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  1. Is there a list or recommendations for historical movies, or movies in general that covers history from 1900-present? Thanks ahead!
  2. Agree completely! I'd rather him learn less at home then to learn it's acceptable to lose your integrity and honor over athletics! Not that it's ever acceptable to lose your honor/integrity, ykwim.
  3. 5 of the 10 students are football players...interesting. This is also a private school, so one player missing would most likely end in a forfeit. However, we are not some competitive team with a great record..lol. Also, I've met with this teacher before and she seems very serious about her class, not one who would ease up on students. I could be totally wrong though. This is our first time in any type of school system outside of our homeschool, so I'm not so savvy in the ways.
  4. This is exactly what my husband said! He said she probably marked all the incorrect answers on the key to see if any would do it. lol..he also said he knew that from personal experience..lol
  5. Today ds15 had a Chemistry test. He studied long and hard for it, and said he felt he did great. However, he told me that the teacher walked out of the classroom briefly, and at that point, all of the kids except him and his friend next to him went up to the desk and took pictures of the test key that was sitting on the teacher's desk. There are only 9 other kids in his class so it's doable if the teacher was out of the room long enough. I'm not sure why she left the room, but I'm certain she expects kids their age to not do that kind of stuff, right? It seemed so blatant. So ds is feeling li
  6. I agree, I think they need help from me in this. I don't mean to completely control every aspect, but I feel it's my job to help them understand the difference in pace, to learn how to study ahead of time, in spare time, remind them of expectations of teachers. It's not in my nature to sit and watch them fail because they should be doing this at their age. Dd is great. She keeps up with things, with very little assist from me. I only remind her of tests/due dates, and she goes with it. Ds, otoh, he's quite different, and I'm working with him on this. I've always received emails from teachers s
  7. Exactly my thoughts. She did receive a 0 and it did devastate her. She studies hard, was prepared for her vocab test that was the next day, but felt had she known she most certainly would've memorized it.
  8. My daughter was the one who has been requesting to take some outside classes, as well as Honors courses because that's just the kind of kid she is. She like challenging work once she gets the hang of it. If she wasn't prepared for Honors courses, I most certainly wouldn't have even placed her in them. I was an honors student and realize the expectations. As for the mission statement, It's not so much that I don't think it's important, but to test on the 3rd day of classes, no notice, for something not related to English doesn't seem professional to me, or in the interest of helping kids s
  9. Is there a deadline by which you would have to transfer them to a "standard" class or withdraw? Can you give your students a little longer in the honors classes? Be supportive of both your students and the classes. See what they missed on the tests and help them figure out what they need to do to do better on the next one. There isn't a deadline at their school..it's always available if needed. I've told both teachers that we plan to try to adjust to it before we immediately pulled out, and my dc also expressed that. The main problem for dd was the attention to detail when s
  10. We are on our 12th year of homeschooling. We've enjoyed our years together, we're very close with our children, and they are all full of character and integrity. I've always felt that anything they may have lacked in education, they made up for in character. They really are great children. I've also always felt like I've been fairly thorough in our schooling. I'm not a lazy parent, believe in teaching my kids, but also enjoying our time together and knowing that some of the best lessons have nothing to do with pencils and paper. Having said all that, my 10th grader and 9th grader take som
  11. I'm an RN and I was NOT strong in math at all. I only completed through Alg. 2 in High School because at the time that was all that was really needed, and it wasn't as competitive. I took College Algebra once in college and nursing school taught me how to do calculations. Aside from basic math/ratios/conversions, there's not that much more difficulty to it. I agree with focus needing to be on making sure her grades are competitive enough to get into nursing school. It was difficult when I entered (1996), and has increased in difficulty, I believe.
  12. I'm going to need to start doing English 2 for my 10th grader. Could y'all please take a look and tell me what you think, please? Thanks! Windows to the World Literature (plan to work through quickly on fundamentals then move to what's next) Essentials In Writing Daily Grams/MCT sentence parsing Read alouds with discussion SAT prep that covers some writing prep Time 4 Learning to supplement
  13. Yes, I was just wanting to do the Civil War-Modern times and Notgrass has the separate book covering that time period. I know I can just move through the other one, but I'm weird like that... :tongue_smilie: It would totally stress me to not use the entire book. I know, weird..lol.
  14. I was considering Notgrass, America the Beautiful, vol 2. It just seemed more interesting to me than the high School texts. However, it may just be because I'm not aware of other texts that are interesting. I wanted to use it for 9th and 10th grades. I wanted to use Notgrass and supplement with other sources. My kids really enjoy history, but I think because all of these years I've made it relaxed, fun and somewhat interesting. We've always read history together so that we could discuss topics. We were going to do in-depth of US Hist from Civil War-Modern times. I'm guessing Notgrass (Am
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