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  1. Hi! I'm hoping someone knows about, or knows someone who can help me choose what kind of water filtration I need. I keep researching but it seems like it is pretty convoluted to someone who is uneducated about such matters. When I read my water report from the county it is like reading Greek... I need to know what kind of water filters are options for the type of water that we have. I also need to know what kind of filters to get for my shower heads. From everything I read, it is important to choose filters that are very specific to the things that are in my water so that I know what I wan
  2. We have this issue often, particularly when traveling. We are a blonde family and often have Chinese people stop us and take our family pics. Even grabbing our children to pose with them. It is infuriating. They don't even ask. I'm not talking about 1-2 people, lots... One of my kids has even started hiding her hair with a hoodie when traveling.
  3. Hubby and I drove through Idaho & Montana on vacation and fell in love. :) We particularly liked the Alpine -Jackson area... but there were lots of areas we loved. What do I need to know about Idaho & Montana? What is it like? How is the homeschool community? We would be relocating from Southern California- so I know it would be wildly different... but feel free to enlighten me on what I could come to expect... What about religious demographics- we are Christian and would like to have a good amount of community local - are there areas that may be more attractive to us?
  4. Hey. I'm looking for some Christian Parenting podcasts for DADS. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. I've read up to By the Shores... with my crew and they are very sensitive. Mary going blind was a tough one, but manageable.
  6. I can only read aloud for 30-45 min at a time. I may do several of those a day, but my throat hurts when reading any more than that! IDK how you all do it!
  7. My kids are not with Sage Oak, but with another charter. I also work as a teacher "EF/TF/ES" for another local charter and am pretty knowledgable on the differences between them. Sage Oak seems solid enough and I have several friends with them. Most charters run similarly with minor differences. If you are looking at high school then there are some major differences and you will want to research more. If you want to chat differences between the local charters, I can give you some thoughts. PM me with any questions/concerns that are on your radar. ;) Good luck! Charters are a great op
  8. Hi. I'm wondering if there are any conceptual math programs that are online or computer based for upper elementary? We have completed Singapore 3 and part of Beast 3. I have 5 kids and although I have been pretty strong on believing I should do math WITH my kids in person, I am exploring other options... Teaching Textbooks is not an option. Thanks!
  9. Well, we love to camp - and I am usually one for saying you can do this!!! But...personally I would not go camping without another adult with kids your ages. :( Just for the fact that I usually watch the kids/keep them from going into streets, take them potty, etc. while my husband does all the "work" of cooking, cleaning dishes, setting up and tearing down camp, etc. If you DO, you need a solid plan for cooking/cleaning- b/c it just takes longer when you are camping! Paper goods/silverware, easy canned meals, Baby on back, pack n play, high chair, whatever... maybe keep kids strappe
  10. What she said! ;) Totally true. I found that I was not able to stay completely on schedule, about 6 weeks behind a year in these younger years due to field trips, life, etc... So it's nice to have that cushion. We are now on a Jan-Jan schedule instead of Sep-Sep. ;) And with this type of curriculum, it is not like they are missing skills if they fall a bit behind as long as you keep up with math, really. :) Great curriculum!! Oh, if you stay on schedule, a lot of people don't feel like their kids are ready for Preparing and want them to have another year- so they do MFW ECC fo
  11. Hi! So I want to actually start doing nature journals as a more formal thing... 3 questions 1. What size journal do you all advise for 9 & 6 year olds. I was looking at a 9x12 but that seems big and a 7x10 seems right, but figured I would check with you more experienced mamas! 2. What are your favorite resources that you utilize? 3. Any other tips? :) Thanks!
  12. My 9yo wants to knit/crochet. My mom has taught her a little but doesn't live locally... I have practically no knowledge on this subject. She is very crafty and learns quickly. What can I buy her to have her fully set up? - yarn, organizers, hooks, etc... Amazon links are helpful!! ;) I saw ergonomic hooks too... are those good for young kids or should I start her on the regular aluminum ones? HELP this non-crafty mom!! Thanks!
  13. Hubby goes back to Lewis or Clark... I don't remember which one. :) Kinda fun.
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