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  1. Oh, gosh, never mind the article I just posted. I misunderstood the story. It is not the same situation as yours.
  2. I think he will be back. Sadly, he may have to go through some very rough times and deal with terrible situations -- that you would have so lovingly protected him from -- but he will eventually come to his senses. If he were my child, I would be afraid that I wouldn't love him anymore after all of this. I think my heart would grow cold. The fact that you're still yearning over him shows that you're a much, much better mother than I am.
  3. It's the spinach, which contains a great deal of magnesium. See the attached article, section 2 (Eat Like Popeye): I noticed the exact same feeling when I was drinking beet/apple/kale juice the other day. My muscles relaxed and I wanted to sleep for hours.
  4. There's no way I'd ever put a deer head on a bedroom ceiling. I would NOT want those antlers pointing down at me while I sleep. That would be the deer's revenge.
  5. The deer head will look lovely all decorated for Christmas! You can put greenery around him and maybe a wreath on his head.
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