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  1. Good morning! I am looking for a literature based history specifically to go with Classical Conversations Cycle 3 next year. =)
  2. Do you have an online current event site or subscription that you love? My daughter is 9 and I am looking for something very kid friendly with news and maybe some fun stuff too. 😀
  3. Looks great! Similar to our schedule this upcoming year. =)
  4. What is your favorite bible curriculum for a 2nd-3rd grader??
  5. We love Christian Light Education (CLE), it is advanced and wonderful! I truly believe that it is the best L/A and Math curriculum there is. Of course not all children have the same learning style, but this is best for mine. CLE used the spiral approach and it is fairly inexpensive. Take note that it is put out by the Mennonite community and is rich with biblical references. You can find reviews here: HomeSchoolReviews.com Just search Christian Light Education.
  6. I have the opportunity to purchase this used fairly cheap. I have a few questions. I have a second grader I would like to use this with. It says this is 3rd - 5 th grade level. Is this something that could easily be spread out over a couple of years? Any other advice would be great!!! Oh and my second question....Is $40 a good price used for the lesson plans and the DVD's, but not including the student handouts? Is there anything else that I would need?
  7. Thank you Empress Bee!!! I think this might be exactly what I am looking for! I just ordered it. =)
  8. I am looking for stand alone writing curriculum for 2nd - 3rd grade level. We tried WWE and it just didn't work for us. Do you have a favorite?
  9. How do you use your review cards? Looking for ideas to use these to keep what we have learned fresh in our minds. =)
  10. WOW!!!! You guys are all so awesome! I have got a great list going! Thanks so much!
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