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  1. I cleared out some space in the inbox!

  2. Your inbox is full!

  3. I tried putting together a cheaper version of the CD Algebra 1, but haven't been successful. If anyone can help me out, I'd be so grateful. I need this for my daughter, but just can't manage the full price right now. Any help or links to the dvds or books would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I didn't really spend any time on here today. We went to 4th Friday and I just popped on here when we got home.

  5. I haven't seen you much since you got back online!!

  6. We don't have cable, either and I found that I missed it most during the holiday season. I mean, when we first gave it up I had withdrawals for HGTV, the Food Network, and Comedy Channel. But, once I got over that, I was fine. Then came the holidays...LOL. I noticed that my kids had really watched the ABC Family Channel a lot in the past, since they play so many made-for-tv holiday specials, holiday movies, etc. There were also a couple of movies that we didn't own, and didn't get to catch on one of the cable channels like we did in the past. The History channel is probably what
  7. Amber, congratulations on your baby boy. I'm happy to hear that he is gaining. You're in my thoughts.
  8. Oh my, but she is too sweet! Just makes you want to snuggle her right through the screen! I agree, how could you say no to that face???
  9. Oh, trust me...I almost moved out! I am not okay with slithering things. But, I have convinced myself that it must have found a way back outside...right? C'mon, help me sleep tonight...RIGHT??? :001_huh:
  10. :lol: There was one in our house about a month ago. I wasn't home so I didn't see it, but both dds did. It slithered down the hall. We never did find it...
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