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  1. I love it too :D Season 5 was not my fave, but there was Sheppy to drool over so it was okay :lol:

  2. Just have to say, love Stargate Atlantis! Just watched the last episode the other night having gone through all 5 seasons with my kids. :)

  3. LOL - I'm loving your profile page & esp the profile photo :-)

  4. Oh, Pretty Profile ! Good job.


  5. You are correct I have one teeage daughter. :D In 2 weeks she will be 14.


    Can you tell me more about NCFCA? And where do you take swim lessons? She wants to improve her swimming so later on she can take a job as a lifeguard. She isn't interested in swim team because she competes so much in TKD, but lessons will be wonderful.

    I will check out the Tahoma Learning Community and once we decide on a house I will look through that school district. Thanks for the tip. :)


    Any recommendations on areas to live?

  6. Nah, no co-ops. They just don't work with the way I do things. But we are involved with Lego League, NCFCA (speech and debate), and a bunch of kids who like to have airsoft wars. :) They would LOVE to get going on 4-h for horses but my fear of driving the trailer is holding them back. The kids also take music and swim lessons...and my little girlie girl takes ballet. We're not a big sports family, but next year the girls want to try out for the public school swim team. In our school district, there is something called the Tahoma Learning Community, which offers fun extra-curricular classes; we have taken fencing through them, lotsa fun. You might try browsing through your new school district's web page to see if they offer anything like that. Did I gather somewhere that you have one child, a teenage girl? Or am I out to lunch????

  7. Well doesn't that just figure. I feel the same way. I wish I were more organized. Oh well maybe next year we can join together [and remind each other! ;) ]


    Are you in any other home school groups or co-ops?

  8. Well, I have bad news I'm afraid. Looks like the teen apprenticeship season starts in January, with applications due in Dec. So this year is out. Sigh, I wish I were more on top of things like that. But next year, we are really planning on making a go of it.

  9. Hi there! can you give me more info about the teen group? A web site or contact or something? I didn't want to post in the social group, I thought it might be rude. Thanks so much for letting me know about this!

  10. Hi Sara! continuing our conversation from the WA social group....can you tell me more info about the co-ops you do know about? And do you recommend any areas to live in or NOT live in? Thanks!

  11. Hello there! I am unsure about social groups and I didn't want to keep carrying on "our" converstion in 'public'. :D

    I love colonial Williamsburg! It is so pretty there and if I could afford it I would live there! It has definiently been the high point of being here.

    May I ask what 2 homeschool mail groups you belong too?


    The countdown for the move has begun...the worst part. :S But soon it will all be over and I will be out there!


    Do you ski?

  12. Hi there! Do you still remember me? I know it has been forever since I have been on here and I am sorry. We finally found out that we are moving to Ft Lewis April/May! I can't wait! We are looking in the DuPont area for a house. What do you think? I am also looking for teen groups, sports, homeschool groups and especially co-ops for my teenage daughter. And help you can give will be greatly appreciated! Thanks and *hugs*!

  13. Yep we are going to Ft Lewis! :D Once we know for sure "when" we are going I will be bugging I mean asking you for help! :p Thanks!

  14. Hi! You must be headed for Fort Lewis. I grew up a stone's throw away from the base and my parents are still there. My dad was Army retired so we did all our shopping and medical visits on base. I'm up the road now near Bellingham, almost on the Canadian border. If you want to chat about the area feel free to email me. Or you can reply here, of course. : )

  15. Do you live in Washington?? We are moving to near Tacoma in May.

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