, I know if she's understanding and retaining what she's read, and we get some free entertainment!) I always do our history, science, and religion readings during meals - they're all together and quiet (because they'r
  3. I hope the Roswell thing is true - I'm always pulling for the REALLY NICE aliens (not the scary, destroying the earth, "take me to your leader" type of aliens, though). I must be tightly wrapped today! :lol:
  4. Yes, I do think it is a bit ridiculous for a seller to ask full price for used curriculum - if they are stating that it is used - however, if someone else is foolish enough to buy it at the price, then "way to go, seller." As a buyer of used curriculum, I rely on my own research to determine what is a good price. If someone lists something at a price that is too high, then it probably won't sell, and that's the seller's loss. Don't sweat it...just don't buy it! That said, if they're misrepresenting the condition, that's just wrong.
  5. I've been through the baby food phase three times before, but this is my first time trying my hand at making baby food. Any good book recommendations? Thanks!:001_smile:
  6. I'm going to be cutting out several chapters of both SOTW3 and SOTW4 and focusing more on the American Revolution and the Civil War. In addition to SOTW3, I'll be using American Revolution for Kids. Instead of using the SOTW3 chapter on the American Revolution, I'll be spending 2-3 months using American Revolution for Kids (roughly 2 to 3 weeks per chapter of that book; there are 7 or 8 chapters). I don't yet know what I'll use for SOTW4.
  7. You and your little one will be in my thoughts and prayers!
  8. I can't stand predictable, insipid love stories... so, anything by Nicholas Sparks is out of the question for me - for that matter, so are most romantic comedies (anything starring Drew Barrymore; Jennifer Aniston (except for Office Space, loved that one; etc.). As for Titanic, it still drives me crazy that, at the end, the old Rose threw the diamond back into the sea. Hello? What about the poor guy she just told her miserable life story to? His life's work has been spent searching for that stupid rock, she knows it, then just tosses it into the ocean with a "eee" sound. Nope. Hate it
  9. I'm not really an introvert, but I am a homebody. I work part-time and the kids have a nanny who comes to the house 3 days a week (and one of those days each week, her friend and the friend's little girl come over to play). My kids have friends at church and my oldest is in Brownies (which I can't stand - the troop is awful, but I keep her in as a bit of a social outlet). The hard thing for me is that because of my job, I'm left with four days a week for homeschooling. Many Saturdays, we're doing activities as a family. And Sundays, we don't get started until 2:00 in the afternoon be
  10. I just finished my plan for SOTW 3 and have an idea of what I'll do for SOTW4, so I'll share. I'm actually planning on skipping a few of the SOTW3 chapters, simply because I feel as though 8 pages on the American Revolution is not enough. We're going to spend between 10 and 12 weeks on the Revolution using American Revolution for Kids. As for SOTW 4, I"ll probably spend a great deal of time on the Civil War as well and not focus as much on the war and misery of the 20th century. As for what we'll do once we finish the first four-year rotation, I'm :lurk5:!
  11. They're not as big as a double stroller. I think (since I never owned a travel system stroller) they may be just a bit bigger than the travel system when folded.
  12. I'm a mommy and a lawyer. There are days when I wish I wasn't the latter!
  13. I'm like you - to an extent. I hate, loathe, despise, and (sadly enough) fear bugs. I love camping though, go figure - I think it's because I like spending the night away from home and it's cheaper than a hotel. Anyway, I recently purchased Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study (I've linked the FREE Google books version, if the link works). I'm coupling that with Harmony Art Mom's Nature Outdoor Challenges, which you can find here (just scroll down and you'll find them, starting with #1, on the far right column of the blog). The kids seem to enjoy it and it's getting me to apprec
  14. I've actually recently looked into this (although my oldest is only in second grade, so we'll see if I've changed my mind when the time comes), and stumbled upon an online high school run through Indiana University. You have the option of taking them for a high school diploma (either through them or as part of your own homeschooling curriculum), or the kids can do AP classes (and eventually take the AP exams for college credit), or take it as a dual credit course (dual credit being high school and college). Both my husband and I like the AP and dual credit options, but I have some reservatio
  15. A subject near and dear to me... but so hard to narrow it down, hmm... The Stand Eyes of the Dragon The Green Mile and my favorite short story: Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption
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