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  1. The one from Costco is supposed to be the best of that kind. I found that it wasn't accurate on my forehead but behind the ear worked on me.
  2. I think there's also a family dynamic thing. When we went through our hard times, my DH refused to ask his parents for help. I did let my mom know what was going on and we "borrowed" money from them (she refused our repayment). I don't think he ever told his parents that we went through a bankruptcy. It was hard not being able to ask them for help. They would have helped but I know that his dad would have been a jerk about it.
  3. What a mess! That is why I won't get one for my kids. DH got one for our 14 yo that is full of foam instead of the pellets.
  4. Congratulations to both families. I agree with everyone else that your baby is so gorgeous!
  5. My step-father is the same. He wears under armour shirts (long sleeve) under his shirts practically all year long. He likes them because they are form fitting and keep him very warm.
  6. Peanut butter & jelly. Can go on crackers or any type of bread. Canned meats: tuna, chicken, chili, etc.
  7. All the time! Look at the free books for the kindle. A lot of authors will have the 1st in a series free to get you hooked.
  8. Out cat had that at the end. He was around 13 and it was his second round of kidney issues (first time when he was quite young). The first time, we put him on a special diet and he lived about a decade. Ultimately, we decided to let him go as he was very sick.
  9. Windsor Pilates is on youtube. See if you like her before buying it.
  10. I use conditioner to shave my legs. Don't press down, just glide it along the skin. If it's sharp it will cut, if not then change the blade.
  11. The forum glitch has been for while since you can see the ages have changed. I actually need to update the oldest & youngest by 1 year but since it doesn't change on the forum I haven''t. On the "about me" page for my signature it actually is: The Blackbelt & Programmer 19 (on his own) The Artist & Blackbelt 17 (public high school) The Singer 14 The Dancer 11 The Jumper 5
  12. I usually just wipe the fingerprints off with my shirt. Rarely, I'll use an alcohol wipe.
  13. 🙏 Prayers that everything goes well.
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