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  1. I've skimmed this thread, but I'll be reading more in detail for ideas later. My dd9 will be a 4th grader next year, and like a lot of other posters, I can't believe it! Here's where I am in planning. Grammar: R&S English 4 Writing: WWE 4 Spelling: Probably R&S 4&5 History: Not certain. Considering going back to SOTW 1 because we attempted once in 1st grade and never really utilized the activity guide or finished. (This year we're doing American history, so I kind of like the idea of going back and doing a world focus). I keep get
  2. Have you looked at Spelling Workout? Susan Wise Bauer recommends them in TWTM. http://cathyduffyreviews.com/spelling-vocabulary/spelling-workout.htm
  3. Here's what I have so far... Grammar - Rod & Staff 8 Writing - Combination of Analytical Grammar's "Essay" and WWS Vocabulary - Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Book A Math - Algebra 2, using LOF and AOPS at home. Math Counts team at Co-op. Science - Classical Astronomy (I'm also adding in nature studies for all of my kids this year) at home. Lego Robotics at Co-op. History/Literature - We follow TWTM and this year is "Early Modern" in our study. My plan is to take us through the Civil War. Logic - Art of Argument at home and Public Forum (Debate) at Co-op
  4. I watched a video on the store website ( true sign of a homeschool mom...binder videos, LOL ). Do all of the Better Binders come with the removable file ring? That's the part that looks neat to me. It'd be so easy to unclip the year's school work, file it, and add another file ring.
  5. I picked up the guide from one of our used homeschool book stores, and I'm planning to use it in the fall with my ds13 (rising 8th grader). I've never used any of their guides before, and I haven't looked through it completely, but I'm hopeful!
  6. Chelli, I didn't realize it was only a semester long. Did you just end up spending two weeks on a topic, instead of one? I really think dd would enjoy it, because she enjoys the story aspect of LOF. As far as science experiments/crafts...I guess I'm one of those moms that could take them or leave them! I guess if we needed to, we could add in some experiments. Since you say it's a semester's worth, I guess I could do zoology and anatomy next year. But I would like some ideas about stretching it out just in case we go that route. (BTW, totally off-topic, but what geography are you using?
  7. The typos would bother me, too. Hopefully they got that taken care of! I would be bothered about the central story line, also. I'm wondering if it just keeps going with the next book in the series... Thanks for sharing your experience. If I got it, I'd definitely add on the log book, but still...I'd like to hear from someone that used it that way, and find out if that helped it out at all.
  8. I'm considering using "Sassafras Zoology" (from the makers of Elemental Science) in the fall with a third grader. Has anyone used this or considered using it? I'm just wanting some feedback on whether or not you and your child enjoyed the program, whether or not you felt as if they learned from it, etc. I'm intrigued by the story format, especially since dd really enjoys "Life of Fred." Here is a link: http://www.sassafrasscience.com/volume1.html
  9. I'm from the south, but I don't have the stereotypical southern twang. Still, log, hog, cog, fog, and jog rhyme when I speak. I pronounce them all with an "ah" sound, much like the initial "o" in octopus. However, when I pronounce dog, the vowel sound is more "aw". So, for me, dog does not really rhyme with the rest of the list. I know some people from the south actually pronounce the other words, particularly hog, with that some "aw" vowel sound, but I don't.
  10. Such sad news. My heart goes out to her son and husband. She will certainly be missed around here.
  11. Okay, I just put Liberty's Kids and Carmen Sandiego in my cart...thanks!
  12. I had heard of this at some point...and then forgot! Thanks for reminding me! I think this would be fun for dd8.
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