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  1. The master bathroom tub & sink are avocado. The hall bathroom tub & sink are flesh colored. Most of the carpet in the house is pink, even those bathrooms. The basement bathroom is blood red including the carpet. 😬 The dining room has velvet yellow wallpaper which I may keep as it's kinda funky & in really great condition but the yellow carpet must go. The kitchen is boring black appliances. About half of the rooms are paneled. I'll have to do before & after photos.
  2. It's an estate sale. Mother died and the three adult kids are selling. There really is nothing else comparable. We just had the inspection yesterday and other than the house being dated (built in the 70's and never updated) there isn't anything major wrong. HVAC works, no roof leaks, and all systems are good. It needs the carpet taken out of the bathrooms 🤣 and updating like that. It's a brick ranch on a full basement with 10 acres and we have it under contract for $210,000.
  3. We went and measured the pool. It's 19 feet by 40 feet!! I'll try to add a photo here. I'm getting ready to call a couple of companies to see what cost we're looking at.
  4. I never do. When they ask for me by name I say "speaking" not yes.
  5. I answered right handed left closest but I usually just mop one-handed.
  6. We're in GA so the pool would get lots of use. This house is in the middle of the country (10 acres with cows behind us) so no local neighborhood pool and I really wouldn't want to drive to swim. My youngest is 5 so there's lots of years of use.
  7. We're looking at a house that the pool is in really bad shape. The liner is torn & falling off and the cement underneath is cracked & has weeds growing through it. The pool has a slide & diving board. Has steps going in maybe 4 feet deep and then however deep it would need to be for a diving board (at least 8 ft). Probably put in some time in the 80's. DH estimates the size to be 10 feet by 25 feet. Would also need all new pump & equipment. I really want a pool. There is room on the property to put a pool in but we would most likely do an above ground if we did a new pool. What is your opinion: repair or fill it in?
  8. Look for the bra sized swimsuits on Amazon. I just dropped $120 for just a swim top at a local store for my 16 yo. Her problem is a small chest circumference with large bosom. She can't wear the s, m, l sizing for swimsuits.
  9. No way! We rented a place that used to have a dog. The wood blinds were chewed up and there was scratching on the woodwork around the door, inside and outside. Why should a landlord have to deal with that kind of damage?
  10. Yep dual agency is okay if you agree ahead of time. There is also designated agency where the same brokerage represents both but with different agents. You can ask the agent to discount the commission but she may not. Here's the thing with real estate, since the seller pays the commission both agents are ultimately working for the seller. That's part of the big lawsuit. In my state, they are called the listing agent and the selling agent. We had a dual agency when we sold our first house and it went great. Most brokers don't want to deal with it because of potential lawsuits if there are any complaints.
  11. NO!! That's the only place I can find dresses for my 16 yo.
  12. I put a roller ball on my lavender and tea tree oil bottles. You can get roller bottles to mix the oils with a carrier so it's already diluted when you need it.
  13. That's one that should be diluted but if it doesn't bother you then don't. I use a blend of different mints that are diluted for muscle aches.
  14. I use tea tree oil the most followed by grapefruit. The tea tree oil I use on cuts and blemishes. Grapefruit works for me to stop migraines. When I feel a migraine starting I sit with my eyes closed & sniff the bottle.
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