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  1. I'm looking into some different ways to teach math facts for good retention. I would like to hear what worked best for your family. Addition, Subtraction, or Multiplication are all of use to me 🙂
  2. Just hoping some of you who have used the CTC math would be willing to share with me what you thought of it?
  3. I have tried a good amount of Math Curriculum with my olders. This time through we are using Math Lessons for a Living Education by Master Books and really enjoying it.
  4. Sorry I misunderstood that. I do see what you are saying now 🙂 I think possibly the problem is I don't know what they need to know..... I'm embarrassed to admit that. I felt to scared to jump into bravewriters essay prep classes thinking that I don't want to leave anything out they should be learning from Jr. High. I looked over those other curriculums and things like poetry, short story, book reports, and all the others are things they have never really been taught. Do they need them? I'm not sure? Would skipping them be a bad thing for any reason? I don't feel like they remember much from IEW in elementary. Even though they were doing it... did they really even know what they were doing, we were going so fast in CC and blowing right through it all. Probably only the first level or bottom foundation is what they understood. Right now they are writing a "short story", on their own from when they were doing CC. They are just going for it. They are thinking through parts like the characters and story line. THEY think they know what they are doing and I have shut my mouth and let them write because they are pretty into it. BUT I do know there actual ways to write better and IM sure a ton they are not doing so "right" 🙂 I think Im just confused on what they should do next.
  5. I guess I don't know. I figured it was the step before the Expository Essay so they would need it. But that is a good question.
  6. My boys are in 8th grade. Im looking for a writing program for this next 2-3 months and into next year, 9th. My goal is to get them into Bravewriter's Essay Prep online courses. Background info. *They did IEW in 4th, 5th, 6th (classical conversations). - they did okay *7th we tried WWS (fail- I realized I needed to outsource) this program was not for us at all. Took anything fun out of it for us and it overwhelmed me. NO CLASSICAL CONVERSATIONS this year. *8th we did Challenge B Classical Conversations - We were a year behind in Lost Tools of writing since all the other children had already done it in Challenge A. So I signed them up for an online course of LTW through Circe Institute ($$$$ for the year) which we found out was WAY over their heads. The amount of work they wanted them to each week was way overwhelming for my 2 boys. It was over and above what their regular workbook required. They began to hate writing. We dropped it. bye bye money since Circe would not refund any of it after 6 weeks (pd for the whole year) :( Very disappointed in them. I later on found out this program was more for a HS level age range. But CC just loves to do things that are above level LOL. Anyway.... (fail- again) *second semester 8th - they moved on to short stories through CC which we are doing now. They really like it BUT...………… Even though they are doing what CC asks them there really is NO TEACHING on how to write well or anyone to look over their work. They are enjoying it for now. I pulled them from CC for other reasons (IM so over it after 6 years) and they STILL WANTED TO FINISH their short story :) That makes me happy and shows me they enjoy writing more than they were thinking. So I was going to put them right in to Essay Prep with Bravewriter next year 9th. But after seeing how much they have never really learned or need more help in Im thinking they might need to do a year of just a good overview writing program. I need something that is easy for ME too :( Im not a good writer and personally can not help them to gain strength Love your thoughts please * I will be doing Analytical Grammar with them. They have a decent grasp on grammar.
  7. Anyone like this program in the older years? I don't feel like I hear anyone mention it?
  8. I was wondering if there was a big jump between 4th and 5th grade? When my son finishes Logic of English Essentials grammar I was wondering if I would be missing a bunch by jumping into 5th grade?
  9. Have any of you done both the Middle School American History and also the High School American History? Im wondering if all the information is new, or if it just goes deeper into the same subjects as we read in Middle School? Are they learning a lot more information?
  10. If someone has finished Analytical Grammar what level (book) of knowledge would they be at comparable in Rod and Staff grammar (knowledge wise)? PS I know this is a horrible sentence grammar wise. Can you tell I've done neither yet LOL. I'm hoping it makes sense......
  11. I'm curious to know how much Spanish the Children know after finishing both books of Spanish for Children? Im planning on beginning with Song School Spanish but hoping to move into Spanish for Children. That's a big investment of time for us so just hoping to get an idea of what that might look like when we are finished. thank you
  12. In the younger elementary years can the children get confused between English grammar and Latin grammar? Anyone experienced this before, good or bad? Im planning on using R&S English next year for my 2nd grader and want to use it as our English grammar curriculum each year. Im looking ahead at Latin for 3rd grade or even next year in 2nd. But as I look at the TOC its seems they are going to be hearing the same words in both and it makes me wonder if they will begin to confuse things or if it would be to much for them. Should they learn one solidly before the next? Or have a good head start? Anyone have advise for this?
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