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  1. My kids do "Just Dance" on youtube. They have the game but the child who owns it won't let anyone else play it. There are a bunch of different songs and some are easier than others. They are way better than I am.
  2. I use an 8x8 glass pan. Also, don't overcook them. I can't make cupcakes. I always burn the bottoms. I have no problem with muffins. 😂
  3. I just got my daughter these earrings from Amazon. She needed something that wouldn't poke her at work as she has to wear a headset.
  4. In our previous county (suburb of Atlanta) whenever there was a cluster of vehicle break-ins, there was always at least one gun and one computer stolen. These vehicles were in driveways in "nice" neighborhoods. The agent we bought our house from lives in a very rural county. Her & her husband were flying out of Atlanta. He forgot that he had his gun with him so had to lock it in his vehicle at the airport. His truck was broken into and the gun stolen.
  5. I don't have the answer to why people leave guns in their vehicles but in suburban Atlanta it happens. A lot of people in rural areas leave their vehicles unlocked.
  6. GA, TN, NC all would fit your description. We're in NW GA and get just a touch of snow, have the mountains right here, about 30 min drive to Costco, and live in a rural county so no restrictions on chickens.
  7. We've always just done mini-blinds so all the windows in the front match.
  8. We had them put a gas line into the kitchen when we bought & remodeled this house. It runs off the propane tank. There was no way I was going back to electric.
  9. She enjoys it and likes the free time outside. I like to mow. I can listen to music and get some exercise.
  10. My kids like Mario Party (multi-player or single player), Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Minecraft. They have other games but I think those are what they mostly play right now.
  11. So sorry. Too bad their focused on "winning" instead of what's in the best interest of the child.
  12. Sorry for your loss. For my early miscarriages I felt better within about a month. For my later miscarriage it took longer but I also needed a D&C.
  13. I don't get them but I do get the calls about them. Our county was dropping them off at homes via the bus routes and had pick-up locations. That lasted about 2 weeks before they went to just the pick-up locations. They are supplying food twice a week (Mon & Thurs). I know originally they were doing sack lunches so I presume they have continued with that. I would think that they are providing multiple days of food at a time. I know that there are some complaints as the pick-up time is mid-day and many people have to work or cannot get rides to the locations.
  14. One of mine had that when she was little (under 2). At the urgent care the doc just popped it back into place. Kid was in pain before but no problem as soon as it was fixed. Hope they can do the quick fix for your DD.
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