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Can you please share your 8th grade schedule??


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After using Calvert for 2 years (chosen because of an overactive toddler, a cross-country move and one stressed out mama), I am contemplating putting things together on my own again. If some of you could share your plans for 8th grade, I would greatly appreciate it. It is easier to put together stuff for the other kids because I have btdt, but 8th grade is more difficult, and the content so important at that age! I think I can do it...but could use some help. :)


Thanks in advance!

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I posted a couple of months ago but my plans for 8th grade have changed just a bit. Hopefully this is IT! :001_smile:


Hake (Saxon) Grammar and Writing

Lightning Lit 8

(IEW twist to the writing assignments given in above two programs)

Wordly Wise (original) Book 7

Saxon Algebra I

Mystery of History Vol. 2

Trail Guides to U.S. Geography

Apologia Physical Science

Second Form Latin

Logic I: Tools for Thinking

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TOG D lit (half of the year) the rest Rhetoric -- didn't do this with the first one, but #2 is ready for high school, so here we go!


TOG gov't


LoF Alg 2 w. Foerester Tests


Art of Argument/Fallacy Detectives


Apologia Biology Honors tweaked to add living books, movies, research paper


Editor and Chief + Daily Grams (rotating 2 days each)






Computer drill for math, vocab, spelling, Latin in the form of games 


The Latin Road to English Grammar 2


Vocabulary with Mom (following a Webster’s vocab book and vocab cartoons)


Vocab. Using the 100 most common classical words list (his choice on this. I showed it to him and he adds them to Quizlet, then studies on his own)…yeah, I love this kid!


Write Shop 1 (finish) and begin Write Shop 2 (Comp I and II reqt at end of WS2)


Time Management continued….


Boy Scouts, including Den Chief with the lil’ guys. and probably chaplin


Volunteer referring for soccer and basketball :) He will enjoy this more than playing


Alternating writing/drawing journal (he’s been writing the same story for over a year…)


Memory work mostly from history, but adding in some poetry too


I think he may enjoy the Write Your Own series, so I’ll give it to him as leisure.


Lots of hugs and kisses. My boys are back to liking those, just not in front of too many friends ;)

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Have we reached 8th grade already? :eek:


My plan:


Saxon Algebra 1/2

Introduction to Logic

Oxford Latin 1 (second half)

Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek 4


Rod & Staff English 6

Pentime Penmanship 8

Vocabulary for Life (Old Calvert cd-rom)


History Odyssey Modern Level 2 (Includes history, geography, literature, and writing)

Apologia Physical Science


Informally: Art, Piano, PE

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Math: Foerster's Alg I, Descarte's Cove & Duke TIP Math & the Cosmos


Science: Monster Storms-Jason Proj., Duke TIP Forensics, Apologia Physical or Bio & Science Museum Classes


History: Human Odyssey & Unit Studies & Economics & World Religions


LA: IEW, Lit Lessons from LOTR, Hake Grammar, Wordly Wise & Latin Roots


Foreign Lang: MS Spanish II & Unitedstreaming Educación Española


I'm also adding a Haunted Places Unit Study for Oct. (working on that now)& something for Christmas. I haven't decided just what study for Christmas yet but something fun. :)


This is the plan so far. Being a curriculum junkie that I am, I'm sure I'll be adding more along the way.

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Jacobs Algebra and Kinetic Books Algebra

Lightning Lit 8

The Least You Should Know About English

Coffin's Patch (vocab.)

Spelling Demons

Hakim Story of US with Hewitt's syllabus & tests

Basic Not Boring Map Skills

Hakim Story of Science and Plato Physical Science online

Critical Thinking book 1

Teaching Company "How to Become a Superstar Student"

Rosetta Stone French and French First Year

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Here's is dd's:


SL Core 100 for Bible, History, and Lit

Who is God? Worldview book by Apologia (whole family)

CLE 8th LA

CLE 8th Math

LoF Fractions and Decimals & Percents to supplement (She hates math, but loves stories, so I'm hoping to inspire a love for math.)

BJU Life Science Online


Fallacy Detective


Outside Activities:

SAT Vocabulary Class

Enrichment Co-op

Novel Club

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Here are mine:


Mystery of History 2 - (lots of outlining)


CLE LA & Reading 800


Working on Kay Arthur Discover books together with all three, plus off and on online Psalms studies


BJU Physical Science


Continue Videotext Alg.


English from the Roots Up and Getting Started with Latin (our 2nd attempt)


Finish Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox - maybe some more?


Guitar and Piano lessons and continuing on worship praise team at church


Also, joining new co-op - so not sure what those classes will be.

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Math: Algebra with TPS (The Potter's School)

Science: Apologia Physical Science with TPS

Language Arts: LLFLOTR, AG season 3, Spelling Mastery (last book), Composition with Laurel Tree Tutorials, additional reading linked to history

Spanish I: Getting Started with Spanish

History: History Odyssey Middle Ages


We'll see if we can squeeze in Geography, Art, and Memory Work, and possibly guitar lessons.


He'll continue swimming, bowling, running, and Aikido.

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We are just finishing up eighth grade (still have two chapters each of algebra and physics) but I thought you might like to see what we've done:


Discovering Algebra (Key Curriculum Press) and a workbook/puzzle book on cryptography.


Conceptual Physics with workbook and assorted labs taken from here, there, and everywhere. Muse magazine articles every month, mostly on science. Science museum exhibits: Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Aliens.


Beginning Spanish using old textbook and conversation with me. Didn't get very far; ramping it up next year.


History of US through the Civil War and Reconstruction, with related books:

Witch Hunt (Salem witchcraft trials) and The Crucible; biographies of Madison, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Beecher Stowe; chapters from Lies My History Teacher Told Me and That's Not in My American History Book; primary sources taken from internet, particularly on slavery and Civil War; A Kid's Guide to the American Bill of Rights; Gone With the Wind DVD (for its apologetic bias).


Short readings related to history, such as poetry of Whitman, short stories by Poe, Emily Dickinson, etc. Also lots and lots and lots of science fiction/fantasy reading, undirected but discussed extensively. For some reason my child adores writing various alternative versions of book reports, from re-writing main events as newspaper articles to comic strip versions to alternative endings. I just let her go at it.


PBS series The Story of English.


Volleyball in the fall; riding and jumping horses, working at the stables.

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Teaching Textbook Pre-Algebra

BJU Excursions in Literature

IEW Bible-based Writing Lessons

Beginning Japanese

Brimwood Press kit, followed by WTM-style history

Milestones in Science

Walking with God and His People (Old Testament study)

Thinking Skills and test prep (a variety of sources)



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Math: TT Algebra 1 and possibly heading into TT Algebra 2

Science: Apologia General Science; AIG

Language Arts: Progeny Press and various study guides on The Hobbit, LOTR, Lord of the Flies, Heat, Blood on the River;

Spelling and Vocabulary based on Literature

History: MOH III supplemented with SOTW

Geography: Hands of a Child Geography

Foreign Language: Latin for Children

Bible: Working through Books of the Bible

Guitar Lessons


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Math: Finish Saxon Alg. ½; start Saxon Alg. 1

Grammar & Composition: Finish Analytical Grammar; Wordsmith with a few SL Core 6 LA writing assignments.

Literature: My own program with some SL Core 6 and TOG Year One book titles.

Social Studies: Ancient History (homegrown) with Spielvogel’s World History: The Human Odyssey as our spine; World Geography supplement using Trail Guide to World Geography and the Geography Coloring Book.

Science: CPO Physical Science

Foreign Language: Tell Me More German

Art: Artistic Pursuits Jr. High and some projects of our own

PE: Competitive ice hockey and some daily personal fitness training at home

Music: Electric Guitar Lessons

Electives/Project Time: Not sure yet – maybe Lego Mindstorms and/or Drafting

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8th grade ds:


Math-MathUSee pre-algebra + CLE 6th (review and for topics not covered)

Science-Apologia Physical Science (Potter's school)

English- Jr. High English I (Potters) + CLE 8th grade LA and Reading

Language-Rosetta Stone-Japanese+ Japanese for Busy Kids

History- Jr. High World History (Potter's)


P.E.-Tennis, karate

Extra/volunteer-volunteering at an local orphanage 2x a month, AWANA leader in Training



I think he'll be plenty busy. :auto:So that's it.

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What I'm using is mostly in my siggy, but it's not entirely accurate (I need to fix it).


Here is what I have sitting in a stack next to my chair:


Oak Meadow English 8 (which I'm using for writing and literature)

Rod and Staff spelling 8 (how's THAT for juxtaposition!)

Easy Grammar Ultimate 8


MUS pre-algebra



R&S's 8th grade North American history


God's Design for Chemistry, Ecology, Atoms and Matter


Elementary Greek

(insert yet undetermined Latin here)


Building Thinking Skills Verbal and Figural--Book 3


Total Health-Jr High


It All Begins with Genesis (apologetics from AiG)


Atelier art, mix of level 7 and 8.

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Well, I'm not venturing out to my desk. The desk where I actually have a file labeled for this upcoming years plans, as well as, next years;)


Off the top of my head...


Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra (I still need to do the placement test. He has been using MUS but I really want him to try TT.)


Apologia Physical Science. I'm ordering a few extra things from Home Science Tools. I'm ordering a rocket kit, enviro-battery kit, and the power house kit.


Queens Language Lessons for the Secondary Child, Winston Grammar (finished up 1 and start 2 or advanced or whatever it is called:tongue_smilie:), Jump-in Writing, Italics Handwriting.


He will read books from TWTM list and SOTW AG.


Story of the World 4 beefed up as needed.


YMCA for PE and exercise.

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8th grade plans and, even at this late date, plans are always potentially changeable: :D


History/Lit/Composition: Humanities I RCA (Church History & World Lit)


Math: Undecided. :eek: She's taking AoPS Intro to Algebra this summer. Not sure where we'll go after, whether another Algebra or Geometry or what. Will wait until end of summer to see what we think. AoPS online classes might be too much during the school year w/re: to time commitment.


Science: Oh, no! Another undecided. :tongue_smilie: Either Physical Science with RCA or Apologia Biology (probably with MODG syllabus)


Foreign Language: Latin 2 Henle RCA & OSU German 1


Other: Vocabulary for the College Bound Student, another year of grammar review but not sure with what, SAT Question of the Day, Draw Squad, art/music appreciation CM style, and religion but unsure what we'll be using.


Extracurriculars: Dance, piano and/or violin


I think that's it. No logic next year because she's doing two foreign languages. She may be taking most of her classes online. Not sure how I feel about that.

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Here are our 8th grade plans.


Saxon Algebra II, LOF Advanced Algebra

TOG Y3(history, geography & lit.)

IEW theme books

Apologia Biology

Memoria Press Traditional Logic II

Vocabulary From the Classical Roots C&D

Positive Action For Christ-The Life of Christ

A Beka Grammar & Composition II

Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1

Bible Quizzing (John)

Band(through local ps)

basketball & running

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I think this is what we are doing:



History Odyssey Modern Times, Level 2 - history, literature selections, select writing assignments



Lightening Literature 8 - literary elements and short writing assignments

The Elegant Essay- to teach different essay types, will incorporate with HO and LL (1/2 of the year)

Analytical Grammar - season three (1/2 of the year)

Vocabulary from the Classical Roots book A

Prefixes and Suffixes from The Learning Works


Physical Science - PH Science Explorer

Beginning Algebra - Algebra I Chalk Dust

Solid Works - CAD elective

Fine Arts (undecided about this, may only do Artistic Pursuits):

picture study from Winter Promise

music history from MFW

Artistic Pursuits, Junior High, Book 2


Religious Studies (undecided about this, will be some or all of these):

personal Bible reading

devotional from MFW

missionary biographies from MFW

AO Lifepacs grade 8.


DS will also have some enrichment classes at our co-op and may continue to take tennis lessons. There will also be an 8 week introductory logic course from a local teacher, perhaps followed by The Art of Argument.

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English/Language Arts: Daily Grams 8, Wordly Wise Book 8

Latin: Latin Road to English Grammar, volume 1

Foreign Language: Tell Me More French

Literature: book list

Writing: finish WriteShop I

Math: MUS Algebra I plus finish Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra

Science: finish Human Body studies; then covering Earth Science topics using Prentice Hall; Great Scientists of the Middle Ages study from Elemental Science

History: Biblioplan, Year 2

Art: Meet the Masters, track A and B


Extracurriculars: Dance (8-9 hours per week), Youth Group, Bible Study, Church Drama Team, Homeschool Honor Society,




Looks like it's going to be a busy year!

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English/Language Arts: Daily Grams 8, Wordly Wise Book 8

Latin: Latin Road to English Grammar, volume 1

Foreign Language: Tell Me More French

Literature: book list

Writing: finish WriteShop I

Math: MUS Algebra I plus finish Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra

Science: finish Human Body studies; then covering Earth Science topics using Prentice Hall; Great Scientists of the Middle Ages study from Elemental Science

History: Biblioplan, Year 2

Art: Meet the Masters, track A and B


Extracurriculars: Dance (8-9 hours per week), Youth Group, Bible Study, Church Drama Team, Homeschool Honor Society,




Looks like it's going to be a busy year!

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What we did this year:

math: Saxon 1/2 (after MUS algebra 1 flopped)

science: Apologia Physical

history: BF US and World Jr High

geography: Around the World in 180 Days

grammar: Queen's LL for Secondary vol 2

vocab: Word Roots

spelling: Power

writing: AG's Essay plus MC

music: piano

elective: AOP's Home Ec (now called something else like Home Science and Management)

logic: MindBenders

art: Artistic Pursuits Jr High

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I'm still working on ours but here is most of it:


Concepts and Challenges: Physical Science with many supplements (Dd wanted General Science since she wanted many varied topics but I went with a conceptual style physical science since this is what she needed with various supplements to give her some variety)


R&S 8 until finished and then Jacobs Algebra 1


CW Homer until ready for Maxim


First Form Latin and then Second Form (Sigh...we had a rough year this past year. I think we are carrying over too much but so be it)


L'Art de Lire (Levels 3-6)


History of Art Sculpture, Watercolors, Piano theory, etc.


Finish Book of Marvels for geography (we're doing the second half this year)


World History is on Renaissance and Reformation time period. We'll be adding DM's Renaissance & Reformation with Viking Portable Reader Renaissance.

We'll be reading a biography on Francis Bacon and others I'm working on.


Literature includes many works which coorespond with history but with some additions which we still need to read and some for CW.


Bacon's essays


English Lit. for Boys and Girls

selections from History of Am. Lit. or Simond's Lit.


maybe a Don Quixote retelling

The Hobbit

Shakespeare's sonnets

Milton's shorter poems and maybe a couple from Donne's poetry

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves

Man for All Seasons (movie)

Julius Ceasar

Merchant of Venice

Autobiography of Ben Franklin


Ballet, Piano and maybe drama classes for older dd

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Bible - Rod & Staff Bible 8


English - Rod & Staff Grammar 8


Reading - Rod & Staff Reading 8


Literature - Aeneid, Greek Tragedies, Lightning Literature 8


Vocabulary - Wordly Wise 3000 & Jensen's Vocabulary


Math - Saxon Algebra I


Latin - Henle Latin I


Spanish - At Coop (Hoping teacher selects Breaking the Barrier)


Logic - Traditional Logic I


Science - Physical Science (at coop)


Modern History - All American History & Kingfisher


Extracurricular - Piano, Girl Scouts, Track, Jack & Jill, NSBE Jr, Craft Classes

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Hi for my eighth grade daughter:


Saxon math Alg 2

SOTW/year three with supplements

Trail Guides to US Geography

Physical Science Apologia (second half of book)

Latin Henle


Grammar: Voyages 8

Vocab Roots C

Writing Strands/alternated with speech class writing




Beautiful Feet Music study spread over 2 years

Speech group

City sports-basketball:auto:


I would like to do Logic but time(and energy) is a factor!!!

We do logic puzzles.

This is of course subject to tweaking.

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Our 8th grade (2010-1011):


Bible: Sonlight 6

History: Sonlight 6

L/A: CLE 8 & Sonllight L/A 6

Math: CLE 8

Science: Apologia Physical Science

Language: Latin I (Florida Virtual School)

Art: Artistic Pursuits Jr. High

Nature: Nature Magazine

Music: Learning guitar on her own

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My 8th grader:


Math: Chalkdust or Saxon Algebra

English: MCT; Essay Voyage, Magic Lens 2, 4 Practice

Spelling/Vocabulary: MCT WWW2

Literature: books from Classics in the Classroom & co-op, Poetry - MCT

History: All American History 2

Science: Apologia Biology

Music: Drum lessons

Spanish - real books, ??


Extra curric - Boy Scouts, 4H, volunteer work

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We did 8th grade last year


Math - Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

Latin - some Latin Prep, but more Lingua Latina

Greek - EG 1 and 2

Science - informal

Writing/Grammar - Classical Writing Diogenes Maxim (did not finish)

TOG history Year 3/4

my own literature plan, which included The Odyssey, Great Expectations, To Kill a Mockingbird, Poe, Kidnapped, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451

humanities (co-op)

drama (co-op)

very sporadic art and music appreciation sessions


Extracurricular: Lego League, Boy Scouts, soccer, weekly D&D group

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This is the plan (subject to change):


Most of these will be Monday through Thursday with extra curriculars on Friday.


-Lial's Introductory Algebra with DVT's

-R&S 8 english and spelling

-Lightning Lit 8

-Copywork, Dictation, Narration

-Wordly Wise 1st semester, Vocabulary from Classical Roots 2nd semester

-Apologia Physical Science with Red Wagon Tutorials

-A Beka Health

-Hakim's History of US with Hewitt Syllabus, and Story of US DVD from the History Channel

-Trail Guide to US Geography


-Fallacy Detective (every Friday)

-Artistic Pursuits, the Phonics of Drawing, or Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain :confused: (Th. & Fri.)

-Meet the Great Composers 2 (every other Friday)

-Visual Link Spanish (when time allows)

-Sign Language for Everyone (when time allows)

-Piano and Ballet Lessons

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Finish Foerster's algebra, first half of AoPS Geometry

Singapore O-level Chemistry, modified a bit

Literature ala TWTM, with some modifications

Writing: the big black hole-see my other post!

Vocab: I made lists from lit books, may add Vocabulary Cartoons

Logic: finish CT book2, Parts of Thank you for Arguing-another black hole. Maybe Classical Academic Press's book on formal logic??

Latin Prep 1-finish, some Cambridge level 2, start Latin Prep 2

Spanish with online tutor, will add some reading\vocab



Art-summer camp



Plan to RA LOTR with him and 4th grade brother

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Still tweaking...


Grammar: Rod and Staff 8

Literature: Reading books corresponding with early modern section of history

Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots (Book B, I think...)

Writing: CW Aesop/Homer for Late Beginners

Poetry: CW Poetry for Late Beginners

Math: Chalkdust Pre-Algebra, supplemented w/LOF

Science: Chemistry, TWTM way

History/Geography: Early Modern, TWTM way

Latin: Latin in the Christian Trivium (at co-op)

Logic: Working our way through The Critical Thinking Company's Books


Still trying to figure out what to use for Spanish, Art and Music, and Religion. I have plans to tie in art and music appreciation with our history, but haven't decided on anything for actually "doing" those subjects. She used to play trumpet, but I haven't found any homeschool groups with a band around here. I'd like to have her start piano lessons...we will see how that goes. I have a Rod and Staff Bible course, but it does not thrill me...so we will probably change that also.

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So far,


Math Dolciani PreAlgebra, maybe some LoF since he likes it


OM Civics and English 8


CPO Life Science, lots of supplementing with living books and projects, since it is really a 6th grade book


Hebrew Online B and Rosetta Stone


extra handwriting, copywork, reading


Boy Scouts, martial arts

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OK, let me see if I can do this.


History: Sonlight Core 6


LA: Sonlight Core 6 LA, Wordly Wise 8/9, Easy Grammar Plus, LL8


Math: MUS Pre-Algebra


Science: Physical Science, PH Concepts in Action


Logic: Finish Orbiting Logic, Fallacy Detective


Fine Arts: homeschool orchestra clarinet & guitar


PE: various

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