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  1. Great question. My 12 yo ds is dyslexic; he's a rising 7th grader reading on or nearly on grade level. We attempted Latin for two years. While he completely understood how to apply the grammar rules, he had a very difficult time retaining the vocabulary. He needed a tremendous amout of drill from week to week to keep the vocabulary he had previously learned. We dropped Latin at the end of 5th grade. Because my husband and sons practice Aikido, they've had the opportunity to travel to Japan. Previously my dh has gone, and next year my ds will go with him. For the past 18 months or so, they've both been using Rosetta Stone Japanese. This has gone relatively well and has been fun and gentle. My intention is to continue this. A living language just feels more revelant and interesting. The prospect of traveling to and meeting folks who speak the language has sparked an interest in my son. The fact that he's sharing this with dh is more meaningful as well. My goal for my ds is a college education and, right now, I don't anticipate trying to get a waiver for the language requirement. Our community college offers courses in Japanese, so when he's old enough, I'd like him to attempt that. While I haven't BTDT, I do see it as a potential problem. Just my thoughts, YMMV, Stacy
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