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    Cover has slight wear, but the inside is like new. Copyright 1967. Includes Odd-Numbered Answers. California State Series.


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  2. Definitely the night splint! I also stopped going barefoot for a bit and bought another pair of supportive New Balance shoes just for inside the house. I over-pronate so I'm more susceptible. My good friend who is a hair stylist had it and I loaned her the splint and told her about the shoes and she is good now. :) Brenda
  3. I am floored about how many INFJs there are as well! When I saw the percentage, my jaw dropped because INFJs are hard to find. I am not one for going out and socializing a lot so I guess that is not a big surprise. I love people, but man can they wear me out! :) Brenda
  4. My kids loved the little Leapfrog bus with the letters all over it. It included the names and sounds, but they definitely knew the names first. Of course that was before I even thought about homeschooling. It hasn't hurt one bit though as far as I can tell and we are halfway through their phonics program (they are almost 5). They also loved Leapfrog Letter Factory. I too don't push tv/vids on kids, but this is wonderful at getting those sounds down pat! :001_smile: Brenda
  5. Hello from Escondido! That is in north San Diego county for those who've never heard of it. I've been on the boards for awhile since I decided to homeschool my now 4 year old b/g twins. We are taking it nice and easy right now and having lots of fun. Honeysuckle - I grew up in Woodland so I know where You are. I wish I was back up north! I don't miss Woodland per se, but my family is still there and we visit often. How cool to have a farm! Brenda
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