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  1. I go to a place like Ross, TJ Maxx, Steinmart, etc... for jeans since they have so many brands in one place. I also buy at Goodwill type shops since they are already pre-shrunk and I can get several pairs cheaply so if I don't love them I donate them back. My favorites are Ralph Lauren, I think they are called Lauren, Levis and Anne Taylor. They fit well. My biggest problem is the lover cut that has a gap when you sit or bend.
  2. :hurray: Good for you! Accountability is always helpful for me :)
  3. We are CONUS now, but thank you for posting, will share with some overseas friends!
  4. It is wonderful to see teens helping to make decisions and asking for advice on homeschooling. I hope you get some wonderful responses. My girls have used http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/ for science and love it, they use Apologia and it is free. Mrs Moore makes the class fun and the interaction with other students is fun for them also. Best of luck!
  5. I think it would be worth paying for a trainer for the first session to get oriented to equipment and how to use everything properly. They should be able to give each child guidance on where to start and what is appropriate for a workout. Mine keep a journal of what they do, they like to look back and see where they started and where they are now. Our gym also did initial assessments on everyone which was free with membership. Take advantage of the trainers if available, it helped us a lot. Jenn
  6. We use http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/ They are free and we love Mrs Moore who teaches the science. Sorry, no experience with either you mentioned.
  7. We have a lot of school uniforms shirts in stores here that fit that description. Kohls, Target, and Walmart all have them now. You can always order from French Toast online also.
  8. Thanks for posting, I am highly sensitive and seem to be the only one bitten, I will certainly try some of these ideas!
  9. http://wkdesigner.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/father-son-ties/ This is for a regular mens tie, you could try adjusting it. She has a lot of great patterns on her site for simple projects that are really neat! Good Luck! Jenn
  10. Wow, makes you stop and think. I know I am guilty of hurrying along in daily life, need to stop and smell the roses more and appreciate things around me. Thanks for posting, Jenn
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