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    Teaching Textbooks Math 6 - full set includes workbook, answer book and cd rom set. Bought new last year! Great condition. $100 cash (retail $149.90) Self-grading, great program. Please add $5 for media shipping I accept Paypal.


  2. I've never gotten used to this new board. Too much was going on at the transition and then...well...life happens and this part of my life got pushed aside. I just wanted you all to know I miss you, your insight, your humor, your conversation. Anyone who would like to privately educate me on the new board, send me a pm! :huh: (for instance, I used to visit the board and be able to quickly see the new posts...is there a way to do this now) Help me check in with limited time and ease lol!
  3. My dd began having seizures at 8. I remember how terrifying that was. She sleep in our room on the floor for a while and I rarely slept. After a while, she moved back to her room and we used a baby monitor (just made us both somehow feel more secure). It took me a good year or so to begin to adjust to our new normal. Everything about life as I knew it was turned upside down in an instant. It was terrifying. Now, it is just something we realize is part of our lives. I say "our" because it really does impact the whole family. We have tried many med and combinations to no avail. My girl had a VNS

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    Prices do not include shipping, please add $3 for media shipping. I accept Paypal. All items in good to good used condition. Non-smoking home. Shurley English Level 7 Set (Teachers Manual, Student Text, Practice Book) $25 Rod & Staff English Grade 4 (student text, teacher manual) $15 SOLD Primary Language Lessons w/ Teacher Book $12 Intermediate Language Lessons w/ Teacher Book $15 Notgrass World History Set (2 student text, In Their Own Words, Quiz and Exam book) $45 SOLD Saxon 5/4 (student book & solutions manual - 3rd edition) $25 Little House on the Prairie (5 volume set in book sleeve) $15 Charlotte Mason Orignal Series (set in book sleeve) $20 Chronicles of Narnia (set in book sleeve) $15 Charlotte Mason Education & More Charlotte Mason Education $16 for both Blessings, Tina


  5. Does anyone have a Cincy ticket they won't be able to use? I forgot to get mine and would rather not pay $45 at the door :)
  6. I checked the archives and found a few that were (at the time of those posts) giving this program a go...any feedback is appreciated! Also, if anyone has used Celebrate Calm...love to hear about that too.
  7. Has anyone used this program? If so, I'd love to hear your opinion. Please feel free to PM me :)
  8. ...get a headache from the new board? The few times I've tried to devote some time to it since the change over, I get a terrible headache. Don't know if it's the brightness or color scheme (or eye age LOL!), I've never had this issue with any other website or the computer in general. :blink:
  9. Big Bang Theory...I received the first 5 seasons on DVD for Mother's day and my husband and I watch them every night when we get in bed. I love falling asleep after laughing so much. This show is hilarious! I'm a very mild version of Sheldon LOL! If you've never seen it, you can watch the most recent episodes on CBS.com :hurray:
  10. Okay...you know you're getting old when the board change is overwhelming and therefore you avoid trying to navigate it out during the holiday season. On a positive note I see that I have 10 likes and 5 stars...life seems good otherwise LOL! Anywho, can someone please tell me how to find my old FS post? I used to know how to pull up my own posts...alas now I am lost :unsure: And BTW, if you had contacted me on something I just figured out where my messages were and have replied to each.
  11. It just works. I live by the philosophy that you have to work with what you have and be grateful for it :001_smile: There is always someone with more...someone with less. Plus I've always heard...the more space you have...the more stuff you have. Less stuff for less space helps make it work! Think words like...cozy, togetherness, declutter, simplify. More "room" that would bring more "stress" would not be worth it to me.
  12. How do you make the roasted broccoli? Steamed green beans and garlic butter sauce sounds good...how do you make it exactly?
  13. We are at the hospital waiting for our daughter's VNS surgery...time has been pushed back twice so far...your prayers for her, our family, and her medical team would be a welcome blessing :grouphug:
  14. The King's Speech The Help Argo These are the best I've seen in the past two years! Fireproof is up there too...I just saw this one recently.
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