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  1. Thanks for the links! I loved morphememagic! Thanks for the link! I had this same questions as I read. Glad to hear the answer!
  2. I'd love to hear your experience if you've used it! Or if you've heard about it and decided against it, your why?
  3. I'm hoping to find something similar to Fix It grammar. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all your help. I've learned a lot for all you've written. Its funny as I learn more and more I see so much I have probably been missing. Even for myself. I have been listening to the book Overcoming Dyslexia and its funny. Although I can hear and understand her its just too much. I have always been I guess "big picture", like just tell me the basic facts about it and I can handle that. But if you give me all these details that the book does, my head just can stand it. I actually get so irritated and sick of hearing it. Its just over the top for me with info. I skip details in directions also and just want to hear the basics. Somewhere in the details it boggs me down. Although say when Im planning something like a school program or party Im more detailed and precise than almost anyone I know. And I love it. I def think some anxiety is an issue for sure. Not sure about ADHD. I totally see what your saying about trying to control his world and how we can help to make that part a bit better. As far as history YES ha I get you! My oldest lives on our ranch and HATES everything about it, so he says. Im sure people will be telling him when he is older how he would probably love to live on land like they would. Hahaha, he will def set them straight on the fact he's completely aware & educated on what HE DOES NOT LIKE OR ENJOY. I also like the later idea you gave for teaching history. Makes sense. I think with the science part, RS4K, I'm probably not being fair. He's in a classroom with 8 others and he is very distracted by being with them. One he loves to be with them and that's his fav part since its his only day he gets to. So he is pretty focused ON THEM. So if I remember right the last time I was reading he was making faces with one of the girls at the other end of the chairs haha. Probably not to tuned in. But when he and I read here at home cuddled on our he listens and understand. No its not RS4K but other science books we read at home. It is pretty detailed too (in the "parts" way?), RS4K. Im just not sure he's gonna care too much about a plant cell at this age. So I think I will take a diff route. We took the barton test for him last night. He passed Task B almost perfectly. Task A he took a while to understand but once he did he got most of it correct. But as far as their test I'd say, didn't pass Task A. Although I know in one week of him practicing he would pass it. Task C, He got 4 wrong but the rest were easy. I would add thou that I think one of the reasons he got some wrong was it was too much in a row for him. He can sit and do it but his brain seems to get sick of things quickly, "School Wise". He doesn't want to any of it very long. He begins to roll his eyes and not try as hard. But when he is fresh he gets most correct. Anyway all in all, I think for their test he would pass Task B, fail Task A & C.
  5. I'm new to learning about this. Can you guys give me ideas of what would be whole to parts for History and or Science please?
  6. If anyone has some direction with these two subjects I would love some 🙂 I'm thinking my DS is a whole to parts guy. But I am still learning. He seems to want to know the big picture before anything else. And if it is the details they don't seem to matter to him. He wants to know who his day is going to go (that is if its not just free play all day - if so then he doesn't ask). But if there is a schedule of any type he wants to know everything before bed the night before. Always asking questions to understand what is that is going on. Not okay to do step by steps really. So Im thinking at least from what I've been learning he might be a whole to parts. I've been doing things like real science 4 kids and its not working at all for him. Just as an example.
  7. Hi guys, so sorry I did not see this. I keep checking my "bell" up above but Im now seeing it doesn't always show me when someone has responded. I have now been going into each post separately to check. I appreciate you responding. I should of gave more details, sorry bout that. So I ordered AAS & AAR last week when I knew something needed to change. BEFORE I wrote anything on these forums about some of the troubles I was seeing. Since then many of you have helped me to see my 2 DS and actually maybe all 3 might have dyslexia and/or (Stealth for my older). So I also text a friend I live close to who has a daughter with severe dyslexia. She said the woman who is in our area works with her daughter loves those programs (AAR/AAS). So I have them coming still. Should arrive soon. I was confused thou if I should be working on both for my possibly dyslexic son 8 yrs. or just do reading and later (months) or maybe after a certain level start AAS. Wasn't sure if it would be too much? I have been reading Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally S. also looking up all I can online. Its pretty confusing on what will work? But what seems to make the most sense is Yes that it can be a problem and most need an OG type program but really each child is very different with what they can handle and how they can handle it. Im only to chapter 5 or 6 in the book, so maybe it will help more. But after hours on the computer.... I feel I've almost come up with...... I will need to take a best guess and then just try a few things that I have seen recommended. And by that I don't mean just any old program but ones that would possibly work for him if he is dealing with dyslexia. Rote memorization seems to be a no for sure. Right now since I have only just started to learn about this and have no real evals Im gonna have to just begin somewhere. AAR & AAS - for reading/ spelling. I may try both at the same time, Time frame split up thou. Maybe one at beginning of school day and other at the end. U have also wondered thou I should do AAR & Apples to Pears for spelling? But then I think maybe two that might work together better from same company? Teaching Textbooks for math - I've been using Masterbooks, Math Lessons for a living education. He seems to be learning well or at least Im seeing he can figure the answers out. He's really good at the word problems. They are basic but he always seems to do well, really thou most of it he gets well. Its the math facts that don't seem to stick. MLFLE actually teach to use Right Brain Flashcards, I have not done that yet, been using CLE FC. I have wavered on whether or not to switch from MLFLE to TT. My older two told me I should swtich to TT. That they wished I would of just started with TT and stuck with it. That its one they have understood well. They do have great grades in it. They both struggle with reading/spelling also. I also like the idea of TT teaching the lesson well and consistently. But I would be sitting right by him helping him with all classes. Reflex Math - this is something I was thinking of trying for facts. I'm not sure if the time thing in games (pressure) will be too much or he will love it. He did love the running games in LOE with reading a word quickly. So we will see I guess. Its confusing not really knowing what will be best for him. Science - I need to change up. But is just hands on enough or should he be watching something or me reading to him. OR all of it. Supercharged is great for experiments and she always does a lil video too. My older two boys said they learned most science from Moody science videos (so old), magic school bus, & Sonlight experiment videos. They did watch those all the time when young. Then in 6th grade & the summer we did a group class for all 5 books (in a row) of Real Science 4 Kids Middle School. It was awesome. Worked well. History - Been using Masterbooks Story of America. He says he doesn't really like it or remember any of it. We are in class when I read it. I wonder if he would be more interested if he could ask questions while I read and me just talking with him afterward would make sense. When teaching a class we of course can not interact the same as when its just he and I, so I miss those opportunities. I do ask all the children 1/2 way through our 4 pages if they would please tell me something I read to them. My DS told me yesterday that he always has to think of it and say it over and over in his heard till I get to him so he doesn't forget it. I too realized in the fall that if I didn't begin with him or put him in the beginning somewhere of asking that he would forget 2 min later, or another child would say what he was and he didn't have anything else. Although lots of the students struggled a bit with this. Like it was something they would need to learn to do. So its again hard to know. He does not enjoy audio books ( I think cause he's so used to the movies and youtube stuff ?). At least so far. I should try again thou. He just thinks he hates them now. I tried to get him to listen to Odyssy and he complained and then didn't want to listen to anymore? Not sure why. He hates to color. He will draw if needed and it doesn't bother him. OR LIKE in the middle of math..... He's supposed to be doing his facts but sometimes he will want to make every number drawn in artistic ways? Like all super long or super tiny or swirly. He enjoys doing the facts thou, never complains. He also said he does not want to cut anything out and glue it anymore LOL. We have been doing a lot of that in the co op. But mostly for cutting out Timeline figures, coloring them, putting them in our TL books. (and I ususally do all the cutting before hand to cut down on time) He's so not into it thou. One thing I did start doing more about 2 months ago was just sit and read to him from a science book like Usborne Childrens Encyclopedia and a geography book like mastersbook My story. AS long as I keep it to a few pages each and don't ask him to do extras he will really enjoy it. He also says his favorite subject is Bible (when people ask). It actually surprised me the first time I heard him say that. I use Bible Study Guide for all Ages, but all I do is read the story. He doesn't color the pages (hated it since he was little). I use the flashcards (which he gets only some right). But really it the little short and sweet story on the page he likes. He LOVES it when I say okay look at #1 picture box then I read. If I accidentally go to #2 picture with out telling him to move on he will ask me to back up and reread while he is looking at it. He's really specific with what he like to learn about. Like he loves legos but only really wants to do starwars even if its create his own. He likes the science encyclopedia but Hates the animal parts does not want to learn about animals. He lives on a ranch so he does see them a lot and know a lot about the biology of them. He loves the other sciences thou. We've always just chuckled and shook our heads (not where he can see) at how much he seemed to know what he liked at a young age & how particular he is. And how we can never guess with this child. He's so awesome and never boring. Just really lights our world up for the better. One thing I been really pondering is how I will start our day next week. It seems like for reading purposes a few smaller times a day would be better? Or at least a couple breaks in his day & not overwhelming him. BUT he kinda has this thing where he wants to get EVERYTHING that is "on his list" done as soon as possible so he can have his day. SO he wants to do school asap, take his vitamins before he eats so its over, when we start school he wants to do each subject in a row and not take a break.... even when he is tapped out and needs a break. Its like he is painfully making himself do everything because he says he doesn't like to have a list to do. (Pressure - this is also my child who does not want to be part of ANYTHING organized music, sports, clubs, art BECAUSE its too much pressure and he also doesn't like to drive - we do live 20 min from anything) Now he wouldn't mind driving if its to target to get a lego set LOL! He loves to stay home. He was so excited when I signed him up for BOOSTER BRICKS club. He ran and told his brothers.... "Guys I get to be in a lego club and I don't ever have to go anywhere!" Oh dear, I was like, this child LOL. At least we found something he can kinda be a part of although he really isn't interested in doing may of the FB challenges because unless is specifically something he wants to create he's just not interested. He does however love the school day I put together for him with other students once a week. He loves to play with children and see his friends just fyi. Back to his at home school day... So when he wont give himself a break.... At that point I say MOM NEEDS A BREAK, he's not happy with that but knows it's necessary. He doesn't like to play and then come back to work. A couple weeks ago when I told him he couldn't gather the eggs until afternoon cause the chickens lay in the morning he was beside himself. Somedays are better than others. I also explained that I can not do everything right when he wants it done. So last night he wanted his vitamins before dinner.... I was super busy trying to do about 3 different things.... in past I have explained to him he will need to ask me more than once sometimes cause I might forget if Im in the middle of something. So by the 3rd time of him asking last night he said to me, " Mom my vitamins, I know this might be hard on your heart (he meant to keep interrupting me), but Its also very hard on my heart to have to wait." Cause it stresses him out so much he has stuff "to do". So its been very interesting trying to hear what are real issues, things that matter to him, his personality, and also just his age. Then to throw in his dad is the kind of guy who also wants to get up get everything DONE so he can then be done for the day. So humm not sure. But getting school done with this type of personality thing going on might not be in his best interest. To cram it all I mean JUST TO GET IT DONE. I will do the best I can and just be watching him. Oh dear this is LONG. Can you tell my first one was NOT ENOUGH detail and my second post was WAY DETAILED LOL. Im always usually one way or the other its hard for me to be in the middle 🙂 ha. If you made it this long and have anything to say please do 🙂
  8. I sure appreciate all you help! I did my test and It was totally fine. I will still need to have my son to do it.
  9. Love all you wrote, thank you! Lots of great feedback and ideas to use or look at. I like the idea of "big picture". I really line up more with the big picture idea its just most things I've been around are more the opposite. Is the big picture idea a "type" of teaching? Just wondering so I can look up some different curriculum options. Not really reading/math. I think im understanding my options with that. But mostly everything else. Im wondering if just reading would be best, I mean me reading to him. Or videos/docs/movies. Do you know if the whole fill in the blank thing after reading in different subjects is something that works well? Something like Sonlight Science worksheets after reading the science or doing the experiment. OR something like Notgrass history the workbook review questions to fill in. Or is that something we shouldn't even worry about? I know for my other two boys it helped them not only to know they needed to pay attention so they would have answers but also to help get it into memory.
  10. Thank you Storygirl for all your input. I can see that I will need to be changing the way I teach for sure. We did drop Awana earlier this year because I began to see him start to feel bad he couldn't keep up and he also began to say he didn't want to go it was no longer fun for him. The verses were way over where he was so we dropped. CC we dropped last year end of year and I created a drop off day this year where other students come and I teach. I've been using masterbooks America's Story and also Real Science 4 Kids and we do geography. We also had memory work for Spanish, Roots, & Math- grammar memory work. I'm seeing most of these I will have to change some things up.
  11. I'm just learning as some of you have probably already been helping me... thank you. I'm wondering. When a child has dyslexia should they be taught to read before spelling? OR should they be being taught at the same time subject wise? Has anyone heard of or have experience with a lapbook helping a student with dyslexia? For any subject?
  12. Thank you, this is awesome. I'm in the middle of switching things up for him because what I was doing was not working. So this is very helpful!
  13. Thank you for your info! I'm so brand new to all this. I was just saying to another member that I was understanding that dyslexia is a harder time with words and numbers. But my son was also having a hard time with large picture cards. With full on pictures. I was thinking that should be helpful but he still struggles badly with it. So what your saying it might make more sense to me know. A lot of those pictures don't really have much meaning to him. They still just rote memorization I would think. If he knew the story behind each picture it might be helpful right? I really need to change so much of what Im doing. CC had me really thinking memory work all the way. So wow, okay shift I guess it is. Do you think the book Overcoming Dyslexia will be helpful in knowing how to teach him going from here on out? I want to be using his time and energy wisely. I also really don't want to make him do anything that would be a disservice to him. Just for me to know the basics for even say tomorrow. Like, Would teaching full picture help him more like a story in history rather than facts. Or does saying part of the story back to me by narration help at all? Or writing things out or? He's good at coping cursive handwriting. You get the idea. 🙂 thank you!
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