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  1. He can read and comprehend at a High School Level. But, his writing and grammar skills are not at level. We have been using Monarch for the last year and they are not improving. (I know Monarch isn't a great curriculum. But, unfortunately, I had to go back to work full-time this past year. We were trying to come up with some kind of compromise to get work done while we all adjusted.) I'm looking for advice on curriculum that could help him get caught up. A curriculum that is easy to implement and doesn't have a lot of extras. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  2. In the past, I have used mostly apologia or unit studies with my older kids. My oldest two are grown and my teen is using Monarch (his choice). I now work full-time in the evenings. I have limited time for planned and grading. I’m looking for something that will work for a 9 year old girl and 7 year old boy (who is just reading and not writing by himself yet). I need them to do science together. I don’t want to plan. I’m not looking to have the next amazing scientist. I just want to make sure we do some science this year. I have been looking at The Good and the Beautiful because the units are shorter. I’ve added Elemental Science to my list, as well. I like that it is planned out. But, I worry it will take up too much time. Sonlight science is another choice. But, we are already using them for History. I’m not sure I want to use the same learning format for Science.
  3. Yes I really want to do that one. But, I don't think it will fit into my time window. I do think I will do it with my kids this year at home!
  4. I need a few more ideas for an hour long class. I'm going to do owl pellets for one of the hours. I wanted the classes to be more Autumn/Fall themed. Any thoughts? The grades are 3rd and 4th.
  5. I would be comfortable but not sloppy. Please do not wear perfume or essential oils. Even highly perfumed lotion or hair spray can be awful.
  6. I use this: http://donpotter.net/pdf/af_cursive.pdf I have nice cursive writing. So, I just do it along with the child. You can use whatever paper you like. I sometimes use highlighters for resistant kids. They can write over the highlighter. Then we practice words that come up here and there.
  7. Maybe just discuss it. Ask a few questions? Start with something you liked or something new you learned from the passage. If all else fails, candy. Candy always works. Susan will agree with me😜
  8. Get some kits. Try Rainbow Resource or Home Training Tools. If you get The Home Training Tools Catalog, the kids can look and tell you what they like. I would leave it out at breakfast and see what happens. I've enjoyed reading the Apologia books. But, we never do experiments with them. Start a nature table. My kids love that microscope wand you attach to the tv.
  9. My 13 year old and I are discussing what he wants to do for High School. He had speech and reading delays. He is catching up in Math and English. So, reading History of the Ancient World style books is not going to happen. It's just too much for him. But, he does enjoy reading. So, I'm trying to come up with a Modern History Course for him. We do tend to me more relaxed and child led. So, sorry if that bums you out. I'm just so happy this kid has had so much progress!!! Any thoughts? Books, movies, literature, literature/discussions guides? I've been making a Rainbow Resource list and have a ton of stuff. Any suggestions for creating your own course? Like how many hours would you spend on reading? How much writing? I am hoping to make it a History and Literature Credit. He is very hands on. Loves to draw. Can learn from videos but doesn't really like to keep looking at online links. I would prefer to spend money on a resource than use a free online resource. He has ADHD and going back and forth on the computer just leaves him distracted.
  10. I haven't used it for my older child. But, my third son is now using it. I was able to assign him to different grade levels to accommodate some delays he has. I am using the monthly subscription.
  11. I order from them directly. I figure they make more money that way. They always ship fast.
  12. I would have them work on written narrations of their readings this year. You can start with writing them from oral narrations if they balk at that. The oldest could start on Jump-In Writing this next year. I love it. It is easy and straight forward. It is, also, not some giant overwhelming book ;)
  13. Yes. I think Dr. Mcdougall might have spoken about this. I just can't remember which talk. Your cholesterol is breaking up as you loose weight. You might want to increase your oatmeal intake or break it up through out the day because it is really good at binding cholesterol. Dr. Mcdougall will answer emails, as well. Oh and GO YOU!!!!!!
  14. I would put it in a seperate savings and start putting money in there for the next car.
  15. I love my Kitchen Aid. It was a gift from my mom. Every woman in our family has one. That said we have moved a lot and it sometimes won't fit well in my kitchen. My friends Bosch is low profile and seems easier to put away. I couldn't put my kitchen Aid away, it has to sit on the counter.
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