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    I haven't been on here in ages. I stopped homeschooling most of my kids last fall. It took me a while to come to grips with that but am now cleaning out my books. I'm keeping some things for afterschooling (lol...we'll see how that goes) and am giving the rest of it away to friends in town. However, I sunk a lot of money into HOD World Geography last fall and am listing it for sale. Here is what I have. I want to sell everything as a set if possible. This is a used set, but barely. <sigh> 1. Teacher Guide...pencil notes through Unit 4. The first day of Unit 1 was wrinkled and flattened back out and somehow managed to remain intact in the book. weird. 2. 2 Expedition Journals. One has been written in through Unit 4 and one through Unit 2. Some of the pages are warped from laying funny in a 3-ring binder and one page has broken holes that needs to be repaired with those 3-ring stickers. 3. 1 Culture Notebook. brand new in packaging 4. 2 Book of Centures. One is brand new in packaging and one has 7 items pasted in & name on front. 5. Mapping the World by Art with DVD's. The DVD package is broken on one corner but works. The DVD's are fine. 6.Must See Places of the World DVD set....slipcover is missing that held all 6 DVD's 7.Timeline Figures CD. great condition 8. Archaeology Book. hardcover. great condition 9. Book of Discovery. softcover. great condition 10. 7 Wonders of the World. great condition 11. World Religions. great condition 12. Japan Diary. new 13. Getting Started with Spanish. good condition. no writing. this is not consumable 14. BJU English 2nd edition. student text (paperback- shows some wear) and 2-part teacher edition with CD. I also have the tests and answer key that HOD doesn't use but I'll just throw them in for free. I'm asking $250 for the set. Free media mail shipping. I prefer paypal. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing please e-mail me at rebeccawright827@gmail.com Thank you!


  2. Nevermind. Apparently you have to order the plus to stream to your tv. UGH!
  3. Is it possible to stream shows from hulu through my wii so that I can watch on the TV? We've done this successfully with Netflix but there is a particular show we want to watch that is on hulu but I can't figure out how to get it to work. I just signed up for an account thinking that would help. Not a plus account, just a regular account. The show is a free one. I don't understand. Maybe hulu doesn't stream but that doesn't make much sense. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I haven't bought anything yet. I just discovered something called an Mp3 player. Any thoughts on those? Here's one on Amazon, a little cheaper than a shuffle but with a screen. It has decent reviews if you get different earbuds. And these speakers look fun, also good reviews. I'm thinking I should start small and go with a simple Mp3 maybe before we jump on the "i" band-wagon. I know I'm a dork. I really really like CD players and discs. I am always one of the last to move forward.
  5. I didn't know about iHome speakers. That sounds like what we would want as opposed to docking that it can't sit on. Thanks for the tip on how many you're getting for the price. :001_smile:
  6. Maybe. He does like to listen to sermons and I thought he could download them from our church's website instead of requesting the CD all the time. But it doesn't sound like the shuffle would work for that kind of thing. Just music?
  7. Oh that looks cool and it's the right price!! So how does one choose songs on the shuffle if you can't see the title? Is it a numbered system? I didn't even think about that.
  8. Thanks for chiming in. This connector with USB end...what is that designed to do? Is that how you connect it to the computer to download the music? The guy at the store was not exactly sure what came in the box. He pointed to another cord that I would have to buy to connect it to a docking station. He did tell me it wouldn't sit on it nicely like the other products. It doesn't fit. But my son won't know the difference at this stage of the game. If he gets the use out of it that I'm hoping he will then maybe he can save up himself for an upgrade. Thanks for the tip on the ac
  9. It is a shame the way newspaper routes are going. My kids have had 2 different paper route but got laid off of both of them because both went to an adult only delivery system. So recently a route opened up in our neighborhood and I took it and gave him part of it to walk. I drive the rest of it in my beat-up car with another kid who gets out and runs it to the porch. :D:D
  10. So I'm still stuck in the CD player mind-set. I'm not techno-savvy and I have very limited dollars. My oldest son has developed a serious jazz addiction. He likes to kidnap my laptop and listen to music on it in his room while doing school. This is a problem because other children have assignments here and there throughout the day that need the laptop. He also has a small paper route that nets him 3 hours walking time in our neighborhood. It's going to get brutal outside soon and maybe a little music would pass the time by nicely. :001_smile: I thought about getting him an i-pod s
  11. Thank you for sharing all that. That's a lot of info. I'm not sure how to boil it down for my 12yo to be able to apply it. But it is very cool to know. :001_smile:
  12. :party: Exactly, my frustration!!! Great post you linked. Thanks so much. She phrased it so much better than I did too. It is nice to know I'm not alone with this struggle.
  13. That makes total sense. I didn't like Phonics Road either. :)
  14. Oh, O.K. I did not like the markings at all. I think we tried another system with markings too. Phonics Road? The markings are just busy work for my natural spellers and is not the type of thing that helps the one with poor visual memory. It seems to be a tool that tries to enhance the distinct "look" of a word. I suppose another goal of dissecting is to have students slow down a minute and pay attention to the word. Then when they've taken the time to "see" it, they can better remember how to spell it. Thank you for mentioning it. This has been a good discussion for me. I'm th
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