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  1. Our neighbor is a cattle famer. He has donkeys in with the cows for protection. Another neighbor came to him and told him that he needed to do something about his donkey as it bit his dog. Donkey was doing it's job. The dog was in the pasture harassing the cows.
  2. We bought a fixer-upper on 10 acres. My DH also wanted a tractor. I had him get a zero turn mower. The tractor can come later but the mower was an immediate need. He cuts the front yard, a flat area in the back, and a trail through our "pasture". We don't have animals but the neighbor has cows. We let most of the grass grow and then the farmer cuts & bales it. I'd like to get chickens. If we got any other animals, we'd need to do fencing. We are more rural than our previous county but still about the same distance from shopping. We were really done with living in a neighborhood with
  3. I had #5 just a couple of weeks before I turned 42. We thought we were done after #4. He was a total surprise. It's a huge adjustment going from kids who can do everything themselves back to babies. Also, the age difference for the youngest two is 5 years and he is basically an only child since the girls don't really want to play with him. It's getting a little better but they really don't want to deal with young kid angst when playing. My oldest was 13 when his brother was born. He was so happy to finally have a brother. He doesn't live with us anymore but when he's visiting little brother do
  4. My family hates turkey so I'm going to bake a chicken and picked up a small ham. I have boxed mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, & some lettuce. I also picked up rolls.
  5. My kid wears Fruit of the Loom Breathable Micro-Mesh panties and she's always trying to get me to switch over because they are so comfortable.
  6. That sounds horrible. Prayers that this antibiotic works. Do you have all cotton undies? I can't wear anything else or I get boils on my bum. 😵
  7. We waited until 12 although my youngest DD was 11 last year when she had hers done. The girls were visiting my parents and asked (I agreed that it was ok) so my mom paid for the 2 of them. My 2 oldest girls wear the infinity hoops so no backs to get lost. I had mine done at 10. My dad was adamantly opposed to them so when we visited we had to take them out. I have always had issues with the first set.
  8. My daughter & I went a little before 9. We were in and out in 5 minutes with no wait at all. This is a new county for me. The guy there said that there were about 160 people who had voted at that point (polls opened at 7). My husband did early voting and there were no lines. My friends in our old county had major lines for early voting. Not sure what the lines look like today. My son voted in Fulton County this morning. He said there were no lines at 10 but the people there said it was busy earlier. It's super important to vote in GA this year as both our Senate seats are up for election
  9. Sorry. I suggest board games & family puzzles for the kids.
  10. We have two pianos. One is an electric piano that is in the school room/library. The other is an old stand-up Clough-Warren piano that the previous owners left in the basement. It still lives there. We had it tuned and need to get a bench for it. My one child that knows how to play uses both of them.
  11. After waiting 6 month for Blood Of Elves, I started to read it and the first chapter was a recap of Season 1 of the show. I though it was the first book? I returned it because I couldn't renew it. Not sure if I want to wait an additional 6 months for it.
  12. My son did his 50 mile hike with his scout troop on the AT.
  13. Sorry for your loss. She sounds like a great person.
  14. This is a combination of different recipes. You should taste the apples before adding the sugar but I don't. Also, the spice combination is what we like. Feel free to mix it up!
  15. NO!! It's so much better than apple sauce. 😆 Actually, it is cooked more but you add sugar & spices to it. We use it on bagels, waffles, toast, pancakes, etc. A couple of my kids eat it like apple sauce.
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