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  1. Thank you for sharing, Tina. I appreciate you mentioning that it affects the whole family, for that is definitely my experience. It definitely is day-by-day here... and night-by-night. We moved him out of our room into the room next door, but not yet into his own bedroom... I'm the inch-worm here:-)
  2. A great and helpful perspective... thanks for sharing! And thanks for the hug too:-)
  3. Thank you for taking the time to share this, and that you care! Indeed a hopeful story:-)
  4. Thank you for your honesty, Hot Lava Mama:-) I really appreciate you sharing your journey and acknowledging the ups and downs of it.... the reality of how hard it is right now... and the hope that we will get used to, survive (and maybe even thrive?) in the "new normal". Thanks for hugging me with your words and presence:-)
  5. I just wanted to thank everyone who responded. I experienced every response as heart-felt and well meant, whether it was sharing a personal experience or encouraging/ gently protecting me. I am scared, yes. I am a physical therapist and well acquainted with the facts, but when the facts becomes part of your life and shakes your child, it is somehow very, very different. I am thankful to learn from you all and there is great comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this maze we are trying to navigate. I suspect I am going to lean on you all a lot in weeks and months to come... OK, off to cry bit...
  6. Thank you! I was going to ask you for a link:-)
  7. Thank you all for checking in and talking to me:-) He is currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our room. He typically shares a room with his brothers, but they are (understandably) scared to witness another seizure and have been quite traumatized by discovering the first! Though we typically embrace diet and natural remedies over medicine (unless absolutely necessary), we agreed to let him take Trileptal for lack of knowing what else to do at this point. We have been so blindsided and overwhelmed. So I am interested to hear that gluten-free may be a helpful diet to consider. It would not be too hard a switch for us, for may of our meals (but certainly not all) are already gluten free. Thanks for all the hugs and it is good to hear that "the wreck" stage actually some day be overcome:-)
  8. Help, an asteroid hit us! Or so it feels. Our 6 y/o started having seizures out of the blue last week, and was diagnosed per EEG with Rolandic epilepsy. (Still awaiting MRI results, which may or may not change diagnosis, for there are some symptoms inconsistent with Rolandic.) While I understand (and am thankful) that this kind of epilepsy has a good prognosis, I am still pretty frazzled in figuring out how to LIVE from here on out. The neurologist said to continue life as normally as possible... but how to do that when we can expect a seizure any moment? The seizures he has had have been mostly while falling asleep, but they said with his brainwave pattern (some atypical waves after the spikes) we cannot rule out nocturnal seizures (because something else in addition to Rolandic could be going on), and that timing each seizures was of utmost importance. So I have watching him like a hawk at night, fearing that I will miss a seizure. But this is not good... I just came out of sleep deprivation after our infant started sleeping through the night, and now I am right back there - only worse- for I was still resting while nursing the infant in the middle of the night. With this I am constantly in a state of anxiety and jumps at any and every movement my ds makes. Can you say permanent flight and fight response!? Soooooooo, anyone out there with experience, ideas about how to sleep (bed alarm?monitor?), encouragement, anything... we are still processing and learning about what our "new normal" will look like. It has been a long, hard week... I need a hug.
  9. Thank you - getting a glimpse into how you use the two together is VERY helpful. :hurray:
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these! You rock:-)
  11. Is it thus teacher intensive both in preparation and in teaching? I am looking for something to use alongside MCT. We just finished FLL4, loved it, but after an introduction to Grammar town, I realized that one of mine might thrive with MCT while the other will need to need a little more traditional structure alongside MCT. He works well independently and I am looking for something he can work on by himself with little additional teaching. Sooooo... what do you think... will KISS be overkill as a supplement (both in prep and execution?)
  12. Gulp...me too... such a struggle...Romans 7 in real time... Very encouraging... I needed that encouragement!
  13. Thanks Kristi26:-) That is very helpful feedback from your experience w/KISS. Thanks for both links! I will check our Daily Grammar. Very grateful for the link!! :-)
  14. This may be a very silly question to ask and something obvious that I am just missing... but my head is spinning as well in navigating the KISS site. Is there a single link to print out or view the 6th grade level as a whole, or do you have to view/print the content link-by-link?
  15. Thank you for this, Kristen! I read your write-up on your blog and was wondering if you could expand on the difference is between the books available for each level? (E.g. Lesson, Notespeller, theory, solo, etc.) Would you recommend only the lesson book to start with and add solo/theory etc at level B? Does each book come with a separate teacher's guide or is there a teacher's guide for the entire level? SO many questions... thanks for answering if you have time! :001_smile:
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