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  1. Did I say she is the devil? Did I say she asked for this? Did I even hint that she might have been responsible for her mother's and brother's deaths? NO!! I said I thought -- from her own social media pictures, past and present, and from her attire yesterday (as she made a guest appearance at a fundraiser) -- that she is a show-off. I personally can't fathom putting aside grief over losing a mother and brother and being kidnapped by a predator -- and posting photos of my new manicure. I think her behavior is a bit bizarre, but that's just my opinion. Anyone else is free to have a different opinion. I also that POSSIBLY, IN THE MIND OF HER KIDNAPPER, her silly behavior signified that she was "easy" and her history of going on vacations alone with him meant that they had a "relationship." Doesn't mean they did have a relationship, or that she was looking for one. Just that that's what he might have thought, because she was careless about her behavior and attire. The guy was sick, and he had some daddy issues that he was trying to recreate in his mind regarding young girls. She played right into his hand, probably unknowingly. That's really all I said or meant.
  2. Well, if I'd been kidnapped and forced to live in a tent with a creepy guy for nights on end, I wouldn't be wearing a skimpy top, short shorts, and no bra just days later. I'd be covered up from head to toe, and I'd be shaky and traumatized. I guess people have different ways of dealing with grief...but her way is definitely unusual.
  3. Don't be disgusted. How she dresses and presents herself is a reflection of who she is, and what her values are. I *did not say* she colluded with him in the killings. I'm just saying that she seems to put herself out there -- and there have been other Facebook photos that show her hamming it up for the camera -- and it may have caused the killer to get the idea that they were a couple or something.
  4. Photos of Hannah show a girl looks and acts much older than 16. She is a show-off in the photos. (Case in point: this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395276/Out-public-time-Kidnapping-survivor-Hannah-Anderson-spotted-attending-fundraiser-dead-mother-brother.html -- is she even wearing a bra under that low-cut top? And this is just a couple of days after her "ordeal" in the mountains with a creepy older man?) There's something about this girl that doesn't sit right with me. Maybe she didn't collude with the guy in killing her family, but she may very well have flirted with him to the point that he really believed there was an understanding between them.
  5. I'll go first. My husband was attending Naval post-graduate school in California in 1991. One day he came home and told me he had experienced the most interesting thing in the computer lab. There was a network of computers all around the country -- and maybe the world -- where users could chat with each other in real time. He had gone onto a chat room for woodworking hobbyists (his hobby at the time), and they were chatting about projects they were doing. I assumed this was just a military thing, and I was just mildly interested. It wasn't until four years later -- when we lived overseas -- that I first saw actual websites, with shopping and everything. It was available to my husband in his workplace, but we didn't have it at home. It wasn't until 1998 that we got Internet at our house, and it was my dad (always up-to-date on trends, but not especially computer-literate) who insisted that we get it. I'm actually surprised that it took us that long. My husband has always been an Apple fan -- he had Apple computers in college in the 1980s -- and he has a graduate degree in computer systems. I think he was probably just so extremely busy at work during those years that he didn't think about setting up the Internet in our home. Oh! I just remembered something! We had a primitive form of the Internet in my office -- at a technology-based university -- back in 1984. Our office was linked up so that employees could "talk" to each other via computer. I thought it was mildly interesting but never associated it with the Internet that came later. Let me hear your stories!!
  6. Praise God! I'm so happy for your family!
  7. Williamsburg! You can go to Busch Gardens while you're there. The exhibits are more kid-friendly, and there is plenty to do in the (modern) city of Williamsburg. The exhibits in D.C. are wonderful, but there are always hordes of people around, and you'll have to deal with traffic and crossing streets all the time.
  8. Sorry that happened to you, and I completely understand how stressed you must be. When I was in second grade, I walked to school every day alone. When I was in fifth grade, I walked all the way across town -- well over a mile -- home to an empty house each day. (My mom had died and my dad was at work.) No one ever called the cops on me, and I was always perfectly safe. Some people are just busybodies. I suppose calling in social services on a stressed-out mom gives meaning to their lives, or something.
  9. I love doing this. It's fascinating to me to see how people have turned out. I feel proud when I read about my ex-boyfriends and former friends and acquaintances. Almost all of them have turned out well, and I feel honored to have known them in those formative years.
  10. PROS: 1. There are lots and lots of homeschoolers. Patrick Henry College is in Purcellville, and there are excellent speech and debate programs in the area. 2. The general population is highly educated. You can have an interesting conversation with almost anyone. 3. Even though the area is far more built up than it used to be, there is still a lot of rural land. It would probably be very easy to find a house to rent or buy that meets your specifications. CONS: 1. This sounds trivial, but it's not. Loudoun County has an extremely high incidence of Lyme Disease. You have to be very careful about ticks. 2. You have to drive almost everywhere. It gets tiring being in the car all the time. 3. The cost of living is insane. Private school in D.C.? Close to $40,000 a year per student. The prices that you might pay somewhere else, multiply by five and that's what you'll pay in this area. (Actually, I'm talking about "close in," but even farther out in the suburbs things are very costly.)
  11. Cute, cute, cute! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2388894/Downtons-twincredible-double-act-First-interview-shows-new-stars-demand-Haribo-sweets-milk-7am-dot-endless-naps-takes.html
  12. Some of the Disney movies are available in English, Spanish, and French. The characters' mouths are moving in English, but you can hear French words coming out. Check the Amazon listings of some of the movies. Here's an example: http://www.amazon.com/Jungle-Book-Two-Disc-Anniversary-Platinum/dp/B000OLGCI4/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1376017586&sr=1-1&keywords=jungle+book
  13. Oh, gosh, never mind the article I just posted. I misunderstood the story. It is not the same situation as yours.
  14. I think he will be back. Sadly, he may have to go through some very rough times and deal with terrible situations -- that you would have so lovingly protected him from -- but he will eventually come to his senses. If he were my child, I would be afraid that I wouldn't love him anymore after all of this. I think my heart would grow cold. The fact that you're still yearning over him shows that you're a much, much better mother than I am.
  15. Fatalism is a big theme in French movies. Things happen, and you just can't do anything about it, and you just have to shrug and go on. It's a good thing you didn't watch "Manon of the Spring" (the sequel to Jean de Florette). Manon was Jean's daughter, and when she grew up she took her revenge on the men who destroyed her father. Horrible stuff. Try this movie: http://www.amazon.com/My-Afternoons-Margueritte-English-Subtitles/dp/B008COJ4US/ref=pd_cbs_mov_aiv_1
  16. Start very early in the morning. Seven o'clock is not too early; that's when the serious shoppers are already on the prowl. The earlier you start, the more you can sell before it gets blazing hot outside. If you can encourage your neighbors to stop by, that would be great. The atmosphere is just better if you have a bit of a crowd. Taping up balloons will give your sale a party feeling. If someone is negotiating a price lower than you wish to sell, ask them to come back during the last half-hour of the sale. That will give you time to think about it, and maybe in the meantime the item will sell to someone else.
  17. Whether you would "seriously" love living in Purcellville depends on what you're looking for. You really ought to visit for a few days, drive around, and try to meet people. I personally hate Purcellville because it's an awkward place with no particular character and no intrinsic charm. (There are the remains of some lovely old buildings here and there, but suburban sprawl has choked out its former beauty.) It's not a walking kind of place -- you have to drive everywhere, and there's often quite a bit of traffic. The speed limit is frustratingly low, and there's a $200 penalty if you are caught speeding (this is on top of the basic fine). The only attraction it would hold for me would be somewhat reasonable housing prices while still being in the D.C. area. The drive from Purcellville to Sterling is about 30 minutes. It's quicker on the toll road. We live in Alexandria and absolutely love it. The cost of living is horrific, but the people are fascinating (we love our neighborhood!), and there's always something interesting to do. We live minutes away from the Pentagon, where my husband works. The metro is very close. You can spend the whole day walking around just marvelling at the different neighborhoods, shopping in Old Town, and eating at the multitude of restaurants. We are never bored.
  18. There are many, many predatory women out there. Sorry, but it's true. There are plenty of single women who wouldn't lose a moment's sleep over taking someone's husband away. Although we all want to believe the best of ourselves and our husbands, affairs have to start somehow, and they usually start with mundane activities like having lunch together. A woman with good intentions (and good manners) will say, "Would you like to grab some lunch for old times' sake? Oh, and of course your wife is welcome to join us if she'd like."
  19. The Washington Post is on a crusade. They're not going to let this drop: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/virginias-religious-exemption-for-school-attendance-is-too-broad/2013/08/04/f48dcde0-f8a1-11e2-b018-5b8251f0c56e_story.html?hpid=z8
  20. I might say something, "If nephew has Asperger's, he's certainly the HIGHEST-FUNCTIONING child I've ever seen! His social skills are wonderful! You're doing an amazing job with him!"
  21. When we lived in Navy housing, we were required to wash down walls before moving out. The walls were painted with semi-gloss, so it was pretty painless to wash them. I would hate like crazy to wash flat (non-glossy) paint. When I've lived in houses that had flat paint, I would only do the minimum of spot cleaning.
  22. Shocked that you would have to move in order for him to take an Amazon job! Amazon is busy hiring hundreds of people in Northern Virginia. Maybe they would have something for your husband around here?
  23. I've experienced that a number of times. Usually the events that *seemingly* came out of the blue had some warning indicators, just very slight ones that most people wouldn't think anything of. But those little hints, just a word here or a feeling there, added up. So, yeah, it has happened to me. ETA: Like another poster, I've had bad feelings before disaster struck on numerous occasions, and there were really no warning indicators. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I had a horrible feeling of dread each time.
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