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  1. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all your help. I've learned a lot for all you've written. Its funny as I learn more and more I see so much I have probably been missing. Even for myself. I have been listening to the book Overcoming Dyslexia and its funny. Although I can hear and understand her its just too much. I have always been I guess "big picture", like just tell me the basic facts about it and I can handle that. But if you give me all these details that the book does, my head just can stand it. I actually get so irritated and sick of hearing it. Its just over the top for me
  2. I'm new to learning about this. Can you guys give me ideas of what would be whole to parts for History and or Science please?
  3. If anyone has some direction with these two subjects I would love some 🙂 I'm thinking my DS is a whole to parts guy. But I am still learning. He seems to want to know the big picture before anything else. And if it is the details they don't seem to matter to him. He wants to know who his day is going to go (that is if its not just free play all day - if so then he doesn't ask). But if there is a schedule of any type he wants to know everything before bed the night before. Always asking questions to understand what is that is going on. Not okay to do step by steps really. So Im
  4. Hi guys, so sorry I did not see this. I keep checking my "bell" up above but Im now seeing it doesn't always show me when someone has responded. I have now been going into each post separately to check. I appreciate you responding. I should of gave more details, sorry bout that. So I ordered AAS & AAR last week when I knew something needed to change. BEFORE I wrote anything on these forums about some of the troubles I was seeing. Since then many of you have helped me to see my 2 DS and actually maybe all 3 might have dyslexia and/or (Stealth for my older). So I also text a fr
  5. I sure appreciate all you help! I did my test and It was totally fine. I will still need to have my son to do it.
  6. Love all you wrote, thank you! Lots of great feedback and ideas to use or look at. I like the idea of "big picture". I really line up more with the big picture idea its just most things I've been around are more the opposite. Is the big picture idea a "type" of teaching? Just wondering so I can look up some different curriculum options. Not really reading/math. I think im understanding my options with that. But mostly everything else. Im wondering if just reading would be best, I mean me reading to him. Or videos/docs/movies. Do you know if the whole fill in the blank thi
  7. Thank you Storygirl for all your input. I can see that I will need to be changing the way I teach for sure. We did drop Awana earlier this year because I began to see him start to feel bad he couldn't keep up and he also began to say he didn't want to go it was no longer fun for him. The verses were way over where he was so we dropped. CC we dropped last year end of year and I created a drop off day this year where other students come and I teach. I've been using masterbooks America's Story and also Real Science 4 Kids and we do geography. We also had memory work for Spanish, Roots, &
  8. I'm just learning as some of you have probably already been helping me... thank you. I'm wondering. When a child has dyslexia should they be taught to read before spelling? OR should they be being taught at the same time subject wise? Has anyone heard of or have experience with a lapbook helping a student with dyslexia? For any subject?
  9. Thank you, this is awesome. I'm in the middle of switching things up for him because what I was doing was not working. So this is very helpful!
  10. Thank you for your info! I'm so brand new to all this. I was just saying to another member that I was understanding that dyslexia is a harder time with words and numbers. But my son was also having a hard time with large picture cards. With full on pictures. I was thinking that should be helpful but he still struggles badly with it. So what your saying it might make more sense to me know. A lot of those pictures don't really have much meaning to him. They still just rote memorization I would think. If he knew the story behind each picture it might be helpful right? I really need to c
  11. Thank you so much for all this. I wrote it all down to look up and learn about! I have tons to learn as I just last night started to realize through these forums that this might be our problem. He can/does repeat after I say things. He just wont remember in 2 min or maybe even seconds. He talked early and well. His ability to have conversation and his level of words/vocab and thinking is WAY above his age level. Always has been. He would always and still does from those who are around him. Although he doesn't always love when I make him repeat. Just this week I was wondering if
  12. Reading is very difficult. Gets overwhelmed easily He really isn't reading. Still getting his phonics down. We read beginning readers together. If he is reminded of the sounds as we are sounding out a word he can blend okay enough to read the word. Once the word is over 4 letters and we do the sounds all the way through he will almost of forgotten part before we get back and read the word through as the word (not just sounds). I mostly have to help him remember a handful of sounds. The ones he knows he often has to stop and think about when sounding out. We worked on LOE A & beginn
  13. Thank you so much for this explanation. It was fabulous! I'm so grateful you shared this. Changed my entire perspective.
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