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  1. Cinder


    Hiya! Good to hear things are going well for y'all!
  2. Seconding boxer briefs. My guys use FTL or Hanes. The fabric is similar to tighty whiteys and keeps things close to the body in the same way, iykwim. It might take a little getting used to feeling the fabric around his leg but even my dh took well to them after decades of the whites and now prefers them. eta: oops--I see you've already mentioned he doesn't like these. Alas, all I can think of then is not just bigger undies but also looser/larger pants/shorts might help.
  3. Right now it's all political flyers for the upcoming state elections/primaries. Bleah.
  4. For some reason I'm thinking pickled onions mixed with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe avocado. I have no idea how to make pickled onions and have only had them on salad from Panera. Maybe I'm just craving that salad.
  5. I voted that I couldn't answer because I had no idea what this poll was about. Now that I've read through and listened to a couple of these clips... If I'd known what they poll was about earlier I'd have voted Laurel because that's all I heard. I heard nothing that sounded like Yanny. But I'll leave my original vote. For science. ?
  6. My 7th grader attends a University Model School part-time and takes 3 classes there--English, History, Science. We do math, reading and Bible study at home. She uses most of her free time to draw. She has no other electives/activities as she gets easily overwhelmed when there is too much to do. The kids who attend her UMS full-time typically take the 4 core classes and 2 electives such as art, drama, PE, music, robotics, videography ... things like that.
  7. Every sock knitter has their own favorite way of knitting socks. Mine is cuff-down, one-at-a-time on dpn's with a heel flap. (I do not suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. lol) I've tried other techniques and this one works best for me for the knitting and how it fits. You may have to try a few different techniques before you find the one that clicks for you. There is a sock challenge in one of the Ravelry groups I'm in, and one knitter calls out for help on knitting her first socks. There are quite a few suggestions there that might be helpful. (There is also a lot of chatter to wade through.)
  8. We've had the microwavable Red Baron single pizzas in the past. They're not too bad, though I have no idea if they're ok allergen-wise. Seconding breakfast burritos. Teriyaki chicken Meatballs Chili
  9. I think I first learned of this recipe here--Smoky Chickpea, Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup canned salmon = salmon patties; eat on slider buns. My mom likes eating plain canned salmon on salad. canned peas aren't good for anything ? but you could add the canned carrots to the chickpea soup. What the heck, just throw the pinto beans in too. Now you have soup and sandwiches with a side of applesauce. edit: why did my emoji get replaced with a question mark? It was supposed to be a laughing face. *insert eyeroll*
  10. Some random ideas: Door mats Full length mirror Shower curtain & rings Artwork for walls cutting boards in various sizes extension cord (we seem to buy another one every couple of months) flashlights (one for every room) fire-proof box fire extinguisher food scale
  11. This tip reminds me of the time ds1 was little and we traveled to my IL's. He was on formula and was having tummy troubles there. My SIL recommended using distilled water for his formula because every water supply is just a little bit different and babies' digestive systems might not be able to handle those differences. That did the trick! That tip has been helpful over the years for traveling/trips when our dc were young.
  12. Along these lines, my SIL used to write her cell number on her son's arm in case they got separated.
  13. I knew you were talking about 400 just by your thread title. I live in the other side of Atlanta but my dad drives on 400 daily. He's looking forward to moving closer to work later this year so he won't have to deal with that road.
  14. Camellia Juniper Taiga Talia Amethyst Lavender Marina
  15. I'm not a cake person and I think they're pretty good. I'd say generally people do like them well enough. And it would save you some extra time and work.
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