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  1. I used Saxon Phonics. Started it when son was in K, but could have started it when he was about age 4.5 ish as the first lessons are letter sounds. It was very easy to implement and very effective. I read the many great reviews on websites like amazon, cbd.com, homeschoolreviews, on this forum, etc. and I was sold. My son's a fabulous reader and speller because of it IMO.
  2. I want to alter a holiday and I also want to see where it says how many days I have available above minimum required days.
  3. I've made my school calender with holidays, etc. Now how do I find it? If I go to TOOLS and click on School Year Calculator, a screen pops up as if I'm making a NEW one. If I go to MAINTENANCE tab and click on Years/Terms, a little box pops up that asks me the start and end date. When I open the program, it just says Days Available, Spent and Left. I want to view it and my holidays as I did WHEN I set it up (as I need to alter a date). How do I get to this?
  4. Which grade level are you using? How are you using it? What do you and your child think? Here are a few links about ScienceFusion for those of you who are unfamiliar with it. http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool/#1 http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool/#2 http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool/#3 http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool/#4
  5. [Editting my thread title here since this thing won't let me do so. Thread title :-) = Please help direct me to a good town to be the "hub" for a Smokey Mountain vacation.] We're planning a trip to the Smokey Mountains this fall. We'd like to find a good "hub" town in the middle of lots of attractions for families (don't mind a little driving from the hub once we are there). We want to do some Whitewater rafting (low levels of course), tubing, hiking, near restaurants, goofy golf, caves, waterfalls, etc. We're thinking Georgia, east TN, west NC, etc. Any ideas?
  6. We're looking for a place to go this fall for vacation. Would love to find a clean, nice resort/lodge that is kid-friendly and within driving distance of fun attractions and with nature walks, etc. Jucuzzis, etc. would be nice also. Any suggestions?
  7. My son loves Kikkerland wind-up toys. My son is 6 and his 8 year old (boy) cousin loves them also. Amazon has them for $ 8 to $10 ish each. No batteries required. Fairly durable also. Some of our favorites are: Kikkerland Oahaca Kikkerland Pintacuda Kikkerland Awika Kikkerland Cosmojetz Kikkerland Skidum Kikkerland Le Pinch I've posted the kikkerland websites of each of these. Once you click on the link, look to the right and click on WATCH VIDEO to see them in action. http://www.kikkerland.com/products/oahaca/ http://www.kikkerland.com/products/pintacuda-wind-up/ http://www.kikkerland.com/products/awika-wind_up/ http://www.kikkerland.com/products/cosmojetz-wind-up/ http://www.kikkerland.com/products/skidum-wind-up/ http://www.kikkerland.com/products/le-pinch-wind-up/ They're fun! And, I doubt he would have seen them.
  8. If you speak Polish, can you PM me? I need help finding something in Poland and I can't navigate the websites I need unless I speak Polish. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I saw the 15" but I assume it meant that the entire product itself was that deep so that some of those inches were the depth of the back apparatus. Maybe it does mean that the 15" is the seat depth only.
  10. Oh Brett_Ashley, there's a crown in heaven for you for this! Thanks so much!!! That Evenflo Maestro is only 10 inches, so that extra 4 inches will be much improved.
  11. I'm trying to buy a booster for my just turned 6 year old son. I bought the Evenflo Maestro Devon Booster. When I got it out of the box and sat my son in it (he's 43 lbs and about 46" and slender), the edge of it hits him at about mid-thigh. In other words, once he's scooted to the back (and sitting in it properly), from the middle of his thighs to his knees is just suspended with nothing under it. I'm now looking at the Graco Highback TurboBooster http://www.gracobaby.com/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=1781044 and I can't tell that the seat depth is any better? I've enlarged the pic but can't tell. 1. Is this normal (that half the child's upper leg is supposed to have no support (looks uncomfortable to me)? 2. Any saint who's willing to go measure the depth of the seat from the back to the front edge for me (the Evenflo's depth is only 10 inches)? HELP!!! I don't want to come home with yet another and have this identical problem.
  12. My 5 year old son drinks one daily. He loves them. Esp if his dad makes it. and he sees the spinach go in.
  13. Whew....it's too late to get into this so here's my two minute typo-filled quick response. Christianity and Evolution are two different belief systems/subjects linked by the Bible. The Bible is a major source of where we get our ideas on both subjects. I guess the idea becomes how can one accept/follow/believe the Biblical tradition of Christ (Christianity) and the same source's (Bible) teachings on evolution. The Bible doesn't address evolution per se, but it does address how things originated(broadly) -- how they got started (that God's ideas were spoken into existance ex nihilo (from nothing). Evolution is the study of how things evolve/change/alter over time. The Bible doesn't address this. Many (most?) Christians try to make a definitive/specific timeline of the universe from the Bible (and they do this by drawing conclusions from who begat who and whether this dude lived 900 years or 300, etc. and then they use this as a basis for the timeline of the universe). In my view, it's ridiculous (and I suspect ridiculous to the Creator who said, "Where were you (Job) when I set the foundations of the Earth?" (In other words, you people weren't even around here back then!). I have no trouble at all to holding to a firm belief in the fact that God created/started this whole ball of wax and that the loss of a fish's eyeballs if it lives for decades in a cave doesn't matter to a hill of beans in the grand scheme. The point of Genesis (early chapters) is that we get that God CREATED this whole amazing universe and for us to get the problem of sin (how it got started) and how he started a plan on how to save us from it. The FACT that HIS creation alters/changes over time is irrefutable and the fact that so many Christians refute it and try to scrunch all of time into a measly 5000 years is, to be frank, embarrassing to me.
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