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  1. My kids said Britney, Daphne, or Baisie.
  2. We have white cabinets, wood floors, and stainless appliances. There was paneling that we painted and may eventually do a backsplash. When I was looking at "country style" kitchens there are a lot that have a different color paint or wood lower cabinets.
  3. Do image searches to find what you're looking for. The only thing I would worry about it having a cohesive look with the different wood (counter, lower cabinet, & floor). We got our kitchen cabinets from a local builder supply place for a fraction of the cost from Lowe's. Our Lowe's quote was just for the cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets, an additional pantry cabinet, farm sink, granite counters, lighting, faucet, & flooring all combined was less than the quote for just cabinets. Shop around!
  4. My dd used Duolingo to learn Spanish. My youngest used Teach Your Monster to Read which is an app on the phone. I have one child using an online program for piano. She did have in person lessons for two years before we moved. We haven't used quizlets for home school but my daughter used it in her public high school. My oldest son did some coding classes with Youth Digital.
  5. Personally, I think that teeth are gross and saving them is disgusting. I wasn't complaining about anything just sharing what I did, an alternative as it were, without disparaging the people who "do" teeth and the tooth fairy. I'll share here that we don't "do" Santa gifts either. 😲
  6. As with the others, I have a wide variety of friend & family with differing views and we're still speaking. My poor DH though. He had a falling out with his parents in May. They have not spoken since and he used to talk to them at least weekly. He sent a gift and called his dad on Father's Day. No response. Every year since we've been married they have sent us an anniversary card, none this year. For his birthday she sent a card with a check but nothing written in the card. This is the woman who always writes on the entire inside and back of cards. He said it was like a slap in the fa
  7. What I've done for all of my kids is when they lose their first tooth they get to pick any toy they want from the store (with my guidance so it's not the $300 lego set). That's it! I don't "do" teeth. 🤢 I think some of my friends are up to $1 per tooth!!
  8. It really depends on the area. We lived rurally before and the people who lived behind us, with a huge field between, would have jam sessions and practice one song over & over all night long every weekend. We lived in several subdivisions and always had issues with people and their dogs. Letting them run around, not cleaning up their poop, and the constant barking. We live rural again. The cow farmer next door is great. His cows came through his fencing onto our property, which isn't fenced, and he fixed it right away. We let our field grow and he cuts & bales it for his cows. I've onl
  9. We finished up the renovations for the house that we bought last year. Had new windows installed in Feb, new siding, pressure washed, new shutters, & painted in April, and new gutters & downspouts in May. Had an above ground pool put up in June. Final bits will be building a deck around the pool and getting new exterior doors. So glad we decided to move in 2019 or else we'd have been stuck in the old house.
  10. How could I forget, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! It's Japanese anime. My 12 yo got me hooked on it. Season 1 is dubbed but season 2 is not.
  11. I loved Ripper Street. DH and I recently watched Dark it's German with subtitles. For some reason, even though we don't understand German, we always turned the volume up to watch it. 😆 He's watching The Rain, which I sometimes sit in with him. He's also watching Cobra Kai, which I relentlessly tease him over. We finished Umbrella Academy when it was first out. I'm just not that into it, too much filler which makes the story drag on. Also, I really only like 2 of the siblings. 😲
  12. Shades of Ravelry from a couple of months ago. 😬 When I try to do the WTM default it makes the font even smaller and the margins way too big. I only use a desktop here. I needed a reason to limit my time online. 🙃
  13. Our power went out Saturday morning on a sunny, windless day for 1.5 hours. Luckily it was the weekend because DH works from home & needs the internet and his computer for work. In the 1 year we have lived in this area the power has gone out more than the 20 years we lived in our old county. We want to get one that we can hook up to our propane tank.
  14. I don't know since we're in the market for one as well. My parents sent me this article though. https://www.post-gazette.com/business/money/2020/09/03/Don-Lindich-Sound-Advice-Generac-Home-Backup-Generator-power-transfer/stories/202009030074
  15. Thanks a lot. I had to go to the store that is near the Michael's so I bought 3 of the bags. I wish they came in more colors but at least now I finally have a place to put all the random pins that I've collected. I'm planning to use mine to carry my home school stuff around the house since we do some stuff upstairs & some downstairs. It will also make a great craft project bag for in the vehicle.
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